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Utrecht finds November 2013

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  • Utrecht finds November 2013

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    Great finds, especially the Abdul Malik and Pyramids, ain't that Mark Murphy the second for you?
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      Yes, the Mark Murphy, Afternoon In Paris and Lars Lystedt are doubles.


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        In ((( VISUAL ))) Stereo

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          @Blast kid - love that Pyramids LP - would be well pleased with an OG...

          Spotted a poster in Record Friend or Distortion for a gig byThe Pyramids at Occii, Amsterdam which appears to have been cancelled... Did some checking and spotted this kickstarter to get the tour off the ground...

          My finds - posted in wrong thread () earlier...

          Pataphonie – Pataphonie (Tapioca) - Jazz Rock Experiemtnal

          Various – Phantom Of The Paradise (A&M Records) - well know

          Vangelis – Sex Power (Bande Sonore Originale Du Film) (Missing Vinyl) - reissue - no chance of an OG

          Chad And Jeremy – 3 In The Attic (Sidewalk) - odd ost

          Aminadav Aloni – Once (OST) (Cinema Records) - odd ost

          Dimthings / Ulterior Lux – Heart Of The Klux Flux (Thingsflux Music) - not check this - was a punt

          Karel Goeyvaerts – Ach Golgatha / Pour Que Les Fruits Mûrissent Cet Été (Alpha Brussels) - top score

          Conrad Schnitzler – Con '84 (Private) - top up the Schnitzler OGs

          Conrad Schnitzler – Convex (Private) - as above

          Gary Sloan And Clone – Harmonitalk (KM Records) - OG

          Various – Township Jive & Kwela Jazz Volume 2 (Ubuntu Publishing) - new comp

          Wooden Shjips – Back To Land (Thrill Jockey) - Managed to score one with the free 45 - top new LP
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            It's "squeaky bum time" for those of us following this jealously from afar, who got what from which collection dammit... tell all people!
            In ((( VISUAL ))) Stereo

            Eclectic Mud


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              Well, it was a great weekend again indeed.

              Cheers to Smashingcheesegromit (or something like that) for hooking me up with the Demian lp. Loving it. Sorry we only had a short chat, but with so many records, and so little time chat ...

              And even after being there a few times, I still get so overwhelmed. The very first stall I saw was the Astral Dream records stall from Italy, with Elias Hulk, Raw Material, Fuzzy Duck and countless others hanging on the wall. Even in the boxes there wasn't one - 100 € record. (Sorry, didn't have the camera). But to see so many, so rare records, in the same place (and sometimes even the same stall) .... makes me feel a bit small.

              Guess most records are known here. Maybe just the Atomic Bitchwax one not (stoner rock)


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                Nice finds there Mescal, well jealous of the Morgan, did it cost much (Hope you don't mind me asking!)?
                "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


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                  Very happy with my finds as usual, shame I was spent up by 10am on the Saturday morning, but that's Utrecht for you, if only I was rich!

                  Thanks for the digging company and tips Lee mate, same goes for you Nige mate, I still owe you one!


                  Michaelangelo - One voice many (CBS)
                  Know there's a few fans of this on here.

                  Harlem Jonns reshuffle - S/T (Fontana)
                  Thanks for pulling this for me Nige mate, loving 'Back driving beat', a Campag spin!

                  John Schroeder - You've made me so very happy (Marble arch)
                  Apt title, as that's how I felt when I pulled this for 5 Euro. My old copy is coming you way Andy mate, did I mention the click at the end of the good track!?

                  Heaven and Earth - Refuge (Ovation)
                  Another one I've got to thank Nige for...Was well happy as I'd been after a copy for ages...Great LP, and well known on the board.

                  Arrival - S/T (Decca)
                  Placebo moves!

                  The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweet - OST (MGM)
                  Decent soundtrack, with a great funky instrumental.

                  Johnny Hawksworth - The best of (De Wolfe)
                  Always good to pick up a cheap library, thanks for the tip Lee mate.

                  Jim & Dale - 86% of us (UA)
                  Cheers for pulling this one Nige mate, that track you played in the hotel sounded great, right up my street.

                  Teegarden & Van Winkle - S/T (Janus)
                  Great pop psych, picked up in a 5 for 20 Euro deal.

                  Wings -S/T (Dunhill)
                  See above.

                  People - I love you (Capitol)
                  Great solid pop psych LP...Thanks Nige man, I owe you.

                  The Main Attraction - And now (Tower)
                  Another one from that 20 Euro deal.

                  The Equals - Explosion (president)
                  Lee spotted this one for me for 3 Euro, thanks man...Shame 'Granny granny' never came out on single.

                  Warm Dust - S/T (PYE)
                  Solid funky proggy LP...Now to find their 3rd German only LP...

                  Mike Vikers - Brass plus moog (KPM)
                  Very happy to get another pretty solid KPM library off my mental wants list.

                  The Peppermint Rainbow - Don't wake me up in the morning, Michael (MCA)
                  Very poppy LP, only got it to make up the numbers in 20 Euro deal.

                  Corporal Gander's Firedog brigade presents - On the rocks (Europa)
                  Cool exploito version of 'Paranoid'.

                  Open air (Crea sound LTD)
                  Freebie from Lee, thanks man.

                  The Ray Mcvay road show - S/T (Philips)
                  Vulture classic, with a great version of '2001'...Thanks Lee.

                  Graffiti - S/T (ABC)
                  Great psych LP that's well loved on the board.

                  The Big Boss - OST (Tam)
                  Great funky soundtrack, with lots of cool dialog thrown in for good measure.

                  Janko Nilovic - Psyc impressions (MP2000)
                  Great LP, loving this one, one of my favourite libraries already...I'm well jealous of your 'Soul impressions' it sounded awesome Lee mate!

                  Lalo Schifrin - Battle creek brawl (RCA)
                  Thought it was about time I stepped up my Lalo game and grabbed a copy of this great soundtrack.

                  Karl Heinz Schafer - Les Gants blancs du diable (EDEN)
                  One of my all time favourite soundtracks, I was well chuffed to pick it up for cheap, which seemed a bit odd seen as the dealer was an overprice soundtrack specialist (To give you an idea of his prices, he had a copy of 'Chariot of the gods' for 55 Euro!).


                  Rob Base - Make it hot (World to world records inc)
                  Thanks for the heads up on this unknown classic to me Nige mate.

                  Mc EZ Troup - Get retarded/Just rhymin' (Fresh)
                  Another classic...Craig Mack at his best.

                  Spoonie Gee - The goodfather (Tuf City)
                  Staying with the classics!

                  Douge Fresh - Just having fun (Enjoy)
                  See above...

                  45's to follow.....
                  "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


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                    Great stuff Craig mate - no 45's ??? Love the Graffiti album - ditto that version of Paranoid !
                    Banned (DJ Anchovy)


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                      Originally posted by mr sayers View Post
                      45's to follow.....
                      Originally posted by Sie-Fly View Post
                      Great stuff Craig mate - no 45's ???
                      honestly! and it's only Monday, Sie...


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                        Thanks Sie.

                        Originally posted by Sie-Fly View Post
                        Great stuff Craig mate - no 45's ??? Love the Graffiti album - ditto that version of Paranoid !
                        RE - 'Graffiti', I was well chuffed, I'd won one on Ebay a couple of years ago with condition issues, so sent it back to the States, what a pain in the arse...Now to pick up the non LP single.

                        I'll post up the singles tomorrow mate.
                        "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


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                          Originally posted by alanmck View Post
                          honestly! and it's only Monday, Sie...
                          Whoops !! I knew I thought it was odd form from Wallsend's finest - come on Craig !

                          Sorry Al - been a heavy weekend - burning all them damn cd's !!
                          Banned (DJ Anchovy)


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                            Great stuff mate - jealous of a few of those (...and a fair number of the 45s to follow). That Les Gants LP was the bargain of the weekend! I'm convinced they missed a zero off the €25 sticker!
                            "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                              Originally posted by Sie-Fly View Post
                              Sorry Al - been a heavy weekend - burning all them damn cd's !!
                              show off.