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  • hey Mr Sayers, I might be able to help you out with the Durbin album. she's a kiwi and that album is reasonably common hereabouts.
    she was only 16 when she went big with I Have Loved Me a Man (like my mother did) - and had a full-on stage mum which must given each performance an odd edge - then skipped to Oz where she discovered a hankering for hard drugs and has been in and out of prison for a fair amount of her life. now lives in Melbourne as far as I can tell - I tried tracking her down after her last release for a story on the making of various NZ albums. got as close as her brother who said she didn't want a bar of it. a pity but fair enough, I'd really liked to have talked to her.
    anyway, let me know.


    • Originally posted by Bud Peyote View Post
      Got one of these in a local shop for a couple of pounds today:

      It's cracked from the label to a centimeter from the edge but plays well all the way through so I'm pretty happy.

      I'll spare your ears from the Frank Farian disco 7" I got at the same time...
      Blimey that's a great find top pull fella
      Give a man a tree, He'll take a forest!