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  • Utrecht Finds April 2014

    I suppose I'll start the thread then

    Only went on saturday. Seemed to be a very slow fair. Which had a good impact on the prices. Again, very friendly atmosphere, had a few good chats, haggled on the records, and came home with a small selection. Rather have quality than quantity.

    I suppose most, if not all, of the records are pretty well known:

    Soft Machine - 1st : Someone advised me this record. I listened to nr 4 before but couldn't stand it. This one should be better, so I was told.

    Scorpions - Lonesome Crow: Winds of Change indeed. In nothing like the scorpions we all know. Great album. Was on my want list, so very happy with this one.

    Earth and Fire - 1st: Dutch press since the UK press is, eeuhhm, expensive. Well known I suppose and pretty good.

    William Onyeabor - Atomic Bomb: Nice and groovy afro funk

    The Meters 1 st - and Look a py py: I like the Meters, so kill me.

    Marijata - This is Marijata: Killer afro funk. Record would be in Ex condition if there wouldn't have been a very, very nasty scratch on the first half of I walk alone. Doesn't skip but plops. Don't know if I can live with it yet.

    Hans Dulfer - Morning after the third: Sexy Sax Man

    Robert Savage - Adventures of : I remember hearing a song of this album I really liked, so picked this one up.

    Jane - Together: Krautprogrockmoves

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    Nice finds mate...Roll on November!

    Come on LLmod, get your finds up!
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      Will post up some pics when I get back home, but suffice to say it was a blast to hook up with MPFlapp and the FK crew. You can crop my hungover mug out of that pub snapshot, btw.!/obrftokyo

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        Nice finds,that William Onyeabor Atomic Bomb lp is pretty good. I have a copy in my collection.
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          Yeah Atomic Bomb is great and that Marijata album is another level. So so good!!


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            Just got back yesterday from a week’s digging in Holland and Belgium with the highlight of course being the Utrecht Fair.

            Spent time in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Brussels.

            The first photos are all pre Utrecht.

            Lots of these came from the excellent Vinyl Spot in Rotterdam. For its selection and value for money this has to be my favourite shop on the planet right now!


            Nobuo Hara & his Sharps and Flats ‘68 – Forest Flower – Lots of cool big band funky soul jazz on here with covers of Walk Tall, Backlash, Sidewinder, etc.

            T. Inomata Sound Limited – Hit Hit Hit – More Japanese big band funk with a great version of Led Zep’s Immigrant Man as played out by Alan Mck!

            Bryony James – Long term want crossed off. Always hoped to come across one of these in a charity shop but never ever seen one before this copy anywhere. Great super fast jazz dance version of Feeling Good amongst other things.

            Spirogyra – One of two copies of this acid folk LP I picked up on this trip. This one is a UK press, the other German. Reminds me of Comus. Great music.

            Parliament – Osmium – Another long term want filed. German press of this funk classic.

            Ivar Avenue Reunion – ST – This grabbed my eye and ear due to Merryweather and Carey being part of the band. Great funky psych rock.


            Sante Palumbo – Sway – Very hard to find Italian funky jazz and one I’ve been hunting for ages. The track Mad pretty much sums this up! Great psych guitar, eastern flute and heavy drums.

            The Leslie Drayton Orchestra – Our Music is your Music – Small label funky jazz out of LA. Nice latin moves.

            Hodges, James & Smith – Incredible & Power in your Love – Great funky soul LP’s from this under-rated trio. Listen to the Barry White influenced Sexy Ways!

            Hans Dulfer – Candy Clouds – One of three LP’s this Dutch saxophonist recorded for Catfish in the 70’s. This has his funkiest track in King Size Davy.

            In Search of Orchestra – Not come across this LP before, contains the UBB classic Phenomena Theme. Rest of the LP is pretty cool too. Sleeve notes by Leonard Nimoy no less!


            Tania Maria Via Brasil Vol 1 & 2 – Couldn’t resist cheap spares of these Brazilian classics. Great dancefloor versions of Fio Maravilha and Transamazonica. Think these might have been Euro only but not certain?

            Eric Kloss – First Class Kloss – Funky session on Prestige from 1967.

            Bobby Byrd – I Need Help Live on Stage – Spare of this classic funk LP. Shame he doesn’t do I Know you got Soul!

            Bit a Sweet – Hypnotic – Another spare. Has the great Beatles cover If I Needed Someone as sampled by someone?

            Jorge Ben – A Tabua de Esmeralda – I buy pretty much everything with Jorge Ben’s name on it as there is always at least one great track. This one is pretty much perfect all the way through. Whole LP here if you want to check it out yourself.


            Jazz Contemporaries – Reasons in Tonality – Live release on Strata East. One side a bit squawky for my liking in places but the Keno Duke side is great!

            Stars – ST – French jazz funk fusion. Nice drums and spacy effects. This is the Spanish release.

            Loeki Knol – Loeki Looks Around – Dutch artist gets funky. She does a nice bossa version of The Joker.

            Mikesch Van Grummer – Barlach Zyklus – Reasonably unknown Dutch jazz from 1988. Nice modal pieces.

            Rhoda Scott – Live at Club St Germain – You see her other live LP ten times for every time you see this one. Great version of Slipping into Darkness.

            Dulcimer – And I Turned as I had Turned as a Boy – German press of this rare UK folk item. Listen to the poetic Caravan.


            Josine Van Dalsum – Ik Ben er Zomaar – Bought a copy of this LP this year on Ebay for rather more than the Euro I picked this copy up for. Josine was a Dutch Actress who as far as I’m aware just recorded this one LP.

            James Royal – Call my Name – Another LP cast away to the Euro bins. House of Jack will be very familiar to anyone who knows their KPM LP’s!

            Dieter Reith – Rhythm in the Air – Easy Euro funk with themes from around the world.

            These were now all from the fair.


            Monica Zetterlund – Chicken Feathers – Great funky vocal Swedish jazz

            Egba (Electronic Groove and Beat Acadamy) – Debut LP from this funky Danish fusion outfit. Mogubgub is the track for me.

            Dave Pike – Noisy Silence Gentle Noise – Found an unpriced original copy on Friday. Special price 20 Euro! Mathar is still so good!

            Gary Bartz – Libra – Great jazz. The track Eastern Blues sits nicely next to Dave Pike!

            Wooden Ear – Fantasy – Never seen or heard of this French funky jazz rock LP before. It is released on Eddie Warner of IM library fames Warner Music label.

            Tee & Company – Spanish Flower – Japanese funky fusion LP.


            La Logica Sarabanda & Bandido – Got these two latin funk gems from a Mexican seller. Just love this sound!

            Bert Jansch – ST – Broken my Jansch cherry with this double LP from French compiling loads of his classic early tunes.

            These next photos were all from one Danish seller. Everything he had was one price with prices dropping the more you bought. Picked up quite a few spares and a number of LP’s that I was only vaguely familiar with. Lots of listening to do here!

            Harumi though is my new favourite LP though. Amazing!! You may recognise this track from the Edan LP. The whole double LP though is stunning!


            The next picture were all picked up in various Brussels stores.


            Brian – ST – Brain was apparently from Wiltshire but made it big in Belgium. Lots of the tracks have great intros that then become a little cheesy. There is one funky track though.

            Tom Grant – Mystified – This LP has been on my radar for a long time as the French diggers often have it for sale for serious money on their sites. Pleased to pick up this Dutch only release for 5 euros.

            Ian Carr Nucleus – Labyrinth – Cheap spare copy of this classic UK jazz rock outing.

            The Jokers – Spiders 8 – Second press of this psych funk obscurity. I almost bought a much more expensive first press at the fair, glad I didn’t now!

            Tito Fontana – Film Music – Great Italian jazz on the Dire label. I’ve had the track Sweeden on an Italian comp for years. Great scat vocals. Features Sante Palumbo too!

            Only one 45!!


            Great cheesy funk track! Slick!


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                Great set of records Mark and Mescal.
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                  no way is that Jokers Spider 8 funk or psych
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                    The fair was not as good for me as usual, but somehow I did end up with 20 records off which these were the highlights:



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                      There are definitely some funky moments and some psychy moments and sometimes they coincide with each other. There are also some cheesy moments. How would you describe it then Col?


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                        Nice finds Mark, Sway !!! long time want very jealous


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                          Originally posted by llmod1 View Post
                          There are definitely some funky moments and some psychy moments and sometimes they coincide with each other. There are also some cheesy moments. How would you describe it then Col?
                          bland predictable pop with a hint of out-dated twang

                          I nabbed one many years ago as was described as funk/psych/library
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                            Top few days in Utrecht - different strategy this time - few big items - some unknowns and a bunch (about 20) of reissues and new releases to save on the international shipping...

                            Dedalus – Materiale Per Tre Esecutori E Nastro Magnetico (Trident) - Free Prog action - clip

                            N.A.D.M.A. – Uno Zingaro Di Atlante Con Un Fiore A New York (RCA) - Free Jazz with some Prog - clip

                            Affinity – Affinity (Vertigo) - Well known - having said to Plainstone I'd given up on getting one - one turns up at a good price...

                            Fiorenzo Carpi – Un Bianco Vestito Per Mariale (Gemelli) - top OST action - Nige bagged one in Nov...

                            Various - Folk 73 (Private Press) - Port Elizabeth folk festival LP - some top tracks of male/female acoustic variety

                            Various - Folk 74 (Private Press) - 2xLP plus insert - Port Elizabeth folk festival LP - some top tracks of male/female acoustic variety

                            Various - Folk 75 (Private Press) - 2xLP - Port Elizabeth folk festival LP - some top tracks of male/female acoustic variety

                            Af Ursin – Aika (La Scie Dorée) - textured soundscapres

                            Af Ursin – De Overkant (La Scie Dorée) - textured soundscapres

                            Frederik Croene & Timo Van Luijk – Voile Au Vent (La Scie Dorée) - textured soundscapres - clip

                            Pat Thomas and Marijata - Pat Thomas and Marijata - (Gapophone Records) - say no more - clip
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                              @llmod1 - top scores... had the William Onyeabor "Atomic Bomb" on the list... That Spanish Flower LP is a peach... Harumi is a winner too... good few I don't know...

                              @Blast kid - Keen to hear the Jazz Focus and Informal Jazz 65...

                              Edit: Should highlight that Sunday was a bit of a hang-over classic... can highly recommend an evening at - fantastic music policy and top selection of beers... only think to remember is you don't need to try all the beers on one evening... 3am close and a skin full of high strength ales makes for slow diggin
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