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  • gogo
    Gift from a Cuban friend:

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  • Mescal
    Originally posted by smashingcheesegromit View Post
    a few singles from todays boot..some indie,punk.lo-fi and a dusty one.

    I think God is my Co Pilot is the coolest band name ever. On par with Outnumbered by Idiots

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  • airfixkid
    Tony Colton ! awesome.

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  • mr sayers
    The Snow LP is great listen, I'm pretty sure you would enjoy it Paul mate.

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  • treeboy
    Crikey Lee, that's a set in itself! Got a few of those, but some excellent stuff I will be on the hunt for. I wonder if the rest of the Snow lp is anywhere near as good as that 45? Anyone heard it? Brilliant tune.
    Pappys Haunted House does it for me. Top drawer
    The one that really made my day was the Edwina Biglet 45. What's that all about? I'd love to hear the story behind the making of that unashamed smile-inducing brace of bonkers ditties. That's a good way

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  • LDJB
    Time for a round up! From a variety of sources - apologies for the looooong post - had a great time on Dave Browns stall this last weekend going through a pile of 45s for starters!


    New Soundcarriers - loving this! I'm sure you've all got it by now so nuff said.
    Moe Koffman - me and Sie Fly ventured into the thrift thing opposite the Tanners on Saturday. Very strange - three blokes playing abstract noise on two vintage synths and a chaos pad VERY loud while we browsed. Anyway I pulled this classical / jazz / funk mash up as recommended on here recently for a quid - pretty good! First track on the second side is the killer!
    Pure Love and Pleasure and Genesis were both gifts from Nige (Campag Record) - thank you very much mate - enjoying them both! PL&P is a bit of a one tracker but it's a funky rock stonker! Genesis is great pop sike and the title track is a psych classic!

    45s - good and make yourself a cuppa first.....



    Pic sleeves - all off James (thanks mate - will be in touch) - all excellent in different ways. Incorrigibles is difficult to describe - fast drum heavy RnB with psychy touches? The Rossi is a fuzzy pop banger! Nieman is the Mohawks go Eastern Bloc! The Young Family is kids making doomy prog beats.

    more pic sleeves

    The Tomcats is July before they were July! Excellent ep - not a bad track. Two aggressive garagey tracks and two weird exotica with fuzz tracks. I Bisonti - raw Italian garage - reminds me of the Count Five. Mina is an RnBish type thing. Don Curtis - private press Swedish psych - well known on here it would seem.

    and more pic sleeves (and a flexi)

    Blue Effect - best Eastern Bloc psych I've heard thus far. 2 killers on here.
    the split 45 was a freebie and has a couple of great tracks on it.
    Cafe Con Leche - a BIN from on here - kids + fuzzz
    Swedish Flexi - what I assume is a label promo for three bands - they are all rather good!

    cheap banger!

    another BIN - cheers Craig - it rips off 'Gimmie Some Lovin' and I'm not entirely sure I don't already own it

    Hard funky psych

    fucked up strange psych - lovely! Thanks Sie.

    Quite frankly awesome!!!!!

    so nice on 45!

    Jangley garage

    Funky organ and fuzz led pop - thanks Paul

    groovy french Canadian strangeness with nice weird noises and a screeching guitar solo

    Solitary find at Tynemouth - nice UK funker

    Amazing blue eyed garage soul 45!

    Fuzzy garage cheapie

    Poppy organ led upbeat version

    I'd describe this as groovy Merseybeat sound with an edge.

    Freakbeaty Garage from the North East - new one to me and I love it!

    Mod beat banger

    funky organ instro on this side and a fatback soul shouter on the flip - nice

    Sounds like the Equals a bit I think - fast and a searing guitar part.

    Funky Reggae

    Les doing a groovy Bond Theme-esque cue

    What a strange concept - a 45 to promote an EP - wouldn't they be roughly the same price? Great track anyway and louder than the EP.

    I love the Nashville Teens and I'm pretty sure I don't already have this???

    They became Wimple Winch I've read. Nice Mod pop.

    ...and these became Tomorrow (or so I've read again). More nice beaty, edgy pop.

    This puts me in mind of the James Gang 'Funk 49' with added Violin - Curved Air related apparently.

    just plain bonkers- both sides! WTF?


    Nice RnB groover from Mr Farlowe

    B side of the original Dr Who - it's flippin ace.

    Thanks for your time people.

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  • Head Gardener
    a few Tuesday 7" finds

    this is a strange one, with the flip side replacing Xanadu for supertype!
    written by Jeff Lynne for squillions of Euros in 1982

    6 track EP from a Suffolk based band released in 1981

    nice Hugo demo

    I have no idea about this, any help appreciated!

    looked promising in the box (it was 20p) but turns out to be pretty rubbish

    a grim tale from The Barley Corn lads

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  • Sonovox

    Vivian Stanshall - Sir Henry At Rawlinson End. One of the finest slices of vinyl ever committed. Not everyone's cuppa, but if you get into it, you may never escape. Decent price complete with the insert / poster.
    John Handy - The 2nd John Handy Album. Interesting envelope-pushing jazz, some fine small group tunes with violin and guitar featured, plus the long 'Scheme #1' track going fully third-stream / atonal.
    Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be. Lionel Bart musical, bleedin' awful cockney excruciation, innit.
    Haydn - The Nelson Mass. Getting harder to resist anything on Argo. Lovely recording.

    American Mass Program. Mass based on 'Negro spiritual' traditions, looked interesting but didn't really do anything for me.
    La Petite Musicale - Creole Fiesta. Trinidad and Tobago album, this is a set of lively tunes, folky music with large choral vocal. Not sure if you would call this calypso, but there's a great energy and feel to it.
    Emily Mitchell - Harp Recital. More Argo, including 20th century compositions. The 'Essay For Harp And Strings' by Noam Sheriff is amazing, the harp accompanied by an astringent/atonal string section, recommended.
    The Hues Corporation - Freedom For The Stallion. Really enjoyed The Hues Corp. first album, nothing that made the hairs stand up, but everything was just gooooood.

    Then to the boot sale this week:

    X-Ray Spex - Germ Free Adolescents. Was really pleased to pick up a copy of this punk classic, especially considering the young lad in front on me pulled out a few other decent albums from the box but left this one behind. Ground zero for the dayglo socks craze.

    Was pleased to find a few Beach Boys bits in a collection, especially the EPs which I didn't have before. All of these LPs are mono, so now I have to decide if I want both mono and stereo copies or if I should rationalize to one of the other.

    And in the same collection I managed to pick up about 30 odd singles for 50p a go

    Including this top-notch truly bonkers rockabilly instrumental:

    The Nashville Teens doing this Randy Newman song which I'm only familiar with from the Harpers Bizarre version...

    And a tasty selection of soul:


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  • candiman
    Originally posted by nebkins View Post
    Anyone do the Swanley bootfairs yesterday? First time ive done them and it was an early start (4.30am wake up to leave my town at 5.00am) but they were gigantic and there were shed loads of records. Came back with over 80 LP's / 12" and so did the guy i went with. Will post pics later but got stuff ranging from hardcore and jungle, soul and funk, disco, rock and roll and reggae.
    Glad you're finding something. I had an OK start to the season but for the last few weeks it's been a vinyl desert at my local booters.

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  • toby.d
    Phew, US69 is indeed firey. I like that Dreams too.

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  • the flight
    Hi guys, I'm happy to finally manage to post some of my latest finds. I am following this section every week and lately I am very intrigued by most of the east-european finds our friends on this forum have the kindness to share. And it goes a little something like this:

    The first one, Seara de Jazz cu Aura Urziceanu is a strong jazz lp from Romania released on Electrecord (1974). What an album! I was waiting for this one for a long time... Here is a little taste of its breaks, killer scats and groovy horns:

    Then it follows, Zodiac Instrumental Rock Group Disco Alliance, synth spacey pop, interesting until some point when it gets annoying.
    The next ones are from my last trip to London which I enjoyed a lot. Gerry Hemingway Tubworks released on Sound Aspects Records seams to be a rare piece, a lot of abstract percussions studies and stuff like that, I find it very good for those who search percussions for sampling. It continues with some nice library records and why not a nice cooking' records ep - number 6. I am sucker for most of the early releases that come from Bukem's labels.

    Next, one of the best ep's released on Ninja Tune by Dj Food - Freedom EP. After that Hefner, Residue lp on Inertia Records (2000) and after that an obvious classic of the dnb scene and the last clear one is Isotoxal ep by Paradox. Thanks guys for giving advices about the record shops in London!

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  • mr sayers
    Originally posted by smashingcheesegromit View Post
    ^^^^ ditto on the us 69,great lp! both dust are killers,nice gogo
    The Hassles ain't bad either...Nice finds Gogo.

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  • smashingcheesegromit
    ^^^^ ditto on the us 69,great lp! both dust are killers,nice gogo

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  • Funky Charly
    Originally posted by gogo View Post
    Back from Greece. some none-greek records (I have to listen them and after I can give you information if interest)

    killer B-boy breaks on 'Samotsvety'
    'US 69' badly wanted.
    Just nice, gogo mate!

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  • nebkins
    Anyone do the Swanley bootfairs yesterday? First time ive done them and it was an early start (4.30am wake up to leave my town at 5.00am) but they were gigantic and there were shed loads of records. Came back with over 80 LP's / 12" and so did the guy i went with. Will post pics later but got stuff ranging from hardcore and jungle, soul and funk, disco, rock and roll and reggae.

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