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  • Originally posted by ROCKPROF View Post

    Northern soul 70s from a batch of 7s and lps from the boot. Apparently from an old lady who seemed to have travelled a bit. Missed out on an Indian version of Indo
    Jazz Joe Harriott from this batch.
    I was intending to post this in October, but it has taken this long for my account to be fully activated (much thanks to Sie_Vulture for sorting me out in the end).

    I can confirm that the old lady did indeed have an interesting collection, and she and/or her partner were evidently well travelled. Here is the Dum Dum Indian copy of Indo-Jazz Fusions, and more eclecticism.
    Rare Skiffle from Bob Cort, and a Japanese issue Michel Legrand….

    10” heaven, all in stunning condition.

    The Webley Edwards is a red vinyl Japanese issue, quite possibly mint.
    The other obviously Japanese one is by Hibari Misora dating to December 1958. Hibari has an extensive Wiki entry and her own site. The site has 61(!) pages listing her music, movies and books. I managed to navigate to 1958, negotiate the Japanese and English translation, and find this album at my first attempt! Here is the English translation of the tracklisting:

    Rust spear / Kaina edge / 逸 people ku / section as Sano / Re swagger acid / guy / Shenzhen / vermicelli

    Sounds irresistible doesn’t it? An Enka-psych bomb!? Of course I find interwebby Japanese-English translations are notoriously dodgy. And I have to say on initial hearing this album does not live up to those titles. Not my cup of matcha at all.

    Coming down to earth somewhat I was happy to pick up the Hank Williams albums which are UK issues.


    • Originally posted by candiman View Post
      Coming down to earth somewhat I was happy to pick up the Hank Williams albums which are UK issues.
      I spend a lot of my spare time forcing people to listen to Hank Williams. It's for their own good.

      Nice finds.
      Hull Music Archive