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Weekend finds; Saturday 09/01

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    Originally posted by Viva Chiba View Post
    Mr Hairy - good work on the Sabata OST!

    That's a Jap only release, and consequently worth a few bob. . . though I reckon the only essential cut is the title theme. . .

    I'd be well chuffed if I found that!!

    Many thanks for your kind comment, but it was certainly more luck than judgement I have to say, i'd never heard of the film or composer, but took a chance on it based on the slight inkling that it might be worth a little bit (a philosophy that I shoudn't use as I never offload any of them anyway!)


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      Originally posted by Tom B View Post

      Les Charlots EP has one good track - 'J'ai oubie bon bouchoir'

      I love that. Great groovy thing with a big open break at the end which really should go on for much, much longer!
      Nice finds - see you down the front at Brillo...
      Back and to the left... back and to the left... back and to the left