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June Finds 2013

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  • All i could muster this weekend


    • I've been very tardy photographing my pictures for June, do excuse me. Thanks to Sie for the American entries in the pictures below.

      Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band - The Whoopee Band:

      Pamela Stephenson - Unusual Treatment:

      Alan Klein - Well At Least It's British:

      Johnny Morris - Bedtime Stories:

      Blaster Bates - Watch Out For The Bits!:

      Blaster Bates - Laughter with a Bang:

      Reg Varney - Reg's Party:

      Johnny Morris - The Railway Stories Vol 2:

      Spike Milligan - Muses With Milligan:

      Manx Variety Club - Music For Charity:

      Malc Stent - Go and Play up your Own End:

      Anita Harris - Anita in Jumbleland:

      Anita Harris - Anita Harris:

      The Goons - Dark Side of the Goon:

      Flip Wilson - Flippin':

      Flip Wilson - The Flip Wilson Show:

      Flip Wilson - Cowboys and Coloured People:

      The Dudley Moore Trio - From Beyond The Fringe:

      Frank Kelly - Comedy Countdown:

      Uncle Dirty - The Uncle Dirty Primer:

      Various - The TV Hits Album Two:

      Mike Reid - Reid All About It:

      Monty Python - Sings:

      Bernard Cribbins - Pinocchio:

      Beyond the Fringe - Beyond the Fringe '64 Volume Two:

      The Downstairs Lounge


      • Originally posted by Agnes_Guano View Post
        The Goons - Dark Side of the Goon:

        Some great covers in there Agnes - especially this one.


        • And a good title as well. Dark Side of the Moon is quite a popular choice for album sleeve parodies:

          I've taken to scanning the singles in rather than try to use a camera. I may experiment with pasting together multiple scans of an album sleeves. I always seem to have trouble snapping shiny dark covers which reflect most of the light right back like a mirror.
          The Downstairs Lounge


          • Alan Klein - Cool !!
            Banned (DJ Anchovy)