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Utrecht finds November 2013

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    Nice finds Mark mate, hope you managed to shift some gear...
    "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


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      Nice one Boney... I'd love to hear your stories from Utrecht... reports would indicate it won't be forgotten easily!

      I've been toying with the idea of selling at Utrecht, hiring a van and taking over vinyl, and hoping to bring back some vintage chairs for my wife's new upholstery business. I'd appreciate any insight you could give on the selling experience in general, and I'm sure to enjoy any tales you may have to tell.

      At the moment it looks like it'll be more likely the gathering in Leeds this March 22nd, another Northern Brillo and record fair for me... are you game? It be great to see you...
      In ((( VISUAL ))) Stereo

      Eclectic Mud


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        Originally posted by The Divine One View Post
        Now, would I want to hear a house LP by the Style Council or not? Might be the kind of thing that sounds better in my imagination than real life...
        Some of the tracks like "Here's A New Thing" appeared re-recorded as part of Weller's early solo career.
        Enthusiastic vagueness passes for scholarship in the twilight world of the disc-jockey.

        John Peel


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          Love that Art Blakey cover. Gangsta!