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    Originally posted by Shere Khan View Post

    It doesn't quite work because they are gundogs, not sheepdogs, but I was willing you on and wanted it to work so 7 out of ten because it did raise a smile.
    haha, you are sooo strict, a harsh man but fair
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      Some (very) local finds.

      Getting interactive again with charity shops is proving challenging. We didn't have a lockdown clear out but belatedly had a spring clear out in the last couple of weeks. Plenty of charity shop fodder which has proved fiendishly difficult to actually give to them. Some are taking telephone bookings for drop offs! Finally got rid of our meagre offerings yesterday at our closest chazza. They open at 10. I joined the donation queue just after 10. I was the last one able to drop off before they had filled their quota... at 10:12 (the staff did say that was a new record ).

      Also, I had been looking forward to once more trawling the chazzas, anticipating lots of fresh stock being put out. But chazzas have been adopting a rolling re-opening policy it seems. Hitting an area hasn't worked as many shops have still been closed, or if open have a policy of not putting vinyl out as it classes as something that would be handled frequently.

      I got lucky at one of my closest chazzas as it had only been reopen for 15 minutes apparently when I walked in. At the front of the box there was indeed some fresh stock – but only about seven albums. I was (generally) very happy to pick up these:

      The Funk Project – How Good Is Good? Vol 2 – Goldmine Soul Supply comp.

      The Best Of Muse – Let The Minstrels Play On – Jazz Latin Fusion comp. I only have one track – Swan Lake by Dave Pike from his album that this comp borrows it sub title.

      Ronny Jordan – The Quiet Revolution: His first album would have been one of the very last vinyl albums I bought in what I call my first phase of record collecting.

      Jazz On A Sunday Afternoon Vol.I : Have always been partial to pre 80s George Benson.

      Music Finland – The Great Escape: Format (2x10”), artwork, and condition were the attractions here. Apparently given away free to “delegates” at The Great Escape Festival 2014 in Brighton. Festivals – remember them?
      Side 1 & 2 are pretty good in their various ways (Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Sin Cos Tan, Suvi, Mirel Wagner, The New Tigers). How many of these artists are still active I wonder? Side 3 & 4 are generally meh and probably would classify as indy landfill.

      And so to today. Our neighbourhood had an organised front garden/pavement sale (sort of like a socially distanced car boot). A community thing that replaced a usually more or less annual park fete/mini live music event. I picked up on it late but a friend messaged us the details which were very well documented – down to which houses were selling, and some detail on what they were selling. Only one mentioned vinyl. That turned out to be all dance 12” “less than 10 years old”. The owner mentioned a couple of others who had passed by looking for vinyl – so I had some competition it seemed. Toured some more and sure enough no vinyl, then rain stopped play and I decided it was lunch time. Then a friend messaged again to say there were some records at a house in the next road to us that I hadn't visited. Sure enough no more than 30 doors away from our house there was. Only about ten albums and a handful of singles, but that was all that was left of a boxful apparently. Got chatting to the owner who has plenty more vinyl inside and really must sort it out and get rid of some of it (soul and funk and stuff), we exchanged numbers. I thought I must buy something to be able to say I had got something at this local event so I shelled out 20p for a Main Ingredient single and, well why not?, £1 for a double LP that was in excellent condition (the main attraction) - I had heard of the "collective", it was going to be continually mixed?, a lot of rap hip hop tracks but not all so maybe ok (forgive me I am 60something and old school), didn't really take in the cover art, but hey it's worth investigation.

      Got it home and looked it up and nearly fell off my chair!


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        Well that is a result, candiman.
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          I don’t normally buy LPs for the sleeve, but I would have made an exception in that case.


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            Laughing all the way to the Banksy, Candiman
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