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  • Originally posted by Expiry2011 View Post
    Looks interesting
    Any good?
    As Brainbomb said, it's great.

    The Coltrane comparison Namyslowski generally gets is not that hyperbolic. But here, the little tune that forms the basis of the title track is more Ornette if anything - and while it's not as nervy as the sort of stuff Coleman was influencing and playing himself in NY in the 70s, it's not too far away. Except with a piano.

    Easy's great too, and was my gateway drug for Polish jazz if I recall - think I got it off someone here?
    Those funny cars won't make the teardrops start/ but way up there is where she broke my heart


    • A mod classic!

      Originally posted by Milesago View Post
      The Who's BBC set turned me on to this - fabulous single!
      I'm sure your well aware of these versions -

      "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


      • Two postman finds I am liking.

        Yma Sumac - Legend Of The Sun Virgin. It's been a while since I listened to any Yma, but my interest has been reawakened, this is amazing exotica with humour and craziness throughout.

        John Eaton - Mass / Blind Man's Cry / Solo Clarinet. Avant garde compositions, lots of fascinating Synket and Moog textures, together with not-so-fascinating soprano singing.


        • Originally posted by medlar View Post
          I second that one! Top find.
          A Sound Awareness


          • The local Salvation Army had gotten a big Hammond collection in. Got these for free from the nice lady in exchenge for my donation of old VHS tapes and records.
            The Hammond Organ Dance Party by Big Jim H should have something...