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  • What I've been up to since mid-July...

    Well, after a short trip to London in july, I spent the rest of the summer on a small island without running water, electricity or records.
    This left me with a pile of records that I didn't really have time to listen to, but it didn't stop me from buying more.
    Not living in my own apartment for almost a month didn't help either, but I finally got a few minutes at home to take some pics.
    (Please excuse the bad cropping, but I noticed I'd accidentally taken pictures of records I already posted...)

    Lalo Schifrin - The Liquidator - not listened yet
    Mary Lou Williams - Black Christ of the Anders - Listened through this yesterday, and lord is it a good one! Popsike tells me it should be a rather nice find at almost charity price, even though it's not the Saba-pressing.
    James Last - Hair - not listened yet
    Andre Previn - Rollerball OST - enjoying the funky Executive Party and Executive Dance Party
    Vangelis - Earth - not listened yet, but skipped through at least one track that caught my ear...
    Ray Baretto Live Album - Only listened to side A, but sounds good so far!

    Catharsis - Vol.3 - moody, medieval stuff as usual..only a quick listen so far but seems good!
    Michael Quatro - In collaboration with the Gods - mental synthesizer-fest, sounded alright to me at a glance
    Black Merda - Long burn the fire - funky soul/rock
    Wild Thing Partyin' - nice cover album with a fun version of In-A-Gadda-da-Vida and others
    Maria Bethania - Can't remember what this sounded like, probably nothing especially good..
    Leny Escudero - not the best, not the worst chanson-album I've heard..

    Jean-Claude Petit / Jack Arel - Dance and Mood Music - A-side has a plenty of funky songs, B-side consists of short jingles, a few which sounded quite fun
    Phil Upchurch - Only a quick listen so far, but has the good cover of Black Gold and some Hendrix-covers!
    Universal Energy - Bernard Estardy Space Disco
    Heikki Sarmanto Trio & Carola - LP from 2003 of unreleased 60's material...only a quick skip so far, but sounded like some catchy jazz!
    The Peter Thomas Sound - Chariots of the Gods OST - Crazy soundtrack with plenty of funky, jazzy and bizarre cuts.
    Lloyd Miller - A lifetime in oriental jazz - Jazzman comp, haven't listened but pretty sure it's quality

    British Hustle - Soul Jazz comp of british "jazz funk"..not sure if this is my thing, but has a few alright cuts
    Grupa Moncada - En una palabra - Nice cuban jazzy rock something..
    Latin Tempo 2 - More great latin stuff
    Electric Prunes - Mass in F Minor - Reissue, not listened yet
    Ananda Shankar - Sa-Re-Ga Machan - Reissue, not listened yet
    Ennio Morricone - The Exorcist II OST - Not listened yet

    Cazumbi - Comp of African garage, not listened yet
    Lebron Brothers Orchestra - Psychedelic goes latin - Exaggeration of the word 'psychedelic'
    KPM Big Beat vol.2 - Not listened yet
    Don Ellis Orchestra - Electric Bath - Not listened yet
    Fear is the key OST - Reissue, not listened yet
    Curried Jazz - Not listened yet

    Volker Kriegel & Mild Maniac Orchestra - Elastic Menu - Skipped through it in the store, sounded like it could be fun but my expectations aren't that high...
    Lee Fields - My World - This isn't really my thing, although I like a few of the tunes on it...
    Claude Denjean - Open Circuit - Moog-record with a few heavy tracks
    Hugo Montenegro - Slaughter on tenth avenue - not listened yet
    John Surman - Westering Home - Only listened to side A so far, sounded a bit weird..
    Olatunji - Flaming Drums - not listened yet

    KoKo Media Library - Bad 80's library
    Maynard Ferguson - The World of - Absolutely loving this! Wonderful Keith Mansfield production.
    Vinicius & Caymmi - Only listened to some of this, seems to suit me though

    James Last - Well kept secret - Not listened yet
    Demis Roussos - Happy to be - No idea what to expect of this...
    David Fanshawe - African Sanctus - Not listened yet
    Ahmadu Jarr - En dag i Afrika - Not listened yet
    The Mystic Moods Orchestra - Love Token - Not listened yet. Hope it's better than the other crap LP I got by them...
    David Steinberg - Comedy record, probably no fun whatsoever

    Whitefield Brothers - In the raw - Loving the bits I've heard so far
    Francis Lai - Vivre Pour Vivre OST - Has that catchy 'Zoom'-track on it, can't remember much of the rest of it..
    Bruton Library - Another not so good 80's library
    Johnny Keating - Robbery OST - Not listened yet
    Willis Jackson - West Africa - Was hoping for more, not really my tastes from what I remember..
    Don Ellis Orchestra - Autumn - Not really my thing either..

    Madeline Bell - This one girl - Is this a one tracker? Not listened to all of it yet..
    Chicken Curry and his Pop Percussion Orchestra - Stereo Discotheque - Quickly made it's way on to my list of favourite records!
    Novi Singers - Rien ne va plus - Absolutely stunning record as well!
    Hammer - S/T - Love the scat-rock thing 'Tuane'
    Change - Miracles - Solid boogie-album
    Dave Pike - Manhattan Latin - More greatness

    Francois de Roubaix - Les plus belles musiques de Vol.3 - Not listened yet, but completes the collection...

    Røde Mor - Linie 3 - Skipped through this, record starts with some sort of break, didn't really seem too good..
    Sandy Nelson - Boogaloo Beat - Not listened yet
    Cabildos Three - Yuxtapocision - Reissue, not listened yet
    Bobby Caldwell - Cat in the hat - Not listened yet
    Blackbyrds - City Life - Not listened yet
    Pierre Moerlens Gong - Time is the key - Didn't expect much of this, and didn't turn out to be very good either
    The unauthorized autobiography of Howard Who`? - Comedy record, not listened yet
    Melody and percussion for two pianos - Not listened yet
    Klaus Wunderlich - Sound 2000 3 The Electronic Sound of Music - Not listened yet

    Barbara Moore - Vocal Shades and Tones - Japanese reissue with some of the funniest liner notes ever... 'Engrish' at it's finest
    El Michels Affair - Enter the 37th chamber - Really enjoyed this, didn't think it would turn out as good as it did
    Wojciech Karolak - Easy - Plenty of awesome tunes on this one!
    Billy Foster - Reflections - Some semi-rare private press jazz I believe, not listened yet...
    Volker Kriegel - Inside: Missing Link - Not listened yet

    Afro-Latin Soultet - Wild! - Not listened yet
    Howard Wales - Rendezvous with the sun - Not listened yet
    Porno Groove - Comp of funky porno soundtrack tunes, liking it so far. Pink vinyl
    International Parade - Strange italian comp of some classy flute numbers, an awful disco tune, some dixieland rubbish and the monster jazz tune 'Running Fire'!
    Feta Heta Linjen - Med Kisa, Brass & Brudar - Thought this would be better, but had at least one or two good songs

    Lloyd McNeill - Tori - Not listened yet
    Chakachas - Jungle Fever - Well known
    Some Colombian record made to celebrate 50 years of a phone company or something. About as fun as it sounds, I guess.
    Michel Magne - A San Salvador OST - Haven't heard anything yet besides the nice Grand Theme Malko
    JJ Perrey & Gershon Kingsley - Moog Kaleidoscopic Vibrations - Not listened yet
    James Last - Voodoo Party - Not listened yet

    Some 45's from Pencilface, Ashton Gardner & Dyke (really enjoying this one!!!), Georges Raudi - Stercok, Duke of Burlington - Flash (cheers mate).
    Tubby Hayes - Voodoo Session, Georgie Fame - Bonnie & Clyde/Beware of the dog, Francois de Roubaix - Le Rapace (excellent moody b-side), Ricardo Marerro - Babalonia (Jazzman), Cheyenne Coming - Come Back to me...

    As you can see, I have a few hours of fun (and not so fun) listening to do

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    If I bought an instant kick-ass collection like that I'd probably have to live without water and electricity for a while too
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