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    Originally posted by mr sayers View Post
    just got that 'Evil' myself!
    It's a proper rug cutter - sourced via a bit of youtube mistyping
    "It's all just one big plastic hassle..." - Psych-Out


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      A few cheapies today.

      Ivor Cutler And Linda Hirst - Priviledge [Rough Trade] lp - Women Of The World gets better every time I hear it.
      The Jaynetts - Sally, Go 'Round The Roses [Stateside] 7" - not rare, but what a song, totally hypnotic.
      Jacques Tati - Sonorama! [Naive] double cd of his entire film soundtracks, didn't expect much but thoroughly enjoying this.
      A Sound Awareness


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        I'm not on any of the shutterbug sites, so I can't put up any record porn for you, but this was yesterday's haul. One store.

        Bakery -'Rock Mass For Love' (USA Decca) (spare)
        Jukka Tolonen -'Crossection' (USA Janus)
        Magna Carta -'Seasons' (USA ABC Dunhill)
        Frankie Armstrong -'Lovely On The Water' (UK Topic)
        Kraan -'Andy Nogger' (USA Passport)
        Jonathan & Charles -'Another Week To Go' (USA Inter-Varsity)
        Alex Harvey -same (USA Capitol)
        V.A. -'Atomkraft? Nej Tak' (Netherlands CBS)
        Jomfru Ane -same (Denmark Demos)
        Visitors -same (USA Montage)


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          It's almost a month ago when I posted my latest finds. Have been very busy , mix of flea market, record shop, trade and record fair finds. Excuse me for the long post ...

          Shop in Leiden ... here you pay for 20 records 40€

          House Call ...

          Record fair ...

          The finds ...

          The finds ... One by One

          Byron Lee Jump Up ... Atlantic Calypso classic, love the cover design
          Sophia George Fresh
          Frantique ST
          Henry Cain The Funky Organ-ization of ... Great Organ album produced by David Axelrod, winners on this album to be found

          Lightin' Red Super Guitar ... Vulture Classics, Funky Friday and Papa's got a brand new bag
          Supremes Sing Motown ... Very vlean Copy

          Lee Oskar ST ... Harmonica Funk of one of the WAR members

          Allen Toussaint Motion
          Charles Amoah Sweet Vibration ... Sought after German Electro Funk, found it in Leiden

          Mavis Staples Only for the Lonely ... This directly became one of my favorite Albums, Deep Soul, very happy with this flea Market find

          Dexter Gordon Dexter Rides Again ...Great Photo, recording is from 1947, not the best I heard
          Clark Terry Professor Jive ... Despite the stupid cover and title I did like listening to this Bid Band recording, it's a Jazz Symphony, so a mix of Jazz and Classical

          Phil Miller Split Seconds
          Chick Corea Now He Sings, Now he Sobs
          Various Artist Strictly for Playboys vol.2 ... Record in a poor condition, had to pick this up
          Don Sugarcane Harris Flashin' Time ... Not to Bad for a violin record, MPS

          Jaco Pastorius ST ... Classic I never bought on vinyl
          Herbie Mann Stone Flute ... Really have to stop buying HM records, I like this one very much though, really love the feel on this album

          Zbignew Seifert Man of the Light ... Another violin MPS jazz record,

          Count Basie E=MC2 ... Big Band classic I never bordered to pick up before, that's a shame cause it's a lovely album
          Soundtrack Sharky's Machine
          Gruppo Folk Internazionale il Nonno di Jonni ... Strange Avantgarde like Italian Folk album, amazing record
          Henry Mancini Peter Gunn
          Soundtrack Een Vlucht Regenwulpen ... Spooky instrumentals, Dutch

          Bo Hansson Lord of the Rings ...Another one I never bordered to pick up before, also great stuff
          O.C. Smith Hickory Holler Revisited ... Not bad at all, somehow I think I will never play this again
          Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland ... Clean Copy, cheap
          Age Landscapes ... Big surprice on GAMM records, Belgium Synth, Ambient record, amazing sound!
          Dr John Desitively Bonnardo ... To replace my beaten up copy, UK press
          Brain Auger & Julie Tippets Encore ... Like their version of Colosseum's Rope to the Moon, enjoyable record

          Cortijo y su Combo ST ... Good Seeco record, bit to standard for my like
          MC Duke Organised Rhyme
          Zzebra ST ... Very pleased to find this

          Holger Czukay Movies ... Yeah!
          Zoo ST ... This French Band is Bananas

          Count Basie Meets James Bond ... To add to my Bond collection, This will do until I find the US gatefold

          Grandmaster Melle Mel and the Furious Five ST
          The Afros Kickin'Afrolitics
          Spoonie Gee and the Treacherous Three New Rap Language
          Various Artist Volume Two ...
          Damn Don´t Accept Mass Notion ... Early Dutch Hip Hop, not very good
          Dom.I.No Up the Par ... Rude Boy from the Urban Dance Squad

          Record fair Finds ...

          Fred van Zegveld Dynamite ... Dutch rare groove classic, actually found by a friend on the flea market after the record fair, made a deal, very clean copy!!! Title track rocks hard

          Derrick Harriot Float On ... Title Track is a winner, reggae soul track

          Blackbyrds Unfinished Business ... Time is Movin´

          James Brown Nothing But Soul ... Great instrumental record, Jazzy feel on this one
          Casey and the Pressure Group Memphis Revisited ... Like Powerhouse a strong Organ driven album
          Dizzy Gillespie Portrait of Jenny ... Nice Latin funk album by this Legend

          Chico Hamilton The Dealer ... Great tracks, For Mods Only is the strongest

          JB´s Food for Thought ... EX copy for a Tenner US OG
          Various Artist Nu Yorica No.1 ...To find No.2 in the Jacket when I got home , I have no.1 on CD though, but a cover to go with No.2 would be Cool
          Juan Carlos Caceres Malon ... Brazilian Latin Funk, strong!

          Denny Zeitlin Live at the Trident ...


          The end ...
          My Statigram account ...


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            Nice finds there Cees mate, still need the Henry Cain myself.

            Ive been intrigued by that 'Fred van Zegveld' for a while, is just a one tracker then?
            "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


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              Originally posted by mr sayers View Post
              Nice finds there Cees mate, still need the Henry Cain myself.

              Ive been intrigued by that 'Fred van Zegveld' for a while, is just a one tracker then?
              I would say a one and a half tracker. The version on it of "I wanna be your man" is also nice.


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                Thanks mate, Ive seen it at Utrecht every year but it's been pricey.
                "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


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                  Originally posted by djvw View Post
                  I would say a one and a half tracker. The version on it of "I wanna be your man" is also nice.
                  True ...
                  My Statigram account ...




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                    Originally posted by Sergio Paradise View Post
                    Norma Winstone - Edge of Time
                    Again, only knew about this from posts on here. Very pleased with this one.

                    Excellent singer - saw her live recently as part of a memorial concert to Steve Gray in Kings Cross.
                    Boy George knew my father


                    • Originally posted by Sergio Paradise View Post
                      Norma Winstone - Edge of Time
                      Again, only knew about this from posts on here. Very pleased with this one.
                      That's a great album, excellent find
                      Was well chuffed when I scored one of the bay in supposed excellent condition a few years back. It wasn't, and went back
                      Still looking
                      some times play g+ with back noise,some times vg , super psyché juju lpfront sleeve is very nice vg back vg , but the top corne left is eating buy rats, ask for picture


                      • National Lampoon's European Vacation

                        Me and the missus decided to trot round eastern europe for two weeks - Bulgaria (Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse), Romania (Bucharest, Brasov) and Hungary (Budapest). We had a great time and also I proposed to her and she said yes, but the important thing was that i found some records

                        Not listened to everything yet, but i'm sure you lot will recognise most if not all.

                        Some cheapies:

                        The festival thing top left is a spare, if anyone needs one. Has 'Ringsad al magdad' that's on the FK 'Well Hung' comp. Later issue of '10,000 Lepes' is also a spare as i grabbed a proper copy as well.
                        P.R Computer is apparently Panta Rhei - Some fun 80s synthy business.
                        Jacek Skubikowski is polish new wavey type of thing. Seems quite fun in places. Seem to remember 'Indian Ropeman' by Frumpy being good, so grabbed that.

                        The rest:

                        Marius Popp is apparently a big name in Romanian Jazz, so some of you will probably know of him. Some nice moments on these two LPs. Vaguely funky or fusiony jazz perhaps?
                        10,000 Lepes is a great LP. I knew a couple of tracks off it, but was pleased to find it an enjoyable listen throughout.
                        Mini looked fun and on a quick needle drop, has some funky, flutey moments.
                        I'd not heard the Omega LP in the middle at all. Their 3rd LP maybe? Really like this alot. Actually it was my girlfriend who forced me to buy this after listening to it at a record shop we stumble across in Budapest (will update diggers guide at some point...)
                        Been meaning to pick up McDonald and Giles for a while.
                        I'd already gt the piramis LP with the woman eating some cake, but has sort of dismissed the other LPs, assuming they were a bit too late-70s
                        Their second LP is pretty fun actually!

                        I didn't have time to properly look through boxes of 45s, so I just grabbed a few cheapies. Nothing really stands out apart from obviously 'Nem Tilthatom meg' and azt mondta az anyukam' by Omega, which are both cracking!

                        In a fleamarket in Sofia, I managed to bag myself a pretty immaculate Zorki 11 for not much, which i was pretty chuffed about. Still had the leather case in great condition and everything.

                        It weighs a ton and the design makes no concession whatsoever to aesthetics. It basically a heavy metal box that takes pictures. I love it!
                        "Jumping cues and making haste just ain't my cup of meat"



                        • Excellent finds there, Alex. Bring them along Weds.
                          Muchos mixes <<<<

                          HELLFIRE VIDEO CLUB


                          • @awesomewelles Congratulations, nice finds too mate.
                            "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


                            • Nice finds and congrats are in order too - double whammy !
                              Some recent finds from me...usual locally sourced produce with a mix of online and the odd charity find - like the UK Standells 'dirty water'
                              Sorrows album was an online buy and it was dirt cheap,one of those albums i thought i may never own [always nice when this happens eh?] a proper lovely mix of mod-beat-blue eyed soul and the yet to be invented at the time freakbeat !
                              Bit creased around the edges but the vinyl plays great.

                              Subway Sect - nobody's scared 45 - not sure why i never owned this before - To call this Punk would be an insult to it - beamed in from another world.

                              That Standells 7" / someone has written on the back [about the flip side 'Rari' ] great stones / beach boys sound !

                              Some Mexican Latin / Garage - couple of really good tracks on this !

                              From a Blues / Folk collection i am slowly buying ... Eddie Boyd on Blue Horizon with Fleetwood Mac as the backing band - not really my thing but hoping to convert it tokens at some point.

                              Couple of cheapies by the Music Machine and 2 by the prog band One - now to find the album !

                              Mentioned on the board a while back i think - great version of 'soul time' / psych jazz job from Mclaughlin,weird early Devo 7" and Graham Bond 'crossroads of time' - ace tune.

                              Nice cheap psych pop recommendation

                              More 7"s -
                              Elvis-Spinout - good r'n'b dancer / Erkin Koray - land of 1000 dances - good turk version...Tidal Waves - farmer john - brutal ! / Bob seger - east side story.

                              Can't recommend this enough - as usual is has been discussed one and it's a monster...Jim Ford - Harlan County - as ever 'light in the attic' have done a super job on the repress - go buy !

                              Couple more Blues and folky bits...
                              Loving the presentation of these Folkways albums and the Lightnin' Hopkins was bought purely for the sleeves !

                              Well happy to have this back in my life - not sure why i ever got rid in the first place - living and learning on an hourly basis !

                              more to come...
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                              • Originally posted by mr sayers View Post
                                @awesomewelles Congratulations, nice finds too mate.
                                Seconded! Nothing like a trip abroad to bring out the romantic in a man, eh?

                                Formerly, lecturer at the University of Rome, with two commas and a full stop in the normal way.