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  • Sie-Fly
    Your local RECORDKINGZ missed some killers there mate,especially the Tony Jackson

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  • relkeel
    Found some nice sevens this weekend from two carboot fairs. Probably pick of the bunch was this:

    Got this quite late on ,after the local RECORDKINGZ had scoured through everything.

    In the picture are:
    Tony Jackson with The Vibrations - Fortune Teller (Pye)
    The Five Stairsteps - World Of Fantasy/ Playgirls Love (Windy C)
    The Carrolls - We're In This Together (UK CBS)
    Derrick Morgan/Baba Brookes Band - Around The Corner (Ska Beat)
    Creative Source - Who Is He and What Is He To You (Sussex)
    The Dynatones -The Fife Piper (HBR)
    Dee Dee Sharp -Its A Funny Situation/ There Aint Nothing I Wouldnt Do For You Cameo. Instantly likeable 6ts dancer.
    Earl Preston and the T.Ts - I Know Something (Fontana)
    Alvin Cash - Philly Freeze (President
    Gwen McCrae - Rockin Chair (President)
    Alton Ellis -Too Late To Turn Back Now (Ackee). Real nice version of the Cornelius and Sister Rose track.
    David T.Walker - Love Vibrations (Zea)
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  • LDJB
    Nice finds Mark! What's that leaflet with the metal box - not the tracklist but the one with the Discus thrower on it - mine doesn't have one of those?!

    Also who's on that live at CBGBs? I've never seen that one - I think I have another GBGBs comp that has the usual suspects (Televsion, Blondie etc) and a couple of Max's Kansas City things with Suicide etc.

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  • BoneyVotel
    Can't believe it's July!!
    Couple of 'ol VG+ classics this morning;

    The Gladys has the great version of Who is He to You, the Taverners is UK trad folk, still need to check to see if there are redeeming features

    The Pieces of a Dream is such a perfect summer record. That and the Walter Jackson were a couple of quid. The Walter Jackson is a terrific soul record, not heard anything too shabby from him.
    Need to check out the Country Joe.

    Some sealed Jazz instruction LP's by Jamey Aebersold, shame the groovier ones were not in the same pile.

    Couple more jazz LP's from this morning. Niel Young Live and a CBGB's live LP with band that I don't recognise at all.

    Everyone on here seems to rate early Bee Gee's, this is a great listen to a newbie. A 1980's Smithsonian/Folkways LP that could go either way and a nice but rather boring Kenny Burrell session.

    Great tip on the Ronnie Lane from the 1001 thread. Two Frances Yip LP, think she's been discussed before, not sure what to expect, but looks MOR.

    Some Nilsson, love lots of his stuff and just keep picking them up Battered Animals, yet playable. A live Todd Rundgren LP that I will try and tackle at some point.

    Only posted the Paramor as can't remember it in the BBC thread.
    The soul comp on Silverline is a great listen.

    Best LP for a while, nice UK Xian folk with some excellent guitar work!!

    Nice clean Metal Box, wouldn't of bothered with this but a recent thread comes good, really enjoyable.

    Loads of 45's, will add on description on more intersting ones in a while

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  • LDJB
    Not all found in July but hey ho!


    It's the late 90s again

    classic instro

    funk tune on a novelty 45 flip

    Handy 45

    cheers Cees

    Sock company advert 45 - not quite Fun Buggy but good!

    Small Faces with PP

    Nice fuzzy French femme pop

    Beatles covers from another land

    Nino in English

    weird John Cameron produced 45

    Groovy Elvis 45

    LP round up - will add comments later

    Brainticket was a BIN on here- cheers - great LP and much more accessible than I was expecting. Auger & Tooth both spares from a charity shop. Groove Holmes / Ernie Watts has a number of stormers on it - not least the title track. The Rascals I'd not seen before - their last? Good funky pop with the odd touch of fuzz / production technique. DC5 from the £ bin - some good stuff on the 'fast' side. Billy Preston from the same bin - nice organ soul. Auger Oblivion not from the pound bin - great choice of covers and usual high class keyboard workouts - think this may be the cut off point from Oblivion Express stuff or am I wrong? Dial LP bunged my way from Fuz - you were right mate it is a bit on the disco side but do like Law of the Land on it.

    Advisory Circle was given to me by a pal - really liking it - what other Ghost Box stuff is similar please? JBs - last one I needed cheap from a London record shop! SF Sorrow - not cheap from the same London record shop - Germany original - creeping ever closer to a proper UK orig. Is mono or stereo the one to aim for here? A row of cheapos - all with good stuff on them! Chuffed to replace my long gone copy of Add N to Xs finest moment IMHO - this LP fucking rocks! Marketts Batman is great - twangy, gritty and organy - apart from the title track there is no discernible batman theme (musically). Blues Current is another winner - one of the strongest moog LPs Ive heard certainly!

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  • medlar
    Local charity has had a donation of some Polish lps. Not an area I'm familiar with, but nonetheless I take a lucky dip with Zdzislawa Sosnicka, Irena Jarocka, Maryla Rodowicz, and Urszula Sipinska. They are all rather too MOR for my liking, but wait, what's this
    The last track on side 2 of the Urszula is fantastic!

    The Memory:

    When the strings, horns, and heavenly choir make their entry, wow and the drummer gives his kit a belting!
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  • Bud Peyote
    started a topic July finds

    July finds

    Jens wickerman is in town DJ:ing at our club. We went to one record shop, the best in town, and even though I wasn't gonna buy anything I came back with some stuff.

    Sleeveless selftitled Small Faces for peanuts. Ice rink but plays pretty good.
    Nick Nicely - Hilly Fields (1892) - Jens found this for me, not cheap but happy to pay a bit for this. Cheers!
    Traffic - Roamin Thru The Gloamin With 40000 Headmen - Jens tip-off, great folkfunkpsychprog. Cheers again!
    Erkin Koray - Aska Inanmiyorum/Yagmur - freebie from a friend who was in Istanbul recently. I didn't know any of the tunes but he knew Yagmur from a Gaslamp Killer sample. Great to have friends with taste.
    The Sweet - Spotlight - Freebie from... Jens again. Great glampsychrocker. Thrice cheers!