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september finds 2010

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  • Originally posted by priima View Post
    Theo Schumann Combo - Für junge leute (Amiga) east german beat. i have read about it lot, but never found their records. it was offered by friendly dealer, but i didn't like his price. he looked at my records and found something to buy, so with trade money price got reasonable. i pretty much like it. though around here it seems to be not so much loved as their other records. well, it's better than average melodiya beat record.
    the track "don gil" (is that right?) on here is freaking amazing!!! never far from my play-out bag...

    and that Emil Dimitrov sounds ace. nice grabs.
    Muchos mixes <<<<



    • Awesome track, thanks for posting!


      • Originally posted by pencilface View Post
        the track "don gil" (is that right?) on here is freaking amazing!!! never far from my play-out bag...
        Wasn't up on that one, thanks for rectifying it Joe mate.

        Couple of good finds there Martin mate.
        "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


        • Finds from Vohwinkel Flohmarkt in good old Wuppertal.

          -Moroccan roll- les variations. French band on buddah. Has one instrumental that sounds like the secret chiefs 3 sorta.

          -Gateway- john Mills. Proggy spaceship synth written and composed by a vacuum cleaner.

          - Beat für Verliebte- Armin Rusch on Rex. happy to have this finally. Other than the illsickbreakzbanger there is also a very beaty coverversion of Exodus which reminds me of the secret chiefs 3. I like the secret chiefs 3.

          -A melodya stereo thingy with a good track on.

          -Surfin Embryo - Got this from said dealer for 15€. Mainly to get rid of my money to stop me from looking through all the boxes again, because I couldnt keep them apart once the sun came out. Too much Mariano on this one I think.

          - A chipsfrisch record tht was given away for guessing the right amount of beer in a "humpen". Split LP with the Gents inc. and the capras.

          -Kör Jazz Grupp- Olaf Olafsen. Swedish Jazz recorded in a church with a choir. Is that what spiritual Jazz is all about?

          Also some rattles 7s and a wooden cat with a pointy tail.
          All the Wolpertingers


          • cor, just had one of those digging fantasy moments - I had just returning from a job when I noticed a church charity shop. I was purusing the two sad boxes of records in the corner when this chap wandered over and asked if I was a collector "because we've got a room out the back that's full of records.''

            after trailling behind as he ulocked our way a Kafkaesque maze of corridors and rooms he let me into this oversized dusty cupboard with about 15 storage boxes of vinyl...

            sadly the build-up wasn't quite matched by the delivery - 90 per cent classical as usual - but still I managed to find:
            a couple of Gunter Kallman's;
            Basie meets Bond;
            two gospel soul comps;
            Jimmy McGriff's Cherry;
            Matt Munro singing the hits of today;
            James Last beach party 5;
            Bacharach Baroque - looks good judging by the youtube clips;
            Odetta in Japan;
            and Ten Wheel Drive with Genya Ravan.

            and on top of that, it's Friday. niceness.