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    I've just realised that I've stupidly started my own thread here, haven't I?
    Apologies, folks.

    Mods, please merge me back in with the rabble!

    Oh, one more I forgot to mention.
    This lovely 1972 ambient country Mike Nesmith piece.

    To infinity - and beyond!


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      As it's tipping it down outside, I'll take the opportunity to update with all my finds since my last post.

      It's been a mixed month of some great, some not so great stuff. Been particularly pleased with the trading action on the board (my first foray) and if there's anyone considering doing some trades on here for the first time, I'd urge you to get involved - everyone's dead trustworthy and accommodating.

      Anyhoo, here's what I've found of late:

      The above were all acquired through trading on here, so thanks to Ian, Eric A and PMoru.

      More trading vibes, gratitude is expressed to Flytipper and M Dejean. At the bottom there is the Arrested Development box set which I also got at a good price recently. It's pictured there to fill the gap, but if anyone's yet to experience the (hugely underrated) delights of the Bluth family, you're missing a treat.

      The above were picked up on a foray into North Notts. Nowt dead exciting, minted up on Stephen Stills, filled a gap with Sheila E and the 'Big Time' OST is a real stealth job - never seen it before, probably only worth pennies but the title track (plus its reprise) is a killer piece of dirty funky disco.

      Mixture of charity shop and car boot action. Led Zep is a repress, but fine for 50p. The Jazz LP is one highlighted by LDJB as having a great version of 'Ode To Billie Joe' - Lee is not wrong. Raggedy bit of Trojan action, straight in the 'freebies' pile I'm afraid! Digital Underground, I failed to inspect properly and the vinyl is actually 'Humpty Dance' promo . Soul II Soul kind of making up the numbers, but this still sounds pretty good - I think this and 'Fairplay' are the tunes that have aged well (maybe as they have less of that dated Soul II Soul shuffle sound?).

      The above are mostly from a dealer down at the local booter (well, 10 miles away, but that's local to us country lads!). The 'Head' LP is a later issue on Rhino, but sounds fantastic (still can't believe they used such a pedestrian version of 'Circle Sky' when the one in the film is ballistic, but hey-ho). The Noah Howard LP is waaaaaaaaaay too 'free' for me, skronking a-plenty. Nice to have the Ike Turner again, cheap way of getting the 'Black Man's Soul' cuts. Kaleidoscope is a reissue and not really doing it for me anyway. As for the lovely Minnie, I got tired of being sniped on ebay so just paid for one off GEMM, slightly under the going rate, but 'proper' money anyway. I know, I know, but I do lack patience.

      Mixture of chazzas and booting again. Hadn't seen that Sight and Sound LP for God knows how long, funny which LPs seem to disappear all of a sudden. Bottom middle is a PP from up in the North East with the Ivor Raymonde Orchestra providing the backing, cracking version of 'Day By Day'.

      The two on the left are from Rob's and the other two off of Brian on Grantham market (which I traded for), the Donovan LP needs cleaning, so I haven't heard it yet, the Ian Carr LP sounds a lot like the contemporaneous (sp?) Neil Ardley LPs, maybe because Ardley helped with the electronics on Ian Carr's LP!

      Some more charity shop chuff above. Seem to have had a run on Womble kiddiefunklitterpickingbreakz4dayz action, can't leave them behind in a charity shop, can always make up bundle packs of UK-only breaks anyway. The 'Youngblood' OST (spare) was a strange one to find in a Retford charity shop. Couple of top tunes on there anyway.

      This last lot were some lovely trades from Blast Kid, plus some ace P-Funk action from Rob's and I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for a cheap OG of 'Up For The Down Stroke' since mine got nicked ages ago.

      All that remains for me to say is:

      COME ON WIGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *

      * It's the hope that kills you.
      Jet Boy stole my baby.


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        Originally posted by Benicio Del Toffo View Post
        It's the hope that kills you.
        Bloody tell me about it.

        Bu hey, if you never had a dream, you'd never have a dream came falling down to earth, stomped all over by the likes of Blackburn and the Spuds.

        Come on Burnley!

        Yes, this is what my season has come to.

        Nice to see we're going to end up with same pot count as the Mancs this season, though!
        To infinity - and beyond!


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          Originally posted by jakartajive View Post
          I've just realised that I've stupidly started my own thread here, haven't I?
          Apologies, folks.

          Mods, please merge me back in with the rabble!

          Oh, one more I forgot to mention.
          This lovely 1972 ambient country Mike Nesmith piece.

          Any chance of shot of the back of the sleeve in the cooking threat - - there is supposed to be a for Recipe for "Papa Nes Home Brew" on the back
          "It's all just one big plastic hassle..." - Psych-Out


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            It is raining here in Birmingham, as well. Most of the "tart it up before we sell it" types of jobs around the house are done and the kids are being entertained by grandparents. Junior Monopoly, I think. The Saturday paper analysis of the election is partly digested; whereas the excellent scrambled eggs and bacon on brown is sitting in a very satisfying way.

            So here are a few of the recent finds. In fact these stretch back to Record Shop day! Sorry about being so tardy. As for where this lot came from; some actual proper charity finds, a couple from a boot sale, some from a vintage clothes shop and couple from real record shops - not sure whether they are boutique or not. What is "boutique" anyway?

            Here goes...

            Gil Evans - Out of The Cool & Into The Hot (Impulse!)

            Oooo, what a lovely pair of Gils! These were my Record Shop day purchase. Two stone-mint, OG Impulse LPs. Especially Hot which looks like it was made yesterday! I have to rather embarrassingly admit that I did not previously own a copy of Cool; though I can now compare mono and stereo copies of Hot. Not giveaway cheap but worth the outlay. Perhaps these, certainly Cool, might get passed over in the catalogue these days as people seek out the harder free/spiritual/funk corners of the Impulse! roster but there is fine, challenging and, it's own way radical, music here. Worthy of reappraisal.

            We spent Record Shop day in Bristol. Can there a better vinyl city in the UK. The place literally drips records. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw a box of 45 raers on the counter at the local butchers.

            Ida Cox - Blues Ain't Nothin' Else But.... (Milestone)
            Various - American Folk Blues Festival (L+R)

            Both of these came from a vintage clothes shop on the hill going upto the Museum. Mrs Piglit has a weakness for vintage clothes almost equal to my weakness for vinyl, so getting both in the same shop was a delight. In truth the records were not particularly remarkable but these two caught my eye.
            The first one here captures recordings by a young Ida Cox, lifted from 78s. While the second is one of a lengthy series charting a blues package tour in Germany. These tours kicked off in the early sixties and the first documents are things of wonder. This is later, from the 80s, with the series having passed form Polygram/Fontana, through Atlantic (I think) and now to Lippmann+Rau. The names may no longer be household but there is good stuff in here.

            Roy Orbinson - Pretty Woman (London)

            Dirt cheap charity find. Not listened to this yet, but I feel I should. Orbinson seems to be a man who commands enormous respect and I feel that I should be more familiar with his work.

            Various - Tumbele! Biguine, afro and latin soundsfrom the French Caribbean, 1963-74. (Soundway)

            New, from Fopp; so not really a true VG+ stylee find but I thought this may be worth a mention. I'm certain somebody else mentioned this label only recently. This is full of great stuff and I suppose it is a bit like what I was trying to do with my Xmas disc; only a lot better. Some great sleeve pics in the gatefold; records that I would just love to get my hands on.

            Loudon Wainwright III - More Love Songs (Demon)
            Loudon Wainwright III - I'm Alright (Demon)
            Loudon Wainwright III - Therapy (Silvertone)

            I have always been a little dismissive of Wainwright (and his clan for that matter) so these finds only go to prove that you should never judge anything until you have taken the time to listen. Each of these is excellent. Sharp and savvy writing, good production (often by Richard Thompson) and sound that does not smell of the decade in which it was recorded; the 80s.
            But it is the songs that get you. I am now in need of more schooling on Loudon - anyone else have an appreciation?

            Michael Hurley - Watertower (Fundamental)

            Well, this is a find. Hurley was 60s scenester knocking around with various names but best known for contributing songs to the Holy Modal Rounders. Solo stuff is sporadic, he certainly dosen't seem to be too bothered in progressing a career. If anything I would liken the sound of this record (my first exposure) to David Berman of the Silver Jews; I can't believe that Berman would not have heard this. The same clever, poetic (in a good way) lyrics and song structures. And another LP that belies its 1988 recording date.
            Particularly pleased that all of these were charity finds from Erdington High St; the digging equivalent of death valley.

            Pete Coe - It's a Mean Old Scene

            UK agit-folk from 1985. The back of the sleeve includes the logo for "Musicians Against Nuclear Arms", which will give you a good idea of the tone and style.

            Various - Espana 1936-1939

            Collection of songs from the Civil War. Stirring and passionate and, even though I speak less Spanish than my seven year old son, engaging and moving.

            The LP top right is a collection Polish xmas carols. Very lovely. Top right, Patience Strong, is recordings from (I think) a radio show. A bit like thought for the day; Patience extolling wisdom between singing hymns. Curious. The two at the bottom are theatre productions; nice but overshadowed by later finds.

            Field Recordings - Cult Music of Cuba (Folkways)

            Irresistible ethnic folkways from Cuba. Pushing all the buttons and squares up nicely with the Jamaican folk recordings I picked up a couple of months back. Lots of percussion; drums, scrapers, bells, rattles. The music was recorded in 1940 and features songs dedicated to various gods praised by small groups or societies, including a deity called Legua who is the Guardian of the Crossroads. Coincidental, perhaps, but the african and blues retentions weave their way through all of this.

            Various - Caliente = Hot; Puerto Rican Cuban Musical Expression in New York (New World Records)

            You could certainly trace a direct lineage between this set and the more recent Soul Jazz Nu-Yorican comps. Obviously a bit more academic than Soul Jazz but certainly very funky as it charts the development of the New York scene. Copious notes accompany insightful choice of latin floor fillers.

            Steam Specials of the Seventies (Sound Stories)

            Rare, according to the sticker. Must admit that I don't see many SS LPs around. So nice to have. Very English.

            Essentials of Latin (Folkways)

            More esoteric Folkways. I thought I could make use of this before listening to my Winnie the Pooh in Latin record.

            All of the following records were found in the same place; a charity book shop in a sleepy retirement town. You might be able to make out from the sleeves that they originated from a college Engish department. Many of these are still in the wrap and I get the impression that they were not played a whole lot. The best bit about this haul was that they were 20p each!

            First set on the Spoken Arts label. Particularly lovely sleeve on the bottom left.

            These are Caedmon. Note the Maurice Sendak LP; my favourite of this bunch.

            Five from the Argo "People Past and Present" series.

            The top right is a BBC production featuring the Radiophonic Workshop soundtracking poetry readings. The Georgie Fame is later find included here just make up the numbers.

            Four from a series of six Argo LPs. Never seen these before. Fabulous sleeve images and knock-out content. Here is a scan of one track listing. Can't quite work out why an instrumental piece by Cage is included on a record entitled Voices, I will need to study the notes in more depth. Needless to say I now desperately want the remaining two.

            Thats all the highlights. Been a good month, I reckon.

            At first I bought records, then I started to collect records; now I merely accumulate records.


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              Nice finds, Piglet.

              I've never seen the OG Impulse 'Into the Hot' and for a minute, i thought it was a different album to the one i have issued by World Records Club credited, not to Gil Evans Orch. but as 'Gil Evans presents' - it's not actually Gil, but rather 3 tracks by Cecil Taylor and three by John Carisi (featuring a fair few people involved in Gil's stuff of the period)- I can't find a pic on the internet of the one i have,and no camera at the moment.

              Michael Hurley is great - Watertower was pinched off me a few years back and, as with all the 20 odd records that disappeared at that party, it still pains me to think of it. He still gigs and was over here a few years ago and was mighty in a 'so laid back it's horizontal' kind of way.
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                Most interesting thing i picked up today is this

                Couple of great tracks in a downer/ssw/donovan style


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                  Originally posted by captainwilloughby View Post

                  Eranga&Prianga - Let love live - glammy sri lankan rock! hell yeh
                  Lovely tune - almost went on my Xmas swap, but couldn't get it to fit in anywhere.

                  Nice finds
                  Back and to the left... back and to the left... back and to the left


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                    Originally posted by piglit'n'rolf View Post
                    You might be able to make out from the sleeves that they originated from a college Engish department.
                    As soon as I read that I thought "wonder if he found a copy of 'Seasons' by David Cain..." Nice work, fella!
                    Club stuff:




                    • Originally posted by jakartajive View Post
                      I've just realised that I've stupidly started my own thread here, haven't I?
                      Apologies, folks.

                      Mods, please merge me back in with the rabble!


                      • Originally posted by jakartajive View Post
                        Nice to see we're going to end up with same pot count as the Mancs this season, though!
                        Have I missed something?



                        • Batch from yesterdays Vienna Fair and one by post...

                          The Fair was really quite good - although some of the deal prices were a bit OTT

                          Only went for a browse as thin on records tokens after the US splurge - spent more on record cleaning bits than disks

                          Black Sabbath - Paranoid / The Wizard - Vertigo
                          Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe / All Along the Watchtower - Polydor
                          Triangle - Peut-etre Demain / Blow Your Cool
                          Can Spoon / Shikako Maru Ten - United Artists
                          Fat Matress - Magic Forest / Petrol Pump Assistant
                          Deep Purple - Strange Kind of Woman / I'm Alone

                          The Hollies - King Midas In Reverse / Everything Is Sunshine
                          Gene Latter - Mothers Little Helper - Decca Demo - the one by post - long time want as a cheap price
                          Dee Dee Dozy - Zabadak / The Sun Goes Down - Fontana
                          The Monkees - Alternative Title / Forget That Girl
                          Neil Young - Heart of Gold / Sugar Mountain - Reprise
                          Slade - Far Far Away / OK Yesterday Was Yesterday
                          "It's all just one big plastic hassle..." - Psych-Out


                          • Usual mixed bag of stuff from a variety of places.

                            It was the christian aid massive booksale this weekend and I queued for an hour and a half to be among the first in - bit galling when we got in there to find one of Edinburgh's grippers already in there and he had a couple of records I would have really liked (that's not to say I'd have found 'em first). Just p*ssed me off is all - thanks for listening Think I'll give the whole thing a miss next year as I find it too frustrating and life's too short - as usual I walked out the place with a few bits I half wanted, a few punts and a couple of good spares - worth the chaos, waiting etc? Dunno. Fuz got a good LP which I am now coveting and I got one decent thing but it's trashed!

                            Anyway - here we go:

                            Aussie version of a perenial VG+ fave - nice and percussion heavy

                            Lovely Canadian Garage Psych

                            Thanks to Sie Fly for spinning this - I'd never have picked it up otherwise.

                            Got this at the boot for the sleeve - record is rubbish

                            Spare swirly Sabbath and mono Pepper. Charty sop Jazz with Pretty Purdie on drums - dislike this a lot though - not my thing at all - if anyone wants it PM me and I'll pay you to take it. The Gordon Jackson was kindly sourced for me by Fuz - I did pay money for it but well below the going rate - what a fantastic record - wondering why I'd not sought it out years ago? Thanks mate.

                            Booter stuff - Leggy Pee does an answer song to Bo Diddley's 'I'm a Man' amongst other stuff, weird dance versions of 'Stone Fox Chase', Graeme Allwright is a bit dull but saved by the last track which has a funky vibe and tablas, Atarah is too straight for me - nice flute based warbling though.

                            Beefheart from the sale, Phantasm 12" (in the chaos I assumed this was the LP ), The Whip is a strange punky / goth concept thing involving the Damned and the Brazilian LP aint me at all - free to a good home.

                            Minting up my Modern Lovers from the sale, spare Buddy Rich (big band funkers on here), a Love Sculpture comp and a dreadful PP (with an appropriately psychotic version of Psych Killer on it) from the boot.

                            Charity shop Jazz and Folk Rock and a LP from Sie Fly which I left at Craigs last week - great version of 'Down By The River' on it - thank you.

                            "..hole...road...middle thereof"


                            • Originally posted by LDJB View Post
                              Charty sop Jazz with Pretty Purdie on drums - dislike this a lot though - not my thing at all - if anyone wants it PM me and I'll pay you to take it.
                              I also found this in a charity shop a few years ago, and it had the same effect on me Lee mate.
                              "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


                              • Caterina Valente - Twistin' the Twist (Decca) 45

                                Good fun
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                                some times play g+ with back noise,some times vg , super psyché juju lpfront sleeve is very nice vg back vg , but the top corne left is eating buy rats, ask for picture