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  • Originally posted by Viva Chiba View Post
    I found a really nice copy in a shoppe t'other week for a fiver - I think there must be loads out there at book price, surely . . .
    Is this going to be the new 'somebody stole my thunder'? I mean- at some point this must have been just another Georgie Fame flop, but then they all got hoovered up when it became a recognised modpsychnortherndancer- or were there just loads more of the Wayne single flogged at the time?
    "Not only that but the WHOLE COVER is UNCREASED with only 2 or 3 TINY creaselines near the opening edge about half way down!!!! In the same place (about half way down the opening edge), there is an absolutely TINY and PERFECTLY repaired split" (xxxrecords)


    • ?!

      I hope so. . . err. . . Mr Cow, can you find me a rough "Somebody Stole My Thunder" for 50p? Cheers.

      Quite dig this track, and was relieved to find a cheap copy of the LP it's from over xmas.

      Actually I was discoursing over this very matter with a certain Mr F a coupla weeks back: it is a bit ludicrous that this Georgie track is so ridiculously feted when the probably superior and equally bangin' "No Thanks" is ubiquitous and available for buttons.

      Evidently not a northernmodpsychraer dancer, evidently. . .

      But then, what's logical about the hoarding instinct?


      • Waiting for a braekz kicks Somebody stole my thunder in its weather related mod dancer arse any day of the week in my opinion.

        I will look out for No Thanks, never heard that I think. I quite dig In The Meantime, is that a guilty pleasure?
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