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    It was my first time at the WFMU fair in New York. A nice batch, quite different in scope to what I usually pick up in Utrecht (3.5 weeks to go!)
    Here goes...
    Rockkids –She’s A Cartoon –TKO (I am now the proud owner of both singles by these Teen Hard Rock Bubblegum merchants)
    Kiss Inc. –Hey Mr Holy Man –Admiral (weird European fuzzed-up Quaalude dancer with Gregorian chants–beautiful sleeve with some alien with a huge brain...)
    The Green Slime –The Green Slime –MGM (housed in a great psychotronic sleeve with one-eyed alien)
    Stefan And The Wild Boys –Dying in ST. Louis Gonna Make You Blue –Artists of America (kind of bar band/Punk crossover –more like Five Dollar Shoes without the Tom Waits...)
    Bob Seger and The Last Heard –Vagrant Winter –Cameo
    Misty –Resurrection Shuffle –Princess. Yes, it’s Resurrection Shuffle, but not as you might know it. Perhaps one of the weirdest singles I have ever had the joy to own. The B side is beyond unsettling. Part of the song poem industry...
    Viletones –Screaming Fist –Vile Records –(Nice signed copy of this Canuck Punker)
    Sparrow –Hello Goodbye –Spark
    The Selfkick –Gosh! I’m Your Woman Not Your Wife –Delta (really WILD Dutch Freakbeat/punk from 1966 with two killer breaks –snottier than the Pretty Things or The Outsiders)
    Cherry Slush –I Cannot Stop You –USA (written and produced by Dick Wagner, this is a mighty catchy uptempo psych number, incredible drone effect and orchestration)
    Scruffs –Break The Ice/She Say Yea –Power Play
    The Boppers –Dancing In Rocket City –Kare (Lovely track, don’t anything about it)
    Coachmen –Mr. Moon –MMC (Catchy Frat/Garage)
    Sound of Imker –Train of Doomsday –Opart (reissue of manic Dutch mutoid extravaganza)
    Christopher Robbins –Fancy Rings and Things –RCA (Good P.F. Sloan-like Folk Rock)
    Geeza –Sidney City Ladies –Laser (Dumb but fun Aussie Hard Rock/boogie)
    Captain Kirk –Space Baby/ Small Town Cop –Cognito (Small Time Cop is the winner –linked to Dacotah and the Renegade single -see below
    Tasty –Just A Little Too Much –DJM (their second single –nice cut sleeves on the T shirts lads...)
    Jody Miller –Home of The Brave –Capitol (passable cover of the Bonnie & The Treasures masterpiece)
    Chilly Chimes –Join The Army -private (Once said to be the first Swedish Punk record...It ain’t, but a heavy dumb boogie number with strange self-produced sleeve with Neo Nazi/Pagan logo in 1975...)
    Teacher’s Pet –You’re Too Young –Flapping Jet (Kenny meets a more fey Milk & Cookies???? A recent release)
    Velvet Underground –We’re Gonna Have A Real Cool Time Together/If You Close The Door (came with Johan Kugelberg’s book, but 100 copies were housed limited silk screen sleeves)
    Willie Alexander and The Boom Boom Band –Hit Her Wid De Axe –Garage Records
    Russell Morris –Part Three Into Paper Walls –Columbia (yes the third part of Real Thing...not your average single!)

    The Bubblegum corner: I didn’t quite find quite as many as expected, but several of these are great discoveries
    Fire and Ice –Sugar Shaker –Crazy horse (uptempo driving bubblegum)
    Bohanna –Jamaica –Scepter (has Joey Levine ever sounded this “nasal”?)
    The Wildflower –Butterfly –US (Top Notch Bubblegum)
    Torresdale Junction –I Love It/ Boy Oh Boy –Randor Records (Girl Group Bubblegum, the accent on Boy Oh Boy has to be heard to be believed, Cute and catchy!
    Carnaby Street Runners –While You Were Out Looking for Sugar –Super K
    Hungry Tiger –Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum/ Tic Tac Toe –White Whale. Great loud and fast A side, finally got a copy with the B side, which is a great moody Garage number and not the Magid Triplets number)

    And last but NOT least...
    A whole bunch of Heavy Bone-Head singles. All released on obscure US indie labels these single are incredible no brain crunchers. All of them deserve individual appraisals and will get the full treatment on Purepop over the next few months –all from 1969 -1977. I know next to nothing about these bands at the moment but they all have completely blown me away
    Supa Chief –Red Brained Woman/Animal Women –Prince (Like a more petulant Blue Cheer)
    Volt Rush Band –Love To You –Red Rock (really wild FUZZ PUNK)
    Black Death –Rock ‘N’ Roll with Ork/ In Need –Cathedral (from 1969, ROCKS!)
    3’s -Do You See/Threez –Tranceporter (Like Swell Maps channelling Hawkwind in Frat Rock mode in 1974???)
    Stone Axe –Slave of Fear/Snakebite –Rampart Street Records (Heavy A side, but the B side is the real deal –no brain matter involved whatsoever!)
    Renegade –Don’t Stop Let’s Rock –Magic (been after this one for a while –Iowa’s New York Dolls? Not really, but a great loud rockin’ No Brainer

    All the best

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    That Selkick single is so far out there. The fact that it charted is even more out there than the record & goes a long way to understanding why i love that country so damn much!
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      nice finds Robin! Selfkick! and the 3´s single is great!
      rick wakeman´s keyboard


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        Oh man!

        Didn't see the 3's in the list earlier...

        Killer single!!! Never seen a copy turn up for sale online (haven't looked terribly hard mind)
        "Not only that but the WHOLE COVER is UNCREASED with only 2 or 3 TINY creaselines near the opening edge about half way down!!!! In the same place (about half way down the opening edge), there is an absolutely TINY and PERFECTLY repaired split" (xxxrecords)


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          Great finds mate, a couple of my faves amongst that lot (Kiss inc, and Cherry slush etc.).
          "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"