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  • November Finds 2012

    Not started one of these for a while.

    Went to Spitafields yesterday where I had the pleasure of "shopping!" alongside Tom B. As usual these was lots of interesting stuff to search though.

    Roundtable - Spinning Wheel - Well known around these parts. Medieaval Funk!

    Camarta & his Orchestra - Think Young - Not had a chance to play this yet. Looks very much like a Now sound LP where some old codgers play hits of the day. Some interesting selections though: For your Love, Tired Of Waiting, All Day and All of the Night, etc.

    Chris Barber 's Travelling Band - Get Rolling - Just opened the gatefold to find this signed by most of the band. A couple of funky big band numbers on here.

    Fela Kuti - Army Arrangement - No suprises here, just great afro funk!

    Pierre Lavin Pop Band - The Motion Explosion - Couple of nice beaty tracks on this library.

    White Plains - My Baby Loves Lovin' - Cheap punt from a dealers £2 box, US copy of UK original - Seems like cheesy pop on first listen, not the usual Deram quality!

    Air - Moon Safari

    Few singles as well from the fair:

    Betty Lavette - Let me Down Easy - Been looking for a cheap copy of this beautiful tune for easy. Sublime!

    The Mad Men - Do the African Twist

    I Nomadi - Eterno - Cool psychy Italian track

    Rain - Soul of the City - Know nothing about this funky wah wah track or the band behind it!

    Pachyderm - Cascad - French funky groover!

    The next three were from MVE on Saturday morning.

    George Jinda - The Wheel of Love - Had my eye on this French fusion LP for a while but didn't want to pay the price that some of the online dealers were after. Beautiful music!

    Dyani Temiz Feza - Music for Xaba - I always pick up stuff with Okay Temiz's name on and the Turkish percussionist hasn't disappointed me yet.

    Giulio Camarca & Trinidad - Samba do Amigo - Brazillian jazz LP. Not sure if these guys are Europeans playing latin music or the genuine article. The music is great whatever!

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    'Chocolate Rain' !

    Rain were from Baltimore. Also released 'Good Vibration/Get On Your Job' on the Bahij Family 7 label.*

    * source: DC Soul
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      Since the arrival of Baby Oddgirl, I've not bought a record for about sixth months. Today, while dropping off lots of cast-offs from my newly slimmed down collection, I took her to her first two charity shops. For fifty pence each, I bought:

      - a terrible Italo-disco/Europop 12"
      - a mediocre Edith Piaf LP for a cover of a Leiber/Stoller song that I had high hopes for but doesn't quite click on first listen
      - a poor British country record for a bonkers song called Tea Drinking Man, that goes onto the shelf with other UK oddball private presses
      - the Franck Pourcel LP with Days of Pearly Spencer on, despite the fact I have it on 45. I wanted to see if there's anything else to that wonderful standard, which there isn't, but a saccharine orchestral number with half-hearted, downer Moog makes it worth the price of admission.

      I had a nice time and remembered why I love buying records.
      Mixes, compilations and the like


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        More importantly, you showed the littl'un where the magic black shiney things come from!
        Everyone tear down your own little wall
        That keeps you from being a part of it all
        Because you've got to be one with the one and all
        You've just got to be close to it all


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          My wife told me that when she was driving through New Mills on Friday, my one year old piped up from the back seat, 'Can we go in the widdle charity shop mummy?'.

          Talk about a swelling of paternal pride!
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            A few random bits from local charity shops and London's Music and Video Exchanges:

            Ultramagnetic MC's - Travelling At The Speed Of Thought /A Chorus Line - Next Plateau 12"
            Blue Mitchell - Last Tango=Blues - Mainstream LP
            Althea & Donna - Uptown Top Ranking - Virgin LP
            Shinehead - Billie Jean - Hawkeye 12"

            Jimmy McGriff - Tailgunner - LRC LP
            Leroy Hutson - Feel The Spirit - Curtom LP
            Dionne - Come Get My Lovin (Remix) - Citybeat 12"
            Otis Thompson - My Woman, My Woman - Em-Kay Records 12"


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              Quick round up of my recent acquisitions (can hardly call them all finds when Lee made it possible for me to find a couple on my doorstep!).

              Some from Rob's, some from chazzas, some from taking that piss-boring 'Brotherhood of Breath' LP back to the market!

              Still struggling to get time to play these properly, due to the builders seemingly having decided to live here. Apologies for the lack of genuine insight.

              As Terry Wogan has no doubt said on many occasions: sorry about the rug.

              These were all charity finds, contributing to my freebies / trades / take this shite out of circulation pile. The 12" is 'Le Freak' - I am pathologically incapable of passing up Chic items in the wild. The Michael Redway LP is appallingly bad, not even the presence of Babs Moore could save it.

              Tractor and Pelham from Lee (Gesundheit!). The sitar LP and Donald Byrd are both cheapies with significant condition issues. Will almost certainly be in the next round of freebies but I'll check them first to make sure they won't just knacker some poor sod's stylus.

              These were part of my trade-in on the market. Stone Roses is just a nice artefact to have (should have bought it yonks ago really - I always said it was mega-underrated, the jingly jangly indie kids weren't ready for some Zeppelin riffs!). And fuck the shoegaze revival, I'm bringing back grunge. Couldn't believe how quiet the pressing on Soundgarden is - really, really low. Won't be deterring me from the CD any time soon. Alice In Chains were just bonkers and 'Them Bones' was always my favourite.

              Got these from Rob's last week. Seen 'Apres Ski' go for ridiculous money on eBay, so was nice to pick up the reissue to see what the fuss was about. It's Ok, but only Ok. 'Arabesque' is great, but much of it is twaddle. The Northern Lights LP is on a Motown offshoot (Natural Resources) so I hoped for some Odyssey type stuff. It's not that far off. Great vocal arrangements, reminded me a bit of Tom Scott 'Today'. Worth getting if you see it for pennies, but don't go making an effort! The Folk comp has some great stuff on it - especially for £2, need to go beyond that first needle drop for sure.

              The remainder of my haul from the market. Can and Dusty well-known round here and the Daddy Longlegs was mainly picked up as some of the song titles lured me in. Need to give it a proper listen as it was borderline on the in/out on that first needle drop.

              Once these pesky tradesmen release me from their dusty grip, I'll get another trades and freebies thing going (maybe the end of the month, after I get back from what promises to be a bastard freezing week in Grasmere).

              Jet Boy stole my baby.


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                Originally posted by Benicio Del Toffo View Post
                The Michael Redway LP is appallingly bad, not even the presence of Babs Moore could save it.
                I can confirm that this assessment is very generous indeed. A shocker!
                some times play g+ with back noise,some times vg , super psyché juju lpfront sleeve is very nice vg back vg , but the top corne left is eating buy rats, ask for picture


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                  Originally posted by Benicio Del Toffo View Post

                  Is that the recent Japanese Pelham reissue? Nice album.


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                    Originally posted by nebkins View Post
                    Shinehead - Billie Jean - Hawkeye 12"

                    Love that Shinehead album. Is that the OG Billie Jean 12"?


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                      I think its an original UK 12" press. 99p from Oxfam as well which was nice. I have the album too but this is a lovely super loud press.


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                        Originally posted by nebkins View Post
                        I think its an original UK 12" press. 99p from Oxfam as well which was nice. I have the album too but this is a lovely super loud press.
                        Not bad.


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                          Originally posted by Headless mermaid View Post
                          Is that the recent Japanese Pelham reissue? Nice album.
                          Simply vinyl legit issue from about 10 years ago?
                          "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                            Had a nice charity shop strike of Spanish pressings of Exotica (all on RCA). Also some chazz jazz and a couple from other sources.

                            Marty Gold - Swingin West. This is good fun that does what is says on the tin -- lively augmented big band arrangements of western themes, including Maverick and Bonanza.
                            Henri Rene - Riot In Rhythm. Only really know him for Eartha Kitt arrangements, but this is another fun OTT "space age" arrangement album. Love this stuff.
                            Bob Thompson - Mmmm Nice. Another in the same vein, already had in UK release.
                            Ray Martin - The Rocking Strings Of. A nice cover, but it is unexciting strings + rhythm section fare.

                            Count Basie - Pop Goes The Basie. Pop tunes of the early sixties in the Basie style. Just wonderful arrangement of "Your Cheatin' Heart" and other tracks you wouldn't expect like "Doo Wah Diddy Diddy".
                            Manny Lopez - Cha Cha Cha If You Please. Decent enough Cha Cha Cha.
                            Perez Prado - Mambo Por El Rey. Great early mambo classics.
                            Peter Herbolzheimer - Jazz Gala 77. Fusion jazz - I have to say the track names are the coolest thing on here. "Hypnotic Pigs Nose"!

                            Erroll Garner - Gemini. Late album with uninspiring selection -- "Tea For Two"? But the arrangements and playing are just outstanding throughout this. Took me a long time to get into Garner due to "Misty". But, wow, this is exciting "goosebumps" type listening.
                            Edwin Starr - War And Peace. What a cover, and great album.
                            The Brecker Brothers - S/T. More fusion jazz. Surprised how much I enjoyed the first track, but I was overloaded by the end of the side.
                            The Four Tops - Keeper Of The Castle. Music For Pleasure does the business. One track that really stood out on this was the synth + funk of "Turn On The Light Of Your Love", heavy feel.

                            Roger Ruskin Spear - Electric Shocks. Had never heard this, had to grab a copy when I saw it. Extremely pleasingly like a lost Bonzos album, with the madly layered "All By Yourself In The Moonlight" and the nutty "Doctor Rock" ("scalpel, swab, tambourine, trombone…") as the highlights.
                            Triumvirat - Illusions On A Double Dimple. German Prog with an ELP feel but perhaps an easier listen, two side long suites, one of which may be about an ex-manager ("Mister Ten Percent").
                            Various - The Many Sounds Of Jazz Today, Who's Who In The Swinging Sixties. Nice CBS comp running the gamut from Mose Allison to Lambert, Hendricks And Ross.
                            Wild Cherry - Electrified Funk. Got rid of a copy some time ago, but started to miss the amazingly OTT disco parody (?) of "Hot To Trot" and the like, so had to pick it up again.

                            Fred Bongusto - Amore Fermati. Italian singer with something… I can't pin down why I like him, but there's something...
                            Max Steiner - Band Of Angels. Orchestral OST. Interesting first track, will have to revisit.
                            Lou Rawls - Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho. David Axelrod produced Christmas album. I love picking up Xmas albums by specific performers, but find it hard to justify the space. This is going to be a keeper though.
                            Lou Rawls - When You Hear Lou, You've Heard It All. Haven't listened to this one yet


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                              Love the Henri Rene -"Riot In Rhythm" opening track "Lady Be Good" has some lively bongo action.