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  • Originally posted by ROCKPROF View Post
    Got some reggae off my mate who found them in a skip! Still cleaning some of them up.
    Whoa, looks like a nice lot of reggae 45s, something I'm getting more interested in since I don't own any at all, but have heard a lot of stuff I like lately.. btw, what is that you use for cleaning? I've only used something called isopropanol/teslanol mixed with distilled water..

    Originally posted by Boursin View Post
    Amazing cover photo. Putting the "tja" back in Tjader, as you might say in Sweden.

    Speaking of amazing cover photo:

    Best cover photo ever? The record obviously has to have been financed by the mafia, because the music is some of the worst I've ever heard


    • Originally posted by d7bohs View Post

      And the only only other record of any note was by gay rappers Yo! Majesty, which my friend nabbed. Weird.
      Originally posted by Expiry2011 View Post
      I think you probably got the better record than your mate!
      Lovely album, that BoB. One day ...

      Originally posted by MPFlapp View Post
      Big dig - small pile
      Indeed. I saw some of the stuff you knocked back, too. Well done on the will power front, fella! Verily, size is not everything ... you saw the amount of records I came away with!/obrftokyo

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      • a sunny winter's day and a fairly distant work trip so I decided to slip a few charity shops into the mix.

        came up with a few pieces that probably hold more promise than they'll deliver, but quite excited to hear Enoch Light's Disco album, The Disco Disque (Project 3), with Pick Up the Pieces, Lady Marmalade et al.

        then theres;
        The Many Moogs of Killer Watts (Golden Hour which doesn't inspire much hope). Likely track list but, Good the Bad and the Ugly, Man of Mystery, Apache and Sleep Walk...

        Ramatam, In April Came the Dawning of the Red Suns (Atlantic), no idea, but with beards, a chick, a pretentious title and 1973, I couldn't leave it behind;
        Electric Coconut, Ticker Tape (Regal), big hits sythesiser style! apparently

        The Colourful Percussions of Arthur Lyman (Vogue), usual exotica drill but I do like his covers;
        Quincy Jones Explores the Music of Henry Mancini (Mercury), now this must have something worthy of the 50c I handed over for it

        and The Sunjet Serenaders Steelband's Steelband Spectacular (CBS), always up for a bit of cold steel drums.
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        • More from July's bumper vinyl crop. Blame Eine for finding this one! I had no idea that this show existed but I will now do my best to research it, Pink Medicine - The Pink Medicine Album:

          Only had this on CD up until this month, now in full glorious vinyl, Monty Python - Monty Python's Previous Record:

          This had eluded me until a trip to the large Oxfam in Manchester, the Pythons do America, Monty Python - Live at City Center:

          Ken Dodd - Hits for Now and Always, Ken is the one on the left.

          Freddie Starr - From Me to You...

          Actually a decent album of folk songs with a slight cockney bent Roy Guest - Cockney Party!

          Goons - Michael Parkinson meets the Goons

          Stan Freeberg - The Best of Stan Freeberg

          The Downstairs Lounge


          • M

            The number of records "M" is upper the average, because during my first visit the Lady opened a cupboard containing records only begining by M. And I got for all the money I had in this moment "M"- records:


            • Originally posted by gogo View Post
              The number of records "M" is upper the average, because during my first visit the Lady opened a cupboard containing records only begining by M. And I got for all the money I had in this moment "M"- records:
              Mogul Thrash!

              Master's Apprentices!

              Morning Dew!

              Very nice indeed!
              We know when a mate buys it for you too.


              • Ye gods! I think any one of those would make most people's month/year.

                Doesn't the Bulgarian alphabet stop at M?

                Very well done
                ...if in doubt consult your dealer.


                • Originally posted by john stapleton View Post
                  Mogul Thrash!

                  Master's Apprentices!

                  Morning Dew!

                  Very nice indeed!
                  M was a good letter then
                  Banned (DJ Anchovy)


                  • Originally posted by john stapleton View Post
                    Mogul Thrash!

                    Master's Apprentices!

                    Morning Dew!

                    Very nice indeed!
                    Add on top of that the first Magma & Mandingo that may not be super rare but definately nice finds. Wouldn't mind A copy of that Magma myself for example.
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                    • Originally posted by ROCKPROF View Post
                      This is a fabulous record, one of my all-time favourites, but you'd never guess it looking at the band:


                      • Apologies for the blurry pictures but here's some stuff from the last week or so, the first batch I got from a local flea market, all from the same seller - and the good news is that there's more where these came from and I'm going to have a look at them later today..

                        Wes Montgomery & Jimmy Smith - Dynamic Duo - sold my previous copy years ago, glad to have it back

                        Sonny Criss - Sonny's Dream (Prestige) - promising orchestrated modal business, not listened it through yet

                        Fritz the Cat OST - a decent soundtrack with its share of funky soul-jazz numbers provided by Earland, Saunders, Purdie & co.

                        Sam Jones - The Chant (Riverside) - used to have a copy of this as well in my exclusively funky jazz phase, sold it before I got into straight jazz so well-chuffed to have a second-chance...

                        Three Lou Rawls lps - never really checked him out before, seems like I should've..based upon a quick needle drop at least "A Man of Value" sounds like a keeper

                        The following came from an Estonian collector whom I met in Tallinn and from whom I already had picked up a few nice pieces in the past:

                        Tadeusz Prejzner – Spacer Brzegiem Morza - a very tasty and consistent Polish easy album from 1969

                        V/A - First Jazz Festival in Sofia '77 (Balkantan) - against my assumptions, these are studio recordings from various Bulgarian jazz groups - including stuff unavailable elsewhere by Simeon Shterev Quartet, Orch. Rousse etc.

                        Henryk Debich - String Beat - paid a proper money for this classic so I was glad for it living up its reputation instead being a two tracker I feared it might turn out to be..

                        Polish Jazz Jamboree -64 - a showcase of the 60's Polish modern jazz, incl. Komeda & co.

                        Some cheapish finds while visiting in Estonia:

                        Lembit Saarsalu Kvartett - Estonian jazz lp recorded in -79.

                        Sven Grünberg - Hingus - Estonian late 70's electronic lp - too bad the 7" I came across by him (and which I had never seen before) was thrashed so I had to leave it behind

                        Marju Kuut / Uno Loop LP - I thought I was going to have a spare of the sought after bossa split lp by the two, but this turned out to be a completely different album with Kuut doing great vocal jazz numbers on the side 2, while the production sounds like the late 1960's to me..any info on this, Martin? Anyway lovely stuff, such a sweet voice that's totally slaying me..

                        Arne Oit - 50 - Estonian instro/easy lp, with some disco and even mildly funky leanings

                        Collage - Kaokiri - their 3rd and last lp including this gem:


                        Dragan Antic - S/T - Yugoslavian Tom Jones? To be avoided.

                        V/A - Tallin -70 - Estonian pop compilation from 1970, incl. two tracks by Marju Kuut, and I'm fine with anything with her on it

                        V/A - Jazz -67 - another one I mistakenly thought I already had a copy of - turns out this is the volume two I was missing; solid lp and an interesting look at the 60's Sovjet modern jazz scene, incl. Kozlov Quartet (pre-Arsenal), Ludvikovsky orch. (incl. Garanyan of Melodiya Ensemble fame), Kuznetsov Trio etc.

                        A few more I wouldn't have expected to find in Estonia, all in clean shape too..

                        The Laila lp is a Finnish vocal lp from 1965, rare and sought after in these parts - only seen it once before, appears to be an unplayed copy...

                        A few unusual pickings for me:

                        Two early music lps by an Estonian group Hortus Musicus, I know next to nothing of this stuff in general but listened the one in the middle (2lp) through last night, and was hooked right from the beginning - ancient Italian trecento music (don't ask me!) with beautiful male/female vocal arrangements backed with period instruments - I definitely will be picking all of their stuff from now on..these recordings date back to the seventies

                        The one on the right is a split lp by two Estonian composers, including early works by Arvo Pärt

                        Also bagged a few 7"s (+ a 10") including a couple long time wants:

                        Three early sides on a Finnish collectable label Love Records, the most noteworthy being Magyar - Saastepilkku which is kinda garagey pop with some psychy/proggy touches on the top of it, been after this for some time now..

                        Tantsurütme III - always picking up spares of these - unfortunately this one happens to be one of the lesser releases in the series, while the vol. V - which is supposed to be great - is still eluding me

                        Framus Five - to these ears sounded like decent Czechoslovakian beat/psych/progg or summat, will be giving a proper spin shortly after cleaning

                        Melodiya titles include releases by Jazz Comfort (70's Sovjet jazz funk, their sole release), Pesniary (their 2nd 7"? Sorta proggy anyway) and the another one I've been looking for, Ratastel by Raivo Tammiku, superb and rare Estonian jazz 7" from the early 1970's (Cheers Martin!)...

                        Rädda Sverige is a Swedish jzz dance ep including the late piano wiz Jan Johansson

                        And oh, the 10-incher is Aastaajad by Marju Kuut in a generic Riga plant sleeve
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                        • Originally posted by Agnes_Guano View Post

                          Didn't realise Starr had gone through a 'Clockwork Orange' phase...he looks very scary in a kind of gender-ambiguous Malcolm McDowell way there. I'm guessing the songs don't feature Moog and ultraviolence, though...
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                          • Nice find Blue Burt - that Collage is lovely,never manged to find a copy [for a decent price at least] some really interesting looking records there sir
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                            • Originally posted by Boursin View Post
                              This is a fabulous record, one of my all-time favourites, but you'd never guess it looking at the band:

                              Tis a good single. Wouldnt have guessed they looked like that.

                              Ive found a few more faves that I will post up later. I also have a dubplate/acetate which sounds like it could be Bristol reggae, will have to work out how to put a soundclip on and see anybody knows what it is.

                              Nice finds Gogo!


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