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    That Damnation of Adam Blessing is worth dwelling on! So did this purchase run the entire alphabet?
    ...if in doubt consult your dealer.


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      Originally posted by BlackRegent View Post
      That Damnation of Adam Blessing is worth dwelling on! So did this purchase run the entire alphabet?
      Left around 170 -180 lps to show
      But if there is no interest I'll stop except if I need help and advice for some records (I'm new in the vinyl - sorry)


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        All "E" were totally unknown for me - (may be Don Ellis says something but not very clear to me). I chose by the covers - I love or not.

        The record without name is Edwards Hand (George Martin from Beatles?)


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          Originally posted by gogo View Post
          All "E" were totally unknown for me - (may be Don Ellis says something but not very clear to me). I chose by the covers - I love or not.

          Egg and Earth Free! Nice finds!
          We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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            Originally posted by john stapleton View Post
            Egg and Earth Free! Nice finds!
            Like I said before - looks like there are quite a few gems in that haul.
            "Only one thought left, that makes me come alive,
            and that is you and me side by side, on the licorice ride"


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              ФФФ or F in latin

              Pfuuu - now preparing the picture, I saw - I took twice "Frijid Pink" on every visit- may be because I know them (House of the rising sun naturally).
              Chris Farlow I know and Zappa's Flo and Eddie - the rest is silence...
              Oups - sorry - Flamin Groovies are not totally unknown.


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                Sunday's booters were a lot of fun - plenty to look at plus plenty of sunshine. Sorry no pics but I've got to travel off to work up north later this afto...

                Paul Nicholas "Reggae... / Lamp Lighter" (RSO 45) - seriously, I don't think i've every owned a copy of this..!

                5 copies of Blues & Soul magazine, all from 1973.

                The first 7 editions of the Soul Source fanzine (Nottingham) from 1979.

                Issue 8 of Soul Symbol (Weybridge) fanzine, 1979.

                Frazer Mak "A Rare Blend Of Music" (SRT) - as featured of Working Man's Soul 2 - The copy we used on the comp belonged to Chris, so I'm pleased to have finally found my own copy.

                Various "The Best Of President Vol 1" (President) - best of comp from 1969 - you get all the usual suspects; Felice Taylor, Equals, Pyramids, Symbols, Casinos, Little Grants & Eddie...

                George Benson "Erotic Moods" (Paul Winley) - resplendent with shrink and import sticker intact, very pleased to find a copy of this in a field in Cambridgeshire. For those of you who don't know it, check out "Smokin' Cheeba Cheeba" and "Loose Joints".

                ... plus a couple of BBC Radioplay Music discs - George Benson (TAIR80066) and Cassietta George (TAIR 79002). Will check them out later...

                All in all, a good day..!
                If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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                  Gong is one of my favorite bands! Now I have many ot the records they registered!
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                    Go go - you're killing it with these finds - so much good stuff - love that Graffiti LP! You've nabbed tons of stuff I'd like to own - good work fella!!
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                    "..hole...road...middle thereof"


                    • @ gogo - outstanding set of finds...

                      Been on a brief - "filling the holes in my 45 collection" - at least a couple could go in the must hear 45 thread

                      Mainly cheap disks I should of got soon - one of these buggers has taken me 20 plus years to get

                      Bobby Brelyn - Hanna - Jorel

                      Southwest F.O.B - Smell of Incense - Hip

                      The Syndicate Of Sound - Little Girl - Bell

                      Magic Mushrooms - Its A Happening - A&M Records

                      Underground Sunshine - 9 To 5 (Ain't My Bag) - Intrepid

                      Jim & Dale - Richard Cory - United Artists

                      The Castaways - Liar, Liar - Soma

                      The Trippers - Taking Care of Business - GNP

                      Shuggie Otis - Strawberry Letter 23 - Epic

                      The Talismen - Casting My Spell - American Arts

                      Subterranean Monastery - Realistic Pattern - RCA Victor

                      The Main Ingredient - Psychedelic Ride - RCA

                      The Sugar Townes - Billy Sunshine - RCA

                      Unrelated Segments - Story of My Life - HBR

                      Kenny & The Kasuals - Journey To Tyme - United Artists

                      Teddy & His Patches - Suzy Creamcheese - Chance

                      The Robbs - Bittersweet - Mercury Records

                      Michael Blodgett - Fire Engine Sky - Capitol

                      Stillroven - Sunny Day - Bell Records

                      Chain Reaction - When I Needed You - Date

                      The Blue Things - Orange Rooftop of Your Mind - RCA Victor
                      "It's all just one big plastic hassle..." - Psych-Out


                      • Originally posted by lord dunsby View Post
                        sorry, always assume that the folks on here know much more than i do, but seeing as you asked so politely and pleasant like ...
                        Sorry to have come over all shirty, but it just frustrates me to see no info about finds .... anyway - look at all the discussion that followed your follow up post I rest my case

                        I for one wondered if the El Chicano was worth picking up for cheap as it's not one I've got....

                        Anyway - I picked up a few £2 - £3 unplayed 70s/80s jazz from outside a shop yesterday.... surprised to find the classic jazz-prog Solid Gold Cadillac first LP in there - Mike Westbrook's group - a duplicate if anyone's after it. Includes the great funky workout - Pleasure City.....

                        Also got a duplicate copy of Dankworth Big Band - Lifeline LP.... (includes the Tomorrow's World Theme)... if anyone wants....


                        Another surprise find in the bargain bin was Alan Branscombe's LP - The Day I Met The Blues... some nice straight jazzy blues with Tony Coe and Tony Kinsey in attendance.

                        Other bits and pieces...

                        Gust William Tsilis (vibraphonist) - Pale Fire (Enja) with Arthur Blythe - title track is a goodun' - spiritual jazz with teeth and swing

                        Low Flying Aircraft - S/T (Red Hot Records) with Keith Tippett... pretty uncompromising stuff - for me 'Poolside' and 'Moronathon' stand out as more accessible fun.

                        Bob Moses - Visit With The Great Spirit (Gramavision) arranged by Mike Gibbs with what seems to be the whole 80s jazz world in one big band! Great stuff - my favourite of the batch of finds - especially the squelchy 'Fan Man'

                        Sidsel Endresen - So I write (ECM) - melancholic nordic vocalist with minimal accompaniment (percussion, piano trumpet) - the song 'Truth' is gorgeous - just her and percussion.... (not the version on youtube)

                        Jan Hammer Group - Oh Yeah? (Nemperor) - synthfunk - title instrumental track (and single) Oh Yeah? is pretty good, but I prefer the song 'One To One'

                        Michael Colombier - S/T (Chrysalis) Another star-studded effort - Hancock, Pastorius, Scott, Ritenour and the London Symphony Orchestra... pretty standard jazzfunk ( with the exception of perhaps 'Do It' - which is just that bit tighter:
                        "Ridicule is nothing to be scared of"



                        • Usual mixture of sources - set sales, charity finds, rubbish record fair, trade (many thanks Sie) etc...

                          Weird Lyons Maid sales conference LP from the boot - very strange. BJ Thomas from the boot - a bit ho hum. Best of Budgie is pretty good - especially the earlier stuff. O'Jays, Cliff, Midnight Cowboy and Dylan all nabbed from a charity that usually has no records - pleased to get the nice UK orig Dylan for a quid Clarence Carter from the fair - as usual a mixed bag but really digging the version of Light my Fire. Paul Mauriat from the fair - there was a fella with boxes of cheap records with what seemed like complete runs of LPs from some of our easy heros - Werner Muller, Alan Tew, Mauriat etc but all with the big LPs missing e.g. no Hanged Man, no Strip Goes On etc but I did find some good ones and saw some I've never ever seen before! All of them minty too - in this pic is a nice UK copy of the Rhythm & Blues LP.

                          Middle three in trade from Sie Fly - most chuffed - big cheers fella. All the rest from set sales - loving the later Wailers LP - nice mix of psych and garage. Philamore Lincoln is great too! Also digging the Martha Velez - NOT a two tracker!! The Coxsone comp was from the fair and is very good indeed.

                          Mostly easy gear from the fair - never seen the Werner Moody Blues LP before - strange LP - pretty good. Themes for Secret Agents is a spare. Mascara is a cheesy disco thing with a Moroder styled cover of 'Coming Home Baby'. Also pictured random dancey type 12s from a charity.

                          "..hole...road...middle thereof"


                          • Originally posted by LDJB View Post
                            Mascara is a cheesy disco thing with a Moroder styled cover of 'Coming Home Baby'.

                            some times play g+ with back noise,some times vg , super psyché juju lpfront sleeve is very nice vg back vg , but the top corne left is eating buy rats, ask for picture


                            • @ John - lovely 45s there! Need that Trippers 45 myself.
                              "..hole...road...middle thereof"


                              • Originally posted by medlar View Post

                                Ha ha - honestly had no idea - just popsiked it Anyone wanna trade for it
                                "..hole...road...middle thereof"