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    Had a bit of a trading session the other day/night: the first 6 were all sealed copies - I've only opened the first two so far: judging by the first impression, I have to say the Pidgeon s/t must one of the best albums of it's ilk I've heard - I've seen it many times before but been always kinda put off by the awful (and misleading) sleeve..saw it recommended here not so long ago and decided to give it a go this time, and I'm glad I whoever it was, I'm using the opportunity to say "thank you"! And to pass the word to the fellow 60's popsike/baroque pop loving friends here, yet unfamiliar with this record: you should get it absolute bargain to be had for - what, 10-20 bucks..?!

    The Murder, Inc lp sounded like first rate (and slightly ahead of its time) crime jazz to these ears..

    Also, the same session supplied me with this (2nd printing from -66):

    edit: + 2 more lps I had forgot from the 1st pic: Bill Cosby's Badfoot Brown & Like It'tis by Aaron Neville, sealed as well:

    Right after I had taken the 1st pic above this afternoon, I jumped into my car and went out to check out one of my usual spots: came back within an hour with these (guess which one - at 3.50 Euro - was the cheapest of the lot..?)

    "Rörelser" is a brilliant Swedish mid-60's modal jazz dance album by the late Jan Johansson et co..

    "Shangri-La"compiles some early work by a Swedish electronic music pioneer Ralph Lundsten..

    Neighb'rhood Childr'n - s/t - to be listened yet, supposedly quality West Coast psych w/ femme vox (US original in ex condition)..

    Also, earlier this week, had a chance to mint up my copy of this:

    A Finnish mod pop/freakbeat lp from 1967 including young Eero Koivistoinen + a few future members of Wigwam..included a track from it in my last swap mix..
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    Great finds, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy that 'Neighb'rhood Childr'n', it's a personal fave of mine.
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      So just back from Mexico and New York.

      Flew into New York and stayed in Williamsburg for four days before flying to Cancun to spend the summer diving and chilling on the beach along with visiting the local Mayan sites. I had planned to spend another four days at the end of my trip digging hard in NY but Irene had other ideas reducing me to only a few hours in NY on my return. All of the following were from record stores, fleas and markets.

      Actually found this first lot the day before I left in a local charity shop. Very pleased about the minty swiwl Juicy Lucy!


      Found lots of classic funky (acid) jazz and latin.

      The 12's are Bongo Rock and Apache and Esther Williams Last Night Changed it All.

      The 12" is the classic cut n paste Big Apple Productions. So happy to find this in a flea.

      The rest of the stuff were found in a local charity shop yesterday. Couldn't resist for 50p each. Most of these will be turned into record tokens soon.

      Never seen this last record before. One of the best covers I've seen on one of these UK cover LP's.
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        Odds and Sods -
        Chuffed with this for just over a tenner - still one of the best albums ever made in my opinion...

        Blue Horizon rarity-already gone to a new home...not my thing but rare as hen's [horse's] teeth it would seem.

        a stone mint 'blonde on blonde' [mojo reader alert!] i couldn't resist it,never come across one in such condition before and besides it's a great album too !

        Ta to Craig for the vulture classic,not sure why certain ones have always eluded me and some are ten a penny

        More mojo style sounds !
        Tim Buckley - thought i'd give this another shot as it was cheap,Lovin' Spoonful is a double with 'everything playing'...yet to spin the John Fahey and an OG Burritos to replace my Edsel press

        Now jazz fans - which version does it for you - this or the Coltrane - a tough decision i would have thought?!

        and finally what a great label - ace tune - femme garage psych dancer - problem is i reckon it has been what they called in the trade skimmed...vinyl looks as clean as a whistle but sounds like sandpaper - annoying !
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          EH can't compete with NY and Mexico sadly but here's what I've had in this week. Charites, Market stall, PO and record fair, Went to the boot too but came home empty handed this week

          David Holmes 60's French tinged groovy instro on a 12 from a charity - always liked this one.

          69 Police

          Willie Bobo from the fair - very nice LP of latin tinged soul covers.


          Spare of the groovy Mike Carr LP - already gone I think. VG+ approved countrified (and long) version of 'Ode to Billie Joe' on the Patsy Peters LP. Donovan 'Open Road' cheap off the net - very nice LP - not sure how this one has passed me by thus far?


          Celtic Rock

          Roots of Oak

          Instant Blurt collection from a market stall really enjoying all of these now I've atuned my ears to squonky sax.


          45 highlights now

          Got this for a steal - brilliant 60s punker 2 sider and a minter too!!

          I need somebody

          8 Teen

          US issue of UK RnB stomper their second and last 45 I think?

          So Fine

          Cheap poppy soul

          You Gotta Have Love


          Rub Out

          More cheap UK issue soul

          Every Beat of My Heart

          Nice sleazy RnR stroller another steal from the fair

          watcha-gonna do
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            Great stuff Sie!

            I'd go for Balsara everytime Have you heard his version of 'These Boots Were Made For Walking'? Always makes me go

            F*ck the Mojo thing mate - Blonde on Blonde is just a brilliant LP!!
            "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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              Originally posted by LDJB View Post
              F*ck the Mojo thing mate - Blonde on Blonde is just a brilliant LP!!
              Yes, great record. As you note Sie, it's always battered. Just bough the deluxe CD last week until a cleaner one pops up.

              Well done dudes
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                @Flytipper - Bunches 'a good is top-top tune... got a couple of 45s in the same state - looks great sounds screwed...

                @Lee - poper set of nice Blurt bits - 8 Teen is a fantastic growler
                "It's all just one big plastic hassle..." - Psych-Out


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                  Just back from a holiday to Canada - briefly Montreal, and then on to Vancouver. Managed to get a bit of digging in - inbetween great food and local wines, flights on 1958 DeHaviland Beaver floating planes, grizly bears, lumberjacks, Chinese night markets, cable cars etc.

                  Starting in Montreal - great to find that the metro trains still start their journey with the opening musical phrase from Fanfare To The Common Man, dating back to the 1976 Olympics.

                  Only time to try out one record store properly which proved to be a great one - Cheap Thrills - in the first floor of a crumbling, borderline-safe structurally old house in the central district. Also popped into one other lovely store - Primitive - on Saint Denis.... great for jazz, but not cheap.

                  Setting the scene....


                  Old meets new

                  Cheap Thrills - really great store - I think Montreal is generally cheaper than Vancouver so some bargains to be found...


                  Your co-pilot for the flight....

                  Busker on Granville Island - a local institution - Eugene Dudding - he has the most beautiful voice..... I'm hoping to get a CD he did a while back sent over sometime.

                  Great gig - Wilderness Of Manitoba - recommended if you always thought Fleet Foxes would benefit from a female voice! Turns out they are over to London/UK later this month - I recommend you catch them live.

                  Red Cat Records - Main Street - relatively small selection of secondhand, but lots of interesting new stuff too - really helpful staff

                  Neptoon - Main Street - great selection, but not that cheap

                  Dandelion Records & Emporium - Main Street - small shop, specialising in garage and alternative. Really lovely owners who helped me seek out a few interesting pieces, including pointing out the Bobby Brown (which of course turns out to be well loved here to). A small selection of cool non-record stuff too, including the best umbrella I've ever seen!

                  Zulu Records - 4th Avenue - my favourite store - wonderful selection

                  The finds:

                  Leroy Gomez - disco including great version of Down In St Tropez (my third version, and they are all good!) and this long one Jaywalk
                  Voyage - their third album - and still a couple of good tracks including - One Step Higher
                  Edgewood - not too sure about this one - it nearly works in a proggy southern rock kind of way, but not quite.... maybe a grower
                  1976 Montreal Olympics Soundtrack - Got this more as a souvenir, but actually it has a couple of surprisingly enjoyable numbers - for example Ballet - Homage to the athletes – Rock Movement and the 'March Of The Athletes No. 3.

                  Linn County - their second overlooked album is full of hard blues rock, perhaps less experimental than the first (Proud Flesh Soothseer) but I think it rocks - Fever Shot and Too Far Gone
                  Cryer & Ford - got on the strength that Genya Raven produced it, but frankly disappointing - there are a couple of 'almost' tracks - 'Do Whatcha Gotta Do To Make Yourself Happy' and 'Hang on to the good times' - upbeat but a bit soft.
                  Ferris Wheel - a UK soul act - their second and last LP with new singer Linda Lewis.... All I can find are somewhat lukewarm to dismissive reviews, but I really like the vocals and soft psych soul of several tracks. Patchy yes, but worthy in places. No YouTube clips I cound find - but for me, best tracks are 'Keeper Of The Keys', 'I Know You Well', and 'Sunday Times'.
                  Cat - Don't know much about these guys - this track Light Of Love sums up their general approach, pretty average soft rock, but there a couple of nice tracks on side 2 - one perhaps heading on to the CD Swap!

                  Xylos Inc - well known over here, but I'm surprised that the self-penned 'Threesome' has not been highlighted before - I think it's rather good
                  Irrepressible Impulses - on Alanmck's recommendation - a wonderful selection of jazz gems - but Archie Shepp's 'Attica Blues' blew me away - why didn't I know this one
                  The Sporting Club - soundtrack by Michael 'Klute' Small. Good stuff - a trilogy of incidental snippets are there to be joined up I think....
                  Majestics - their first LP - I was on the lookout for something by them... not disappointed - boy they are energetic! I'm particularly partial to the last track - 34 ½ (Half-way there) - a rarity in that it's not a cover version.

                  Syrinx - blimey - I knew nothing of this Canadian proto-electro outfit and have to say this is one of my favourite finds. Amazing sound - check out Tillicum and Ibistix.......a review
                  Clyde Borly - incredible album from French band leader and composer (don't know much about him).... another new one to me but the arrangements are unique and ear-opening, combining african, middle-easten, other exotic sounds and jazz - love Afromania, Taboo and Fever, though it's all magical
                  Bazuka - well known here - funky disco by Tony Camillo - Dynomite, I'm gonna love lovin' you and Shark Bite
                  A Foot In Cold Water - heavy-ish rock - not sure it's for me - but has it's moments... On The Wind and In Heat

                  Matt Johnson - at last - an original of his first great LP - not really expecting to find it in Canada, but chuffed! If you don't know it check out Red cinders In the sand and Bugle Boy
                  Mick Karn - have always had a soft spot for the Japan bassist's solo stuff and hadn't picked up his second album on vinyl - couple of David Sylvian collaborations too, which are beautiful - When Love Walks In
                  Jerry Jeff Walker - first of a couple of country albums - this one from one of the original alternative troubadours, friend of Townes Zandt.... couple of good burnt out tracks but this original version (he has re-recorded it) of Moon Child is lovely
                  Jonathan Edwards - wasn't expecting too much from this - though love the title - Honkey-Tonk Stardust Cowboy - but his version of Morning Train (available on Spotify) is great

                  Bobby Brown - needs little introduction here, but was first time I heard it. Was recommended to me by (Dandelion) store owner, who played it in the shop - amazing and I had to get it! I must be born
                  If - one of my favourite tracks on a Peter Sundae Swap CD - Waterfall.... rather like this cut too - Section 17
                  A Blind Dog Stares - only 12" purchase..... NY post punk disco thing - great cover of Magma (how many of those are there?) - Troller Tanz
                  The Evidence - like this a lot! Space disco.... Seems to be a spin off / version of the Cosmic No.1 album though, which I don't have.... some tracks are simply renamed - That World's life and The Evidence

                  The Byrds - one of two LPs found on a tiny island of just 1000 people, just off Vancouver Island..... box of records in an art gallery - couldn't say no really at $2 a piece
                  Pentangle - as above
                  The Collectors - another classic Canadian album I was looking out for and happy to grab for $15...... I'm impressed - not too garagy for my sensitive ears! Loads of goodness, but I guess the first track is best - What Is Love..... and She and Lydia Purple
                  Batteaux - wow! My favourite find! Beautiful, laidback, groovy stuff.... I think it fits that Beaver Free Soul thing and has been featured a few times here..... so many highlights - Living's Worth Loving and Mirror

                  Chris Barber - not one I'd found back here and well worth picking up for 'Sleepy John', and the fun Paul McCartney penned Cat Call
                  Wings - not Paul McCartney, but a previous West coast outfit - soft psych - patchy but here's the best of it..... three tracks (my favourite being 'General Bringdown')
                  Shirley Granger - a Alanmck tip, that I had half an eye open for knowing it originates from these parts.... pleasantly surprised to find it cheap.
                  Ellen McIlwaine - great album (her second) with loads of impressive tracks - stand outs - Never tell your mother she’s out of tune and Jimmy Jean of course

                  Fever Exploration - genius - it looked the part and was cheap - it's a Serge Prisset production and has this on it - Kabiwa

                  ....and a few 45s - was mainly looking for local Canadian bands - found some plus other bits and pieces....

                  Local band – Chains Of Love - You Got It
                  Tame Impala - Remember Me..... as recommended here - I like!
                  Mike McGear - Dance The Do and Norton
                  Left Banke - Lazy Day / Pretty Ballerina
                  Leaves - Get out of my life woman
                  Bubble Party - Hot Smoke & Sarafrass
                  Yellow Balloon - Yellow Balloon
                  Spring (the Canadian band) - A country boy named Willie
                  Carnival Connection - Poster Man
                  The Toys - Attack
                  Magic Christians - Come and get it - but B-side 'Nats' is better
                  Friend & Lover - Reach Out of the darkness - love this
                  Penguin Café - Music for a found harmonium
                  Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck - Starting a new day
                  Flying Lizards - (B-side) Continuity and Lovers and other strangers
                  ..... just need the 'Sex Machine' 45 now....
                  Combustible Edison - Short Double Latte - a reminder of the London lounge scene in the 90s
                  Green Pajamas - Kim the waitress / Jennifer

                  ....and magazines
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                    @Pitch - proper truck load of goodness there fella... Matt Johnson, Collectors, Leaves 45, Linn County (not got that one), Batteaux...

                    Syrinx - on the to check list based on the review

                    Montreal is on my short-list for the "in-between-days" on October's US trip... just behind the US micro-brewery tour in priority
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                      i have a 45 by Syrinx - proper odd gear - nice finds all round chaps - Lee you not flagging up the Johnny Mathis 7" ?
                      Ace pics Pitch - looks like there are plenty of digging spots
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                        Originally posted by MPFlapp View Post
                        on October's US trip...
                        Nice finds people... IImod / Pitch you are seriously making me yearn for my road trip to come in October...

                        Speaking of which - John what's your US trip location / destinations?

                        I'll be in the US in October - Texas to California.
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                          @Flytipper, nice finds as usual.

                          I agree with you on The Pretty Things. Thought you would have been a fan of that Buckley !
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                            @LDJB, Great finds there mate, I do need that Mike Carr please.
                            "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


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                              Originally posted by mr sayers View Post
                              @Flytipper, nice finds as usual.

                              I agree with you on The Pretty Things. Thought you would have been a fan of that Buckley !
                              i prefer his early albums mate - upto starsailor really / not sure he suits the rocky gear - i'll get back to you on that
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