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  • Interesting folk find and others

    Paid a return visit to the house clearance warehouse or should that be outdoor swamp indoors; Stuck in a good 2 hours of digging which included wiping down mouse droppings and shifting a bed frame, all in the call of duty... Couple of good finds and one that has really intrigued me.

    The main piece is a 7 by Blue Skies from 1971 on Philips label 6006 148, a side is a pretty poor bubblegum pop/folk tune called Julianne. The b side is however a delightful crystalline nick drake style innocent folk tune called The Three Sweet Dreams of Adam, Sarah and Mary Jane... Have looked this band and record up everywhere and getting nothing other than eil having another single by the same band on at £25. Have checked all the usual suspects, friends and forums but nought. So can any of you esteemed jedis tell me a little more about this, who were the band, did it get a full release as cant even find it in the Music Master catalogue and have you seen one before?????

    Have recorded a file for your pleasure but not sure on how to upload it, any guidance warmly welcomed
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    Other finds

    Having decontaminated myself with a bottle of Dettol I managed to wipe these down.....

    Tova Ben Tsvi - Songs of Israel- Nice folk balladsa and traditional stuff, different and interesting ...both good points

    Hits from Old Movies - Indian EP from around 63 I think. Features Geeta Roy and Rafi, Bafi and Chorus, Mohd Rafi and Lata. Clearly tunes from old Indian films, some good sample bits but hey Madlibs done it better than I ever could

    Roy Agee - Mr Clean- Probably well known on here... a great driving bluesy soul stormer with killer lyrics...come on !!

    TV 21 Themes EP - I imagne another well known one on here A mixed bag, versions of TV and Film themes some duff ones but also couple of great tunes and some excellent dialogue. The winner for my money is Supercar by the Mike Sammers Singers. Full listing is;

    Century 21 - Barry Gray Orchestra
    Parker Well Done - Sylvia Anderson, Barry Gray et al

    Supercar - as before

    Dr Who - Eric Winston Orchestra

    Fireball - Ken Barry and Barry Gray Orchestra

    Stingray - Gary Miller and Barry Gray again!

    Thats it for now, off to the tropical diseases hospital!!
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