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  • ?!

    RE: Glos booter. . .

    I was a bit confused by this too - thought it was a sprawling, then realised the bike event had occupied the main pitch!

    The booter was displaced to the field instead - quite a lot of vinyl, for a change!

    I have both UK issues of the LP now, but still want the 45 (cheap)


    • Originally posted by BoneyVotel View Post
      Hey Lee, I respect you and all that, but I see your dog and raise you my cat An outtake from my mono-chrome themed CSC
      I have more of these

      Great cat-pics!!

      Makes me wanna stuff my new finds into my aquarium and take some neat photos in front of fishes zig-zagging between HP Lovecraft, Orquesta Marisol, Marek Grechuta and hermit crabs climbing on Eddie Harris LP.
      "Only one thought left, that makes me come alive,
      and that is you and me side by side, on the licorice ride"


      • I hope this marks the start of a trend in pet-themed finds posts.

        Oh, and re Alfie, may I be the first to say ... wot's it all abart?!/obrftokyo

        Formerly, lecturer at the University of Rome, with two commas and a full stop in the normal way.



        • Her I Go Again

          So I was standing in a local charity emporium,discussing the merits of buying a
          70s slide machine for a pound with an associate when the staff came and decanted an armful of LPs into the £1 crate.

          No pet pics alas, but did nearly buy a wicker pet basket for a quick grip n flip.
          Watch this space.

          Cheap and cheerful 45s from Sunday.

          Jackie Lee Rupert. Every home should have a copy
          Caesar Frazier on Westbound
          Brooks and Jerry on Direction
          Edwin Starr Agent / Back Streets
          Hendrix Purple Haze
          Peppers A Pinch of Salt

          record licker


          • Egil "Bop" Johansen: Samse Tak
            Swedish prog jazz on Four Leaf from 1976, couple tracks with weirdo humming and fuzz guitar over sparse percussion

            Various: Jazz auf Amiga 1947-1962 5
            2 decent, very Art Blakey-inspired, tracks by Werner Pfüller Quintett


            • Originally posted by eclectiktronik View Post

              wow, thats my find of the year so far, paid a quid and a bit in sterling! shame mine isn't mint, more like G-VG vinyl. plays VG tho!

              just read your excellent hair post.

              what's the Hallmark hair LP like, (purple sleeve) haven't played it yet so any idea what I can expect?
              Great find all the same, I paid something like 45 dollars for mine and thought I did alright.

              The Hallmark LP credited to Bruce Baxter appears to be the exact same album as both the L. Bailly version (on Concert Hall - also in my Hair thread) and the Boston Light Operatic Society LP (on Muza, licensed from Avenue).

              Identical tracklist in all three cases - slight variations in track times.

              Great - Coloured Spade, Ain't Got No...I Got Life, Donna, Good Morning Starshine (which has an unlisted blast of Let The Sunshine In)

              Solid - Aquarius, Hair, Hare Krishna, Frank Mills, Where Do I Go, Air, Black Boys White Boys

              Weak - Easy To Be Hard

              Where Do I Go and Frank Mills are well arranged.

              Beaty versions of Donna and Black Boys, White Boys keep things lively. The best wine is kept until last - Good Morning Starshine with decent flute bits and nifty underlying jazziness. The vocalist sounds like Ameila Fletcher twenty years before her indie-prime. Nice drumbreak on it too.
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              • Originally posted by wickerman View Post
                NICE, had all of those execept MURPHY FEDERATION amd the JUST MEASURERS LP years ago but sold off all my postpunk / Homosexuals / diy collection. Are they keepers?
                I think I remember coming across one of your earlier posts regarding your Homosexuals collection. Slowly getting there myself. Sorry but they're all keepers. Simon


                • I just picked up Blue Aker Bilk on Studio 2 Stereo and a Verve reissue LP of Stan Getz covers of Bacharach. £4 well spent I hope.
                  I have a very particular set of skills...



                  • Originally posted by piglit'n'rolf View Post

                    While in jazz vocal territory lets consider these record fair bin finds. Ostensibly two Billie Holiday LPs. The one on the left is a collection of broadcast performances some of which appear on the RARE box. The one on the right is much more enigmatic, the rear of the sleeve being given over to a short promotional essay on "ESP in 3D Super Stereo". No track listing, or anything. But the plot thickens. For a start both of these records are on ESP-Disk. And in the second is not the expected Billie Holiday LP but an ESP sampler. Here is the label...

                    Picked up the very same ESP sampler a few weeks ago in that sleeve which is a bit strange as I thought the sleeve and record didn't go together. The cat number on the spine doesn't match the record. Also the track listing for the sampler is I believe supposed to list all the side one tracks on the rear of the cover with side two tracks listed in a separate booklet/pamphlet which I found in my copy. Very strange


                    • A little after hours trade bizness.

                      Gang Starr: Love sick 12" - w the dope b-side-only Credit Is Due. RIP GURU
                      Helene Martin chante Helene Martin - one jazzy chanson w a dry-sounding flute playing in the background througut the song
                      Change: Change os heart 12" - tasty 80s soul
                      Curtis stable
                      2 Live Crew w Trouble Funk: Drop the bomb 12" - Miami bass meets Go-go. Yes please.


                      • Originally posted by Headless mermaid View Post
                        2 Live Crew w Trouble Funk: Drop the bomb 12" - Miami bass meets Go-go. Yes please.
                        Great 12", I love their first two LPs.
                        "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


                        • Originally posted by mr sayers View Post
                          Great 12", I love their first two LPs.
                          Yes, I still need their first lp. Love that industrial-sounding minimal drum machine production.


                          • Originally posted by Headless mermaid View Post
                            Gang Starr: Love sick 12" - w the dope b-side-only Credit Is Due. RIP GURU
                            Does the 12 have the 'Upbeat mix' on it? Love that one


                            • Originally posted by kenneth View Post
                              i was hangin with the cheeba quite a bit but who is this smiler?
                              are you the guy that was chatting to si at the soul stage when geno washington was on?
                              Originally posted by jakartajive View Post
                              Smiler = Manc Chris = The self-appointed judge = Chris the sparks
                              Smiler is a guy called Paul who wrote the Fleur De Lys book Acid Jazz put out. I don't know him, but he's friendly with my mate.

                              I didn't see Geno Washington, but bumped into Si on the Saturday when Ann Sexton was on and later when Joe Bataan played.
                              it's OK to head out for wonderful, but on your way to wonderful, you're gonna have to pass through all right. When you get to all right,
                              take a good look around and get used to it, because that may be as far as you're gonna go.


                              • Originally posted by the real hayes View Post
                                Does the 12 have the 'Upbeat mix' on it? Love that one
                                No, only the lp version and Premier's remix. I avoid uptempo/house/dance remixes of hiphop songs, CJ Macintosh and Norman Cook ruined many otherwise good songs.