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I went to a record shop. Remember them?

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  • I went to a record shop. Remember them?

    Hi folks

    I understand that the situation in Japan is much better than it is in the UK at the moment. However Disc Union has been very careful about when it opens again and only opened for business properly a few days ago. I left it a few days and then I decided to pay a visit because I wanted to have a chat with an old bloke I often meet there. You have to wear a mask and use the disinfectant gel on your hands when you go in.

    It was Thursday evening about 5:00 so not a peak time and the shop was more or less the same as I would expect it to be. I met my friend & confirmed that he was still alive by cutting off one of these hands and counting the Rings. I had a good dig around for about 40 minutes and it seemed that my purse was safe but then made the mistake of looking in the broken Beats IDM section and came across some very nice second hand Autechre LPs so my purse have to be taken out of its secure environment after all.

    The state of emergency here has been ended, but this weekend me and the Mrs were inside all the time except when I went to the local bakery to get some nice baguette for a Saturday morning breakfast.

    DU sadly hadn't accumulated mountains of very rare stuff so I did my paltry bit of shopping and came home. It's always nice to have a browse anyway isn't it?

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    Some record shops over here have said they won't be opening because people are going to be dissuaded from touching merchandise, which is pretty much obligatory if you're flicking through records in a rack. As it is I haven't been to a record shop for such a long time. The nearest one is about 30 miles away, and I rarely need to travel out of town for anything. People who live in cities don't know how lucky they are with their record shops, and charities with stock which regularly turns over.
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      As everyone says (& everyone is not wrong), online is OK, but it ain't the same ...

      I had to return an LP to DU last night and noticed a 30 minute visit length for customers, which I doubt they are enforcing.

      I walk past every night, so it can be quite hard to resist temptation ... on returning 1 LP last night I returned home with another 3 as I noticed they were having a soundtrack sale:

      Click image for larger version

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      "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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        Visited two shops today.

        Maurice at Noise Pollution said that business is o.k. (though Australia Post parcel post is a joke at his expense).

        Rob at Dada said they have just had a very good month (partly because, he reckons, there have been fewer other outlets for discretionary spending).


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          Didn't buy anything.


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            Originally posted by Turboellis View Post
            I went to the local bakery to get some nice baguette for a Saturday morning breakfast.
            Record are overrated , bread on the other hand...

            The lockdown/closure of most of our regular bread shops here in my neck of the woods have led to the discovery of the best ciabatta in London (no, I'm not telling where) and one of our local pizza joints has started making bread to take away, their cafone is amazing.


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              Blimey, the closure, even temporary, of our local bakery would bring me to tears. It's impossible to get a decent bit of bread at a reasonable price anywhere else nearby. All the bread in Japanese supermarkets is as soft as cotton wool. My bakery don't even mind when I tap the top of all the baguettes to find which one will be the crunchiest. In fact, I think they secretly enjoy my odd behaviour.

              Ciabatta! Where the F am I going to get any of that ...

              I can feel a suggestion to our local bakery coming on ...
              "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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                If I saw you tapping all the baguettes in the shop I'd have a suggestion for you!

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                  Have you considered a bread maker (domestic appliance)?
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                    Got one of those too. I'm a Breadaholic.
                    "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."