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  • Slim pickings on my tour of the charity shops this month so far. A sole purchase today but it has certainly brought a smile to my face.

    I don't remember being one of Pinky & Perky's greatest fans when I were a nipper but as soon as I put it on the turntable it felt like I was settling down with an old friend. No needle dropping with this one it's being played right through.

    I think this must be Pinky & Perky's rare one, there are virtually no references to this on the 'net. On Columbia, no cheap MFP press here.
    Original price sticker on back cover says 36/6 (which sound expensive for 1963?) but someone got it for a 50% reduction at 18/3.

    Nice laminated front cover, fold over (flip back?) back cover. And I am particularly taken with the pic of P&P in their bunks aboard the "Melodymaster".


    • Originally posted by candiman View Post
      Well done, Never come across this anywhere in the wild - worth every penny that you paid for it!!
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      • i come across some mr men, postman pat, play school and the munch bunch records the other day. all perfect condition.

        i'd never think of buying them. am i missing out on something?
        "I don't want to live in the past but it's a nice place to visit."


        • Originally posted by ivan_smackhead View Post
          i come across some mr men, postman pat, play school and the munch bunch records the other day. all perfect condition.

          i'd never think of buying them. am i missing out on something?
          I bought the P&P on the strength of the cover really. Somehow that look on Pinky's face (or is it Perky - anyway the one on the left) just said "please buy me" and made me sort of melt. Then I turned it over and saw them snuggled up in their bunk bed and that was it, my mind was truly made up.

          I would buy a Postman Pat album if I came across one. Fond memories of watching it when our children were young.

          I'm sure some on here could talk about the breaks and beats potential of a Play School album (or albums?).


          • nostromo - alien/around the world in 80 seconds. cosmic brilliance on the b-side.
            sharon brown - i specialize in love. god knows how many copies i have of this now.
            fatback - backstrokin'. what a bassline!
            shani benjamin/sane inmates - look after you structure/in fine style. serious dub pressure on the b-side of this mad professor production.
            taboo - precious. early 80's u.s. boogie monster. been looking for this for ages. usually find other passion release which are not so good. see below...
            direct drive - in the middle of spring. a bit meh, but at least i get a spare passion sleeve for £1.
            "I don't want to live in the past but it's a nice place to visit."


            • Originally posted by RobLilley View Post
              Well done, Never come across this anywhere in the wild - worth every penny that you paid for it!!
              Yes definitely worth every one of the 240d I paid


              • I wouldn't have pinky & perky in my house. They are even more sinister than the Diddy Men...and that's saying something!'
                "..hole...road...middle thereof"


                • Originally posted by LDJB View Post
                  I wouldn't have pinky & perky in my house. They are even more sinister than the Diddy Men...and that's saying something!'
                  Nah, I love those little wooden piggies, Andy Pandy, now that's creepy, house in the middle of nowhere, puppets springing to life when they think no one's around ' you can come out now Andy' shiver.
                  record licker


                  • From the "street market":

                    Two rares of "Ansamble Melodia" the green one is a 2 lps only by Balkanton/Molodia labels, the second one is the first one from 1973. One "Bootles" and one of the best compilation of Russian bands "Наша песня" - there are no one that I don't like:
                    and Gaya, Akord, Neria


                    • Yeah.... Lot of children / TV record collectors. Me included.... The postman pat LP is great as is the munch bunch one.... If you can get tovem still then do so....


                      • Another Electrecord release just got into my collection. "Formatii de muzica pop" as Pop Music Bands was a compilation of releases in the late 70s in Romania. Sometimes bands that never released a song had the chance to do it on these compilations. The term Pop in the title is somehow misleading but most of the songs are kinda rockish to prog rock.

                        I recorded a song that got my attention on this one. Has a rockish feel into but the baseline gets quite funky and the keyboards are incredible. Reminds me a little of the early dusty fingers selections. The song is by Basorelief - Drum prin campie (a walk thru the field) and I could find just 2 songs recorded by this band.



                        • Bootles -
                          "Only one thought left, that makes me come alive,
                          and that is you and me side by side, on the licorice ride"


                          • "I need the car by 9.30" my wife said. First booter was a waste of time. Just got time to drop in on another one on the way back I thought. Nearly drove straight past as there were so few sellers there and time was tight. In fact I did drive past but got to the roundabout and something told me I should give it a go anyway (in true addict's style).

                            This lot came from one seller (mother and daughter actually). I commented that it was an interesting mix of records. It was the result of two divorces (1 each apparently). One ex had a strong leaning toward jazz-fusion by the looks of things which suited me fine as I am getting right back into that lately. Hoped, or course, to come across a Nucleus but not to be (although there maybe more records in the basement that will be cleared out in the next few weeks, number taken).

                            Music from the Soundtrack "All night Long" featuring Brubeck/Tubby Hayes/Dankworth etc. - Playing as I type, a freat mix of jazz, bit crackly but not too bad. "Wingate's Spot" - nice!

                            Emmanuelle Soundtrack

                            Willie Bobo - Hell Of An Act To Follow.

                            Don Ellis At Fillmore.

                            Afrique - Soul Makossa. Milstone UK OG

                            Weather Report - Mr Gone Not really my bag back in the day but now I'm thinking it is worth a go.

                            Billy Cobham - Life & Times

                            Ronnie Laws - Pressure Sensitive. Always There as a 12" has been - er - always there in my collection. LP now joins it finally.

                            Billy Preston - Wildest Organ in Town. UK Mono OG

                            The Collectors Colosseum

                            Chase - S/T. (Bill Chase). A brief scan of the sleeve notes gave me high hopes for this - dreams of a jazz-rock-fusion must have. Sadly much of it reminds me too much of Blood, Sweat & Tears. Although the long segmented track on side 2 "Invitation To A River" has its moments.

                            Don Byas / Jacques Denjean & His Orchestra - Round About Midnight. Can't really find anything about this on a quick internet trawl.

                            Deep Purple - Burn. Purple label.

                            Herbie Mann - Discotheque

                            Kraftwerk - Tour De France. 12" 90s remaster

                            Frankie Knuckles / Jamie Principle - Baby Wants To Ride / Your Love. Original I think? "Baby.." is the sh!t (or something like that).

                            I am going to call this my "lucky spot" from now on, all three of my biggest hauls this year have come from this place.


                            • Nice score on the og Trax. Love that sleeve.


                              • Had a splendid weekend trip south to Wellington - there's a nice record store scene there if anyone's passing. Highly recommend Death Ray Records in Newtown (esp if you're of a proggy bent, the owner's a big fan and had some big titles) and Lo-Cost Records in Petone (their name is wrong on several counts). anyway flew home with some pleasant heft to my carry-on luggage.

                                and apologies for lack of pix. I'm just a bit crap at all that.

                                little ones.

                                Albert Collins, Homesick/ Sippin' Soda (Hallway) - both instru, the first featuring some tasty keys. both tracks worked nicely at the party I'd gone down for

                                Rick Nelson, Summertime (London) - minting up

                                The Kinks, King Kong (Astor) - great b-side to Plastic Man. laid the template for T-Rex?

                                La De Das, How is the Air Up There? (Philips) - rollicking NZ garage styles

                                The Chicks, Get Ready-Uptight (Polydor) - NZ, flipside pop styles. no clip, dang.

                                Nina Simone, Ain't Got No; I Got Life (RCA Victor) - uptempo ripper

                                Bob Crewe Generation, Music to Watch the Girls Go By/ Girls on the Rocks (Stateside) - splendid double A-side for mine

                                Aphrodite's Child, Don't Try to Catch a River (Mercury) - b-side to Rain and Tears

                                Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, Sleep (Parlophone) - why no clip? anyway, midtempo groove with Mexi horns and a vocal that puts in mind of latter day XTC.

                                Left Banke, Pretty Ballerina/ Lazy Day (Philips) - chuffed, only had this on a reissue 7 previously. one of my fave Left Banke tracks

                                Hi-Revving Tongues, Tropic of Capricorn (Philips) - NZ psych styles. and I suspect it's a spare, gotta check that.

                                Jackie Edwards, Keep on Running (Philips) - original version of the Spencer Davis track, and the b-side to a lame Yesterday.

                                Spencer Davis Group, Keep On Running (Fontana) - minting up again, ditto with Small Faces, Tin Soldier (even had a spare spare chucked in for free).

                                The Outlaws, Sioux Serenade (HMV) - Shadows vibe that gradually gets more orchestral/ choral. digging it.

                                Timberjack, Come to the Sabbat (Ode) - umm, NZ Satanic psych styles? made top ten and caused a wee ruckus. another poss spare

                                Cozy Cole, Turvy I&II (Love) - at a reasonable guess, it's the companion to Topsy.

                                Link, Highway Driver (forgotten) - NZ funky rock with handy percussion. b-side to Only Time Will Let Us Know

                                Big Ones

                                Mongo Santamaria, Hey! Let's Party (CBS) - early doors with the likes Louie Louie, Satisfaction and In the Mood

                                Enoch Light and the Light Brigade, Brass Menagerie 1973 (Project 3) - at long last. Hot Pants, Season of the Witch et al

                                Ella Fitzgerald, Sunshine of my Love (MPS) - at long last pt 2.

                                David McCallum, Music - A Part of Me (Capitol) - for The In Crowd and Insomnia

                                The Avengers, Electric Recording (HMV) - NZ garage classic

                                Best of C'Mon 1968 Vol 1 '68 (Festival) - comp of tracks played on this now iconic old NZ music show feat Tommy Adderley Sunday Sun and Sandy Edmonds Getaway.

                                Brian Hands Concert Orchestra, Hands Across the Table (Viking South Seas) - exotica orchestral takes on old Maori waiata. incl Haera Mai and Blue Smoke. v good.

                                Sister Janet Mead, With You I Am (Festival) - I never get tied of The Lord's Prayer and no way I was leaving the groovy cover behind. was a charity shopper too, as was Brian Hands - that one's even signed, flash eh?

                                Perez Prado, Rock-Ambo (RCA Victor) - bongotastic

                                John Rowles, Live Back Home (EMI) - seems well known round these parts. I grab 'em when I see 'em.

                                and my fave of the weekend

                                The Blood Has Never Lost It's Power Pt2 (Miracle Revival) - live recording of a Rev AA Allen's New York revival church. all fire and brimstone sermonising, full-throated God singing and Dr Phibes keys. fantastic cover and the vinyl is shot through with red so it looks like blood when you hold it to the light. danced a wee gig when I needle dropped this one.