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  • July 2013 Finds

    Belated birthday present!

    I still really want the 45 version of this though

    But love the sound of the LP

    "..hole...road...middle thereof"

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    Didn't know about that - sounds very nice! Congrats!
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    and that is you and me side by side, on the licorice ride"


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      Top stuff Lee. Can I admit to being ignorant about that record as well. I should really study my Galactic Ramble more!
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        Too much ... anyway I bought them from a private collection for less than a euro each ... only picked up the ones which where in perfect shape ... the Talk Talk wasn't, made an exception unfortunately it plays VG-

        French original press of the Raw Soul Express ... mint

        Velvet Underground is a bit rough but still in a great condition, UK press.

        Bombers 2 to archive with my Bombers 1, dope covers, great disco ... 1980 Osibisa, still great.

        Slick got a strong cut called Space Bass , B52's are classic I did not buy before

        Mo' fine Disco ... funk ...

        Pink Island Traffic, first press, with booklet attached in middle ...

        Herbie upgrades ... the Wall is a USA first press

        Rolling Stones is a mint UK 1 press ...

        Golden Earrring is from my hometown, I did't listen to them a lot before, have to say this album is good. And you never find them in such a good condition.

        Never saw this Tom Tom Club Sleeve before ...

        Sugarhill is an upgrade ... the Kinks I don't like that much, something is lacking in the recording, sound like a bootleg recording.

        FLB haves a nice French Alternate nude cover ...

        My Statigram account ...


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          Visited Tasmania over the weekend and found a whole bunch of RCA aussie singles for $1 a pop. This was the pick of the bunch. Haven't heard it yet, but it's the Icehouse front man.

          Aussie Funk


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            Great stuff as ever Cees.

            A dealer at the market on Sat had a rather nice little stash of new stock . It was definitely a case of too many nice records, too little money . I got a couple of bits but I'll post them later this week. Some pron (I really just wanted to see how photo's taken on my phone look online)

            "Don't get involved in the f**kin' chat pages. It's just full of arseholes talkin' sh*te non-stop"


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              ^What no Jefferson airplane!?

              Foto's look fine BTW Nige mate.
              "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


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                Originally posted by mr sayers View Post
                ^What no Jefferson airplane!?

                Foto's look fine BTW Nige mate.
                I know mate...didn't take one of the Crimson or Let It Be box either. Far too Mojo.

                Pic quality is not bad.
                "Don't get involved in the f**kin' chat pages. It's just full of arseholes talkin' sh*te non-stop"


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                  That Don Shinn is such a killer! Nice find!


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                    From the local charity today. Good Singapore beat, fantastic picture sleeve!



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                      Originally posted by Campag Record View Post
                      Far too Mojo.
                      Unlike, say, Nick Drake


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                        Car boots haven't been yielding much recently, but I did find a couple:

                        Claire Hamill - Stage Door Johnnies. This is the first record on Konk, with Ray Davies producing. Decent enough SSW stuff, versions of "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" and "Go Now".

                        The Supremes - Shake. Super energetic EP of Sam Cooke covers.

                        Charities also a wee bit depleted, but:

                        Howard Werth - Six Of One And Half A Dozen Of The Other. Love King Brilliant, so this looked promising. One side originals, one side covers. Hasn't really grabbed me, but replays are in order.
                        Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls - S/T - 1980 Manchester album, interesting cast of players includes Martin Hannett producing and Vini Reilly on gtr. Again needs replays.
                        Europeans - Recurring Dreams. Slicker than their first album and blander as a result.
                        Hugo Montengero - Magnificent. Great arrangements of well trodden tunes.

                        Pop fluff singles, but I like the covers. The Havlik Orchestra - Horse's Idea is a Czech EP of Madisons (aces) including the Supraphon Madison.


                        Yusef Lateef - Part Of The Search and Autophysiopsychic. Delving into the catalogue a little, seems all a bit on the wacky side here.
                        Charles Mingus - The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady. On the other hand, this was a jaw dropping IMMEDIATE HARD FILE; I had a couple of Mingus albums already, good stuff, but this is on another level. Makes up for all the lacklustre stuff ^^^
                        Duke Ellington - Concert In The Virgin Islands - unfortunate slight warp makes the first track skip, but much goodness here.


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                          that Mingus is a favourite of mine ....
                          Banned (DJ Anchovy)


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                            All of these from the ever reliable Beat That Recs in Arklow:

                            Second Sweetwater LP - well known around here I think?

                            The Originals - Motown Smoove from 75

                            Thee Prophets - Playgirl - Bubblegum popsoul

                            Jimmy - rechanneled for stereo (boo)

                            Rhoda a la Orgue - Aquarius etc.

                            Art and his Art-cordion - UK MPS

                            Interesting one this - Dutch modernist moves from '80 with Willem Breuker on skronk
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                              Honeymooning in Mid and border county Wales turned up a few interesting bits. Nothing mind blowing but pleasant listens for pocket change
                              Also glad to report that a new second hand record shop has opened in Oswestry. Nice owner, nice selection of records at a nice price.

                              Lorraine Frisaura Be happy for me Pye 1976
                              Picked up because of the solid session musos in attendance , Mike Mainieri, Mike Mandel, Chris Hills (Everything is Everything)Mtume, Steve Kahn and Michael Brecker .
                              Its a bluesy mix of self penned stuff that grows after awhile. With a slight Country hilt.

                              The Wild Tchoupitoulas ST 1976
                              METERS BACKED MARDI GRAS NATIVE BAND . Full of hoopin and a hollerin funk that works well. Not a patch on the Wild Magnolias but lovely Clavinet throughout

                              Plus a load of Private press African 45s from the continent
                              Here are the titles, its a mix of styles all interesting. Any experts out there shed some lights on them

                              Afro Festival led by Fantastic Tchico Brothers and Sisters 1980 Nigeria
                              Stanley and Lilly Filaba Ukulya Bwino Kalimba 1983
                              Nguashi Ntimbo Orch Festival Duzaire Shauri YakoASL Swahili
                              Kapumba and Fire Family Unibweze Kwamakolo Teal Records Luapula 1982
                              Dr N P Kazembe K K WAMUYAYA LUAPULA 1982
                              The Fire Family Band Nchito Ya Masiku Ano Mutomboko Records
                              Geoff Kalunga Indalama Shachisunga ZAMREZI 1982 Zambia
                              Peter Juma and Fire Family Mwilabilimina Ukupwa PJ 1983
                              Peter Juma and Fire Family Mwapola Namishanga PJ 1983
                              The Black Foot/ Alfred Yabe Lizzy Kwalyatitima
                              Mike Nyoni Ifintu Nibwangu Filetelela Kalimba 1984
                              sigpicRock on Penderyn