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  • wickerman
    some more from this weekend

    THE DEEYJAYS incrowd hangout
    great mod beat / psych, one of their harder to find 45s, i have seen a lot more copies of Blackeyed woman.

    THE KINGSMEN killer joe / little green thing
    great dutch pic sleeve, by the KingsMAN

    BILL SPILLER hot pants girls
    great sleaze comped on the big itch 6

    ÜC HÜREL gönül sabreyle sabreyle
    funky turkish groove, think i first heard this on a votel mix years ago

    HELLO single
    glam single with ps by this uk glam outfit, dont remember the names

    PROCRO MAGNUM neurotic saga
    Killer mod / psych / fuzz groove from this french band, spare

    THE NAMELOSERS land of the thousand dances / suzie q
    wild fuzz freakbeat version from the wildest band in sweden, up for trade

    MAJORITY ONE i don´t mind the rain
    italian only 45 from this obscure uk outfit (post The Majority) who toured europe. mellow psych rather thsn freakbeat

    VAN DYKE PARKS number nine / do what you wanna
    finally bagged this whimsical pop gem, flip was a nice bonus!

    Stumbled upon unplayed copies of the rare Parlophone singles by BILLY FURY on one record fair, only 100 SEK each

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  • BeatsDeluxe
    Originally posted by llmod1 View Post
    How do you like that Prana LP? Chazza find?

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  • wickerman
    Last weeks find in the wild. some trades with a friend, two record fairs and a visit to a record shop

    Found some nice brazilian garage and psych from a DJ who where at one of the record fairs, he is more into batucadas, latin funk, bossa etc but have picked up a few garage singles over the years travelling to Brazil

    OS JOVENS coracao de pedra EP
    Great 1967 fuzz garage EP

    RITTA LEE eu vou me salvar
    Great fuzzy freakout psych / tropicalia from this Os Mutantes member

    OS BRASAS eu tentei fazer voce feliz
    Killer fuzz garage psych with great guitar moves!

    BRAZILIAN BITLES tema baseado na "coisa"
    Great garage punk with a Wild Thing vibe (they actually did a cover of it too but this is not it)

    BRAZILIAN BITLES tema baseado na "coisa" EP
    EP with the same track plus i think there is another killer too

    OS BAOBAS bye bye my darling / paint it black
    Great moody tune with great poprtuguese version of Paint it black

    MARIA ALCINO charles jr
    fuzzed out version of this jorge ben tune

    Great fuzzed out groove with organs, chanting and a moody vibe too

    ANALFABITLES sunnyside upp
    Great garage, dont have a soundfile

    PANAL alma llanera / el humahua queno

    funky fuzzy heavy groove from Chile! Found in Sweden!!

    JACK McDUFF the carpetbaggers
    Great soundtracky crime jazz gem on an early prestige 45!

    NELLY PERRIER un soir d´ete EP
    Funky sassy french groove comped on Wizzzzz

    THE MOONS gammera / gammera instro
    Killer instro groove that was big on the northern scene

    THE REAL THING mr charlie told me uncle tom is dead
    Gospel funk, very nice for about 3,50 UKGP!

    BILLY J KRAMER chinese girl
    UK psych beat with an oriental vibe, top copy and up for trade as it´s a spare

    KARTHAGO i dont live tomorrow / i give you everything you want
    Funk psych rock re-defined! Never knew there was a 45 from the album.

    CARL DOUGLAS somebody gonna stop this madness
    Killer UK only soul funk with nice fuzz leads UP F=R TRADE

    JACKIE DeSHannong it´s love baby)
    Swedish only raw r&b early freakbeat with killer fuzz guitar breaK. FOR TRADE

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  • Brainbomb
    With shops like these, who needs Utrecht?

    After my success in one local shop during the Utrecht weekend I popped by another one this weekend - the owner just back from Utrecht, and having just placed out lots of new arrivals. Doubt any of them came from the fair, as he said the prices were high on most things. This is what I treated myself to:

    East of Eden - Mercator Projected / SNAFU
    Yeah I know - it's a later 2LP pressing compiling first 2 records, but it's also a relatively cheap way to get both records compared to picking up 2 separate OGs. Good prog on the first record (I can now replace my reissue) and surprised to hear them go out in more jazzy (especially free-jazzy) territory on the second one.

    Gil Scott-Heron - From South Africa to South Carolina
    My 2nd Gil record - and another wonderful soul/jazz/groove offering. It's well known here I suppose - I'm just late ticking off a lot of good artists off my mental list.

    Animated Egg - S/T
    Alshire cash-in psych alert. Replacing my uglier version of this album released under the name Black Diamonds - yes, I do believe it's exactly the same record with different bandname and sleeve but haven't played back to back yet.

    Tomasz Stanko - Twet
    Polish avantgarde jazz - at times droney and dark, other times freejazzy and sometimes groovy.

    Bill Holt -Dreamies
    I suppose an OG copy of this will be impossible to find so this reissue will have to do. It's a wonderful electronics meet folk kinda thing with sound collages, synthesizer sounds, acoustic guitars and all kinds of things melted together into a truly trippy mellow experience that probably most members of this board would find interesting. Recorded in 1973 an way ahead of its time - think a stoned Bruce Haack meets a mellow folksinger with a bit of John Cage thrown in. Listen to a soundclip here:

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  • The Divine One
    Originally posted by mr sayers View Post
    Great finds Lee mate, hope you enjoy that Baby Huey!
    Bah, there was a 45 of Hard Times ar Utrecht but I was all spent out...

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  • kenneth
    Icarus 20p.
    omfg well done that man.

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  • diggerdumper
    Originally posted by moecurlythanu View Post
    I bought from him once. I'm in the USA. He didn't comply with my requested packing instructions to remove the record from the cover before packing in order to avoid seam splits, and naturally, the record arrived with badly split seams. When I informed him of it, he offered no apology, mea culpa, or partial refund. Instead, he claimed to have sacked the boy employee who had packed it! Seriously!
    I've never dealt with the man again, and un-bookmarked his site.

    Hmm, reckon it's a case of 'If in doubt, leave it out' here, thanks for that moe!

    Now back to the finds...

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  • effi_deep
    Originally posted by MPFlapp View Post
    Randy Burns is a winner - I only have the ESP LP - "Lady" is on my list - top scores
    if you want my boot john, just pm me your adress

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  • highland cow
    Icarus 20p.

    I'm weeping!

    Not really - Well done Sir! It what keeps us all getting our fingers dirty.

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  • mr sayers
    Nice finds...

    There's a great track on that Boz Scaggs Hugh mate.
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  • MPFlapp
    Originally posted by Sie Vulture View Post

    picture of Ame Son "Catalyse"

    ... so an evening of flutey French prog awaits me..!
    All the Utrecht copies were expensive or rubbed up - otherwise I'd have had that to go with my MEV "Leave the City"

    Originally posted by effi_deep View Post

    bobak, jons, malone - motherlight ( very clean OG copy of this monster psych/prog lp. it was well worth the 30£ thanks to the unknown vg+ vulture who once recommended this to me!)

    randy burns - an uncertain lady (finally upgraded my dodgy italian boot of this. magical record. my favorite by burns)
    I'd have had the mothlight too - Randy Burns is a winner - I only have the ESP LP - "Lady" is on my list - top scores

    The Swiss fares I've been to have been fairly good - proper quality records at good prices - I had to be dragged out of one at the far end of lake Geneva - found it by accident en-route to a "romantic" walk round the lake...

    EDIT - just spotted the Icarus - did you haggle
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  • Tsundoku

    Well done mate! Find of the bloody year!

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  • jakartajive
    Haven't posted any of the recent Interweb purchases here the last few weeks as that seems to be cheating really, but have just returned from a weekend at my old man's, where I took in a large booter on a lovely crisp Saturday morning.

    Mostly it was the usual chuff, along with a few optimistic punts . . .

    BBC Decimilisation training disc for the shopkeppers of the land
    Vangelis - Spiral (spare)
    Boz Scaggs and Band - 1972 LP
    The Lighthouse - The Word of God (Xtian / gospel thing outta Detroit)

    Judy Collins - Both Sides Now (late outing - 1981 - but has some interesting covers, so why not for 20p)
    Jose Feliciano - Souled
    Hammond Fever on Deacon
    Today's Vogue (1970 comp of French hits including Jacques Dutronc, Les Charlots, Antoine, Martin Circus and . . . um . . . Petula Clark)

    Very pleased to pick this up.

    The two takes on Big Noise from Winnetka are dark noir crime jazz classics.

    Bunch of random 45s, which I've not had time to sift through yet:

    Nico Fidenco - Legata A Un Granello Di Sabbia / Ridi, Ridi
    Russian thing in Cyrillic
    Dave Clark Five - Everybody get Together / Darling I Love You
    The Naturals - Didn' I ? / I should've Known Better
    The Lemon Pipers - Rice is Nice / Blueberry Blue
    Brenton Wood - Gimme Little Sign / I Think You've Got Your Fools MIxed Up
    Tom Jones - Detroit City / If I had You
    Tommy James & The Shondells - Mony. Mony / One Two Three and I Fell
    Preston Epps - Bongos in Pastel / Doin' the Cha Cha Cha
    Rolling Stones flexi to promote Exile on Main Street

    Quite pleased to turn up a Darrow Fletcher 45.
    Not his best, but nice nevertheless.

    And slightly stunned and most elated to find this at the back of a pile of crap for 20p!!!

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  • mr sayers
    Originally posted by LDJB View Post
    I've got a nice orig myself
    A UK one I hope!

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  • LDJB
    Originally posted by mr sayers View Post
    Great finds Lee mate, hope you enjoy that Baby Huey as it's great!
    Cheers Craig - the Baby Huey is a reiss from a £ bin - it will be part of my daughters boyfriends Xmas pressie I've got a nice orig myself

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