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    I'm due in the UK early next month. It should be with you soon after.


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      That's kind, thanks!
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        But must spend the night in a haunted house!

        [Someone screams in the near distance]


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          Or anywhere in the UK.


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            Long time no post here so apologies one and all for the radio silence. I got in the train and took myself to Edinburgh yesterday to hit the chazzas and record shops of that fair city. I usually give it a wide berth as it is pretty picked over and the local VG+ cabal have a good overview of the hot spots. Still, I had a dad pass for the day and was meeting a friend later in the afternoon so with grand plans to do a full scale CSC level exposé on the place I set off at the ungodly hour (for the holidays) of 8am for the train.

            Unfortunately the heavens promptly opened (it is July after all, how silly of me) and all thoughts of trying to take arty photos suddenly lost any appeal they had. I still walked for 10 miles mind you and caught numerous buses so yeah effort was there! I decided to hit Stockbridge first before moving on to Ferry Road and Leith Walk. My mate was delayed so I also took in Jock's Lodge, Portobello, Morningside, Fountainbridge and finally hit Avalanche in the Waverley Mall. Quite a journey. Anyway on to the (good) finds with a 67% strike rate!

            The first stop in Stockbridge yielded a Pentangle 45 which is always nice and an Altered Images 45 I never had - why has no-one ever told me the little oiks went all disco funk late on?! Cracking a-side on that 45. Also turned up a private press country afford by A Band Called Reno who take on Neil Young among others and are rather pleasant.

            My last stop in Stockbridge was Vox Box Records. I went through to the back room and set about the 50p 45s. Raided numerous boxes but nothing was really grabbing my attention so I went to head out and realised there were some on display on the wall, among which was the tartan sleeved Andy Cameron 45 which I have coveted for too long and have turned up (literally) hundreds of unsleeved copies. With sweaty palms I nonchalantly sauntered back to the till and played it cool when they clearly said "50p thanks". And then made out like a bandit.

            I missed my connecting bus so decided to walk and then the torrential downpour started (for curiously the exact time I was walking) as I went through Inverleith to Ferry Road and the Zero Waste pop up. Nothing much doing so went to Leith and the flea market in the Drill Hall and the chazzas. Got another nice private country EP by a Jim Foster (nice self penned efforts on the b-side) and a couple of folk duffers. Elvis Shakespeare was disappointing but folk here will be delighted to know that Greggs was the port of call for lunch.

            Got another bus to Jock's Lodge near to my old flat (which hasn't changed outwardly in the 12 years since I left) on a tip off of a Granny folk box. Picked up some Beltona 45s, the pick being the Diarmuid O'Neill here (a pseudonym of Dominic Behan) recorded in Glasgow but being an Irish republican effort with stentorian spoken vocals over bongos (not sure of the connection there) which later some discordant accordion adds a layer of further unease. A pretty nice 45, shame it's filthy and the other one I got by him was utter guff.

            Nothinng else of note from any chazzas but picked up the second Dog Faced Hermans LP in Avalanche and felt nostalgic chatting to Kevin who runs it as I spent far too many hours in the various branches in Edinburgh and Glasgow as a student (I worked round the corner from the Glasgow branch and my girlfriend always seemed to live above or round the corner from an Edinburgh one). And who doesn't like them some folk influenced discordant anarchic post punk skronk?

            Apologoes for the long post but I thoroughly enjoyed my day and picked up some nice bits and pieces. Oh and the Cat Club was a mailbox find when I got home (after one too many mojitos/rum and cokes) and is late 80s synth pop which is right up my street - members of The Wake.


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              Originally posted by dukowski83 View Post
              Apologies for the long post but I thoroughly enjoyed my day and picked up some nice bits and pieces.
              Glad to see putting in the miles can still be worth the effort. I need to wade through my holiday finds, not feeling over optimistic...

              Club stuff:




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                A double A side by Tommy Steele to promote the film Light Up The Sky released 1960. For use in the ABC Cinema chain only.
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                  Originally posted by Mang View Post

                  I own "Flamboyant Themes III". And none of those tracks are on it! (a bit of Discogs research informs me that the track titles belong to "Light Intimations Vol. III"). How odd! So what tracks does the LP actually play?
                  they play the right tracks as listed on the labels, I just double checked!
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                    Decent haul today


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                      Originally posted by Headless mermaid View Post
                      Decent haul today
                      Indeed. That Steve Davis LP is well worth finding.
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                        That Tommy Whittle was high up the most expensive monthly list there on discogs. Sold for £2500.
                        Was it this 99p chazza copy?
                        Some profit if it was.


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                          I was wondering the same...
                          Also two copies of the version of the same LP on Ember just went through on ebay this week - 193 quid and a VG one for 5 quid (meant to put a bid on the second but got distracted)