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  • Originally posted by flytipper View Post
    A new one on me Craig - i was also happy with a Uk copy of this in lovely condition / spare US press going should anyone want one?

    Rush Hour is great !
    Nice find Sie, couple of great tracks on this. Reckon the UK press is pretty darned rare...never seen one!


    • nice finds!

      i have seen Inside Bugsy many times. it sits in record store in Tartu. when i found out it must be good, i looked inside and saw some other record there. so i'll probably see it again many times.

      i went to flea market yesterday, saw one half empty box of records, later heard how dealer had bought other half and was selling them already for more money. i avoided dealers' stalls.


      • Just back from the local booter with the good the bad and the ugly...all of which are summed up in the empty sleeve of John Surman's S/T lp on Deram. Had to look inside every other sleeve the same seller had, 2 large boxes, no dice

        Did get the following sleeves with records inside
        RAM Pietch - Norwegian Wood (very dubious 1988 beatles reimaging)
        Easy Rider (asian pressing)
        Hank Williams - Luke The Drifter.
        Pierre Bachelet - Histoire D'O
        Tom Jones - Las Vegas
        Gene Pitney - greatest hits
        Danse a go go (dbl comp on barclay with a few good tracks incl Zoo)
        Des Parton - Snaps (some very odd and dubious material on this slick mid 70s singer songwriter thing esp. on a tracks called "The Nigger's coming" which seems to be pisstake reggae. Hmmmmmm
        and some dodgy James Last lps - spare Voodoo Party and Copacabana.
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        • just a few this week at my local boot,well worth the fiver i spent on em
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          • August round-up, all 45s (can't be bothered to post up fairly hum-drum selection of LPs...).

            Best and most recent first: I went into a local junk shop / curio place yesterday, where the vinyl stock doesn't change from one month to the next. The owner's been on holiday for much of August and had a few nice new bits and bobs. When I bought them he said I could look through a suitcase of 45s he'd just got in. A lot of them are marked 'Maureen' - and she seems to have been a music biz mover & shaker, various letters with promos in there. Lots of the records were out of sleeves and too much cue burn - I'm guessing this was Maureen's party playset. But still - under a quid a pop, I'm not complaining...

            All these well-known here - lovely to have the Julian Covey & Owen Gray on original Island 45s. Thanks to Silver Surfer for putting 'Help me' on his fine swap CD last year

            Maureen's parties must have been fun. Here's some more...

            Nice set of sixties soul on UK & US pressings too. The Shan Miles is a cheapie but sounds great. I see the UK Stax Sam & Dave goes for a bob or two - not sure why...

            The rest of Maureen's collection. I bought a few not pictured which were crap (as you do). The Fireballs is a lovely track that grows steadily - are they the same band who released stuff on React?

            Car boot finds from the last few weeks, plus a few picked up in Wales on holiday and from Spitalfields. Vincent Gordon as on Carlito's excellent swap CD; the Andromeda is a bit on the ponderous, serious end of psych for me. Not sure about the Sabres 'Roly Poly' - is this toytown Mod?

            Nic Nicely is a spare - see Head Gardner's interesting Record Collector article for more info. I've loved the Don Fardon since hearing it on Fuz's swap CD a while ago

            Pic sleeves - Grapefruit b-side as played by Julian at Brillo. I missed a couple of these on ebay. The Hildegard Knef is the German original of 'From here on it got rough' - is this common as strudel? Nice French sleeve for 'Save me'

            The Ken Boothe 'Mustang Sally' is marvellous. Very happy to pick up a Sharon Tandy 45, even if it's not 'Daughter of the Sun'. Very little about Gerry Lockran online - so-so version of 'Hey Jude', but 'This train' is good.

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            • Happy with these from boot this morning
              descriptions to follow when got time to listen to them.More photos to follow.
              All 50p or pound from two stalls.
              1st Pic
              Blues sculpture-forms and feelings.One of two copies found today.
              Satisfaction-from the soul society.Dot Records.
              BBC Transcription disc-Pink Floyd Live 70-71.
              Buddy Miles express-Electric church.
              2nd Pic,
              B Boy posse promo sampler,jvc/Tall dark n handsome white labels.
              Ars Nova-1st lp sleevless uk.
              Sugar n spice-jiumping jacks,polydor no idea at mo.
              Ben e king in the begining cbs.
              3rd Pic,
              Yoko ono-approximatley infinite universe,Apple.Sleeveless dbl lp.
              Bengt Hallberg/kjell baekkelund-Contrasts,Sonet.Looks like jazz.
              The Coasters-on broadway,London
              James gang-Straight shooter.
              4th Pic,
              5th dimension-magic garden.Looks like one of the better offerings maybe.
              Greatest moments in sport,recorded commentary.Looks fun.
              Havent a clue what this is yet.But with prog psych one sided test pressing wrote on it had to pick it up.
              LP of car noises basically.
              4th pic,
              Nancy sinatra-in london.
              ellen mcilwaine-honky tonk angel,polydor.looks promising with some good titles will report if it is good.
              lulu wena-a rhapsody in black, idea yet.
              crown heights affair-dreaming a dream
              more to follow, tommorow probably now
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              • Originally posted by kenneth View Post

                Havent a clue what this is yet.But with prog psych one sided test pressing wrote on it had to pick it up.
                What are the matrix numbers on this?

                Some well-known classics on there - Jumping Jacques, Ellen McIlwaine - Coasters is nice on a UK press! I'd imagine that BBC disc is worth a fair bit if it's an original one!
                We know when a mate buys it for you too.


                • Originally posted by flytipper View Post
                  I Was baffled to find this and an armful of other nice gear at 11 this morning as i made a half arsed attempt and at the local Bootie / guy told me he had just bought a container load of records and they were £1.50 / £1.00 each.........there were so many 45's i would have needed the whole weekend to look !!
                  Will post rest of finds soon...

                  Wow, killer find!


                  • Fantastic stuff being found all round....hat tips.

                    Good enough weekend: along with the Miracles EP, there were some nice singles in yesterday's bunch: a Kinks EP with songs from Percy, Lee Dorsey's Working in a Coalmine, Happy Jack, a few Gary US Bonds things on Top Rank....

                    Today was good too:

                    This lot were from the Flea Market up in Newmarket - The 666 is a Spaceship rather than a swirl, but in great nick, the Fruupp Seven Secrets is near mint. The dark one in the corner is Soft machine 7.....bit of a numeric theme going on...

                    This was the find of the weekend, though, and possibly the year...from the bootsale much earlier.

                    A Goldring Lenco GL75 for a fiver, along with a very nice Sansui Receiver. Motor is fine, as are all the electronics - there was no cartridge, so I stuck an old Shure from another TT on - the weights are missing from the arm, which I think will need to be replaced anyway. Disaster nearly struck straight away though - as I picked it up off the ground, the power cable got caught on something and it spilled onto the ground, face down......happily, it appears to have survived.

                    I also bought a load of 78s for some reason.... a bit dazed after the TT, I think.
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                    • That Miracles EP is a ridiculous find - well done sir!
                      We know when a mate buys it for you too.


                      • I don't think I ever ended up posting my finds from my visit to London after my London advice thread, so here is what I extracted in that fine burg:

                        The 45s are mostly Ethiopian singles purchased from a fellow board member.

                        Loved London, even if the record prices in the shops tend to make my eyes spin. Still, most of the above were reasonable, and it's such a fascinating city that I wish I could have stayed longer. Alas, zlotys don't go very far even when you have family to stay with. I was always amazed at how much Polish stuff continuously turns up in the UK, until I went over and every time I'd take the bus in Ealing (where I stayed) to the tube station, everyone was speaking Polish.

                        After getting back, I hit up the big local fair/flea market and took these home:

                        Sadly, one of the records I was most excited to find gave me a nasty surprise. I pulled the record MOSTLY out of the sleeve to check condition as it was the end of the day and I just wanted to go home. Upon coming home, it turned out that the LP was a nice EX (though quite dusty) but the 3cm that I didn't see was completely melted.

                        I suppose it's my own damned fault for not checking it out fully, but I guess the fact that it was in the "normal" section and not in a cheapo bin, combined with the fact that I wouldn't give away a record that's melted like this made me give the guy the benefit of the doubt. I suppose the alarm should have gone off when we had this exchange:

                        Me: <holds up LP> "Hi, how much do you want for this one?"
                        Seller: "That will be, oh, 100..."

                        (100 zlotys is an OK price for said LP in decent shape, but not even that cheap, and the cover had coffee stains. As a point of reference, the last one on ebay went for £12 or so - which is a fair bit less than 100 zlotys.)

                        Me: "Hmm..."
                        Seller: "...euros."



                        • @ Psychedelic Super Pjotr great finds mate, some Czech, Hungarian etc faves of mine there.

                          Is the Kaleidescope an OG?
                          "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


                          • Some more from sunday boot,
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                            • Psychedelic Super Pjotr - i own a copy of that melted album / 2 or 3 nice tracks on it - Novi Singers related?
                              Nice finds there - i am hoping to get over to Gdansk soon for a look around.
                              Banned (DJ Anchovy)


                              • A decent haul for a change the blue note lp's all og's all £3 each - result the others between £1-£3


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