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Went out 'digging' in the chazzas yesterday...

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  • Went out 'digging' in the chazzas yesterday...

    ..down in South London.

    First time in yonks.

    Had some time to kill so I thought, 'Why the hell not...? Just for old times' sake...' (as Freddie Jackson almost once said / sang).

    I actually found me some damn decent finds. But here's the thing....

    It was just enough to find them. At one time I would have been foaming at the mouth...But I just couldn't be arsed paying for them and carrying them home with me. So I left them all there.

    Anyone else ever done that?

    Sydenham, by the way.

    Loads of old Vulture classics that I ain't seen for years....

    Knock yourselves out!

    (PS actually Saturday, not yesterday. Bank Hol messing with me Swede).
    Endless Tripe

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    Originally posted by son of stan View Post

    Anyone else ever done that?
    Yeah - I do that with 'Vulture classics' unless I know for certain that someone will want them. Let some other lucky punter have them I say.
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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      ..There was though, some 80s Motown comp I had never seen before. Previously unreleased material from the 60s. / 70s..Crap cover so I lost the will to live and left it there.

      Having some pangs about that now...Should have trusted my instincts.
      Endless Tripe


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        sounds like a tag and release job to me.

        would they have been spares anyway?