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  • Originally posted by JGBollard View Post
    First post, possibly about to make a fool of myself as I don't know how common knowledge this is (and obviously haven't read all 100+ posts on this thread) but the filler material on the b-side of that Happy Monsters LP includes a very odd and stupid cover version of "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag". Though you wouldn't now it from the label which lists it as "Swing Your Tentacles"...
    Hi, and welcome mate.

    It's fairly well known, it's also available on 'Bobby and betty go to the moon' LP with out the iratating 'Jungle noises'.
    "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


    • Originally posted by mp3000 View Post
      How's the Roky?I would say Time Fades Away is a top-10 Neil. Life, Landing On Water, Old Ways are completist buys for me.
      Oops, didn't mean completist as in less worthy, just that it's one I didn't have

      First impression of the Roky was disappointing. Sure, he's in fine voice and the songs are good, but the arrangements and playing by Overkill River make the music sound like Coldplay or U2. Give me the roots-rock stylings of All That May Do My Rhyme any time over this...

      Anyway, I'll revisit and chime back in if it gets better over time.