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    Originally posted by babycart View Post
    does Sie get a Sambalanco Trio lp every time he goes to Buenos Aires?
    It's looking that way - I did bring back some LP's for amigos on this trip...
    If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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      some great finds at the garage sales over the weekend, along with a complete run of early albums by The Who

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        Picked this up today and can find no info on it whatsoever, anyone have any ideas?


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          Good boot fair this week. Found myself scrabbling into a 'being put out' collection with several other regular diggers, everyone had first dibs at one box or another. Which was nice.

          Jimmy Jones - Good Timin. Lovely copy, classic R&B. Obviously 'Handy Man' is written in every spot feasible on the cover.
          John Barry - Beat Girl. Cover is not the best, vinyl marked, but plays lovely.
          Connie Francis - Do The Twist. Once I had a shelf full of twist albums, but cleared a bundle out because they all sound the same. This is nice, though, 12 original tracks, definitely a keeper.
          Gene Chandler - The Gene Chandler Situation.

          Flash And The Pan - Pan Orama
          . Best of compilation.
          Brian Ritchie - The Blend. 1987 solo album from Violent Femmes bassist, on SST. Going left of leftfield with instruments including flutes, accordion, banjo, elephant tusk, conch, tabla, Kalimba drums, flumpet and 'anti-rhythms'. And a Sun Ra cover version. Interesting stuff.
          Space 1999. Three exciting stories, still sealed. So possibly not exciting enough.
          Bryan Chalker's New Frontier - The Hanging Of Samuel Hall. Kind of expecting a folky set of murder ballards, this is a 'what's the point' UK Johnny Cash emulator.

          Elsewhere, digging into a huge pile of unpromising looking 1980s singles... lots of fun stuff.

          Honey and DD Sound are nice disco business, even though the latter looks like a cheap Baccara knock off, both Spanish presses. Buzzz - Sorry My Dear is an excellent kind of ska-soul mutant thing, especially liking the B Side 'Buzzzy Rock'. Xavier features George Clinton and Bootsy working the sucker. Philip Jap - Save Us is bonkers energetic new wavey nonsense.

          Nancy Nova is apparently Bob Holness' daughter, reciting Japanese brand names and making 'Ah So' noises. Um. The Flying Lizards - Move On Up is nice to hear, but not quite disinterested enough in the material. The Skyscrapers are solid post punk rock with bleepy synth fills.

          Devo - Working In A Coalmine is a strangely boring cover version. Udo Lindenberg - Germans is an excellent tongue in cheek run through of national characteristics, including yodelling. President President - All Good Men, not much cop but flip it over to the B side, Skin Of The Salamander for some weird catchy synth riff and Southern US voodoo drawling madness. Ace!

          A compendium of stupid 80s band names / design concepts: Vicious Pink Phenomena, Fantastic Something, The Fabulous Pop Tarts, The Impossible Dreamers, The Explorers, Stockholm Monsters. You had to be there.


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            Not being an expert on these African things, but I guess this is some kind of highlife as I understand that genre but I could be completely off. Not really something I really like, but this is above par with a cool guitar sound, a few mellow tracks with more of a snakey groove, a bit jazzier than normal and one track that is slightly funky.

            Favorite tracks:

            Snakey groove

            Funky and jazzy
            "Only one thought left, that makes me come alive,
            and that is you and me side by side, on the licorice ride"


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              Originally posted by Head Gardener View Post
              some great finds at the garage sales over the weekend...

              Last year, after quite a lot of drink, I sang the Drunken Nurker at the Harwich Sea Shanty Festival and remarkably wasn't keelhauled as a result.
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                Originally posted by Agnes_Guano View Post
                Last year, after quite a lot of drink, I sang the Drunken Nurker at the Harwich Sea Shanty Festival and remarkably wasn't keelhauled as a result.
                Did you do the Syd Rumpo voice too?


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                  Picked this up today and can find no info on it whatsoever, anyone have any ideas?
                  I have had a real good look but alas, to no avail sorry
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                    From Portugal, Spain and "Pays Basque"
                    Errobi - good prog. Triana.

                    the second up is a strange compilation with great cover (have to listen) from the label Movieplay
                    Ordorika - Basque poet-singer,

                    Les Negresses vertes and Em Remes Sini band up, Tai Phong down,
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                    • Originally posted by stupidnation View Post
                      Picked this up today and can find no info on it whatsoever, anyone have any ideas?
                      Looks like a project from whatever school in London the Mondesir brothers went to before they started their careers in jazz.


                      • Originally posted by Head Gardener View Post
                        I have had a real good look but alas, to no avail sorry

                        Thanks fella, much appreciated, its a tricky one for sure!
                        Central foundation 1983, making history, thats all the label states


                        • Originally posted by babycart View Post
                          Looks like a project from whatever school in London the Mondesir brothers went to before they started their careers in jazz.
                          Where did you find that info please?


                          • Wait...did you think that from the back text?

                            Does sound like it is, especially the shout outs to the head mistress and head of art.


                            • Due to changes in my circumstances (dream on dreamer, life gets in the way), I'm unable to splurge on vinyl as in days of yore. But I've been enjoying the discipline of abstinence and of largely limiting myself to the occasional charity shop sorties.

                              So, haven't amassed the most interesting selection so far this year, but here follows a round-up of what I've managed to scrape together:

                              The above are a few items that came in from trades with Divine and Pencilface aaaaaaaaages ago. Couple of swampy soul killers on the Dewey Terry and it's a really well put together package, which must have been a loss-leader for the record company.

                              The above are all charity shop finds. The Mike Maran I've had before and I picked it up again as it has Mike Gibbs on the arrangements and the title track is nearly there, but not quite, so I think it will head for the 'Out' pile with a more appropriate level of haste than that afforded that fucking walking disaster zone Moyes! The other three are largely tepid C&W, pictured here so that you can remember to avoid them. I think bumping my head during my fall down a mountain in the Lake District might well have recalibrated my Spidey senses to my detriment.

                              The top two in this pic came from a rare visit to Rob's. My visits are getting rarer as I'm not in Nottingham that often and when I am, the shop has sadly returned to its previous 'Trebus' state and I can't be arsed with struggling round it, risking injury from teetering piles of vinyl or Weil's disease. Still, the Terry Reid is amazing isn't it? And the WMS style LP has a killer version of 'Superstition' with a ridiculous break on it (if that's your thing), plus a shambolic attempt at the lyrics (Surely 'Talking Book' printed the lyrics? Why not just read the buggers?). Nick Ingman (spare) was found in a chazza, among the usual Carpenters and Mouskouri, completely incongruous, nothing else similar to 'Terminator' in there, so I was left with that feeling of whether I'd been lucky to find this on its tod, or had I been unlucky and missed a selection of similar LPs and a previous vinyl hunter had left this one behind accidentally. I sleep better by telling myself it was the former scenario. Anyway, this one's going to be appearing in the Trades section shortly.

                              Found the above selection in a charity shop while pottering about, trying to take my mind off a dentist appointment (It didn't work, I still shat it and am now waiting to go to hospital to get shut of a wisdom tooth. Mint.). The main reason I got the film soundtrack comp is because it has a price sticker on for the 70s supermarket chain Grandways, which used to be round the corner from my house when I lived in Worksop. Seeing that made me unexpectedly sentimental, almost emotional, but that could also have been the utter dread of going to the dentist. Anyway, all three will be in the next round of Freebies, which I hope to get chance to post up tomorrow.

                              Top two here were from a RSPCA charity shop and I picked them up because Georges Delerue features and they looked odd. Karnak Temples would be a great name for my band, but I have no musical talent, so that's banjaxed that. Anyway, these are 'Son et Lumiere' LPs, designed to accompany a look round the temples and play as an audio representation of the story of the temples - kind of like listening to a Swords and Sandals epic. Not much cop really, but I'll punt them on down the market. The bottom two were off a Newark on Trent market stall where a chap was selling stuff on behalf of his brother, mostly Elvis stuff and a load of really dodgy looking Xian stuff. The Woody Guthrie LP will hopefully be converted into record tokens when I make my first trip down the market of the year and the SonSong Xian LP was the mostly likely looking out of the selection and is quite close to the acid folk style and I need to give it a proper listen before the final in/out decision. It's got potential, but sounded a bit too lightweight on first listen.

                              The above quartet were all rescued from a chazza with the sole intent of padding out my trades from next time I go to the market. Apologies, but I haven't listened to any of them, straight in the 'Out' pile, but I promise to listen to whatever I trade them in for and provide a critical appraisal of that instead.

                              Much the same story on the above selection of jazz-related stuff. These were all picked up on a trawl round loads of charity shops (in Boston, Lincs), which turned out to be one of the biggest wastes of time ever and I really only bought these so I'd at least have summat to show for all the legwork! Again, they'll just serve to pad out my market trades.

                              More charity shop cheapies and pretty much 'canon fodder' (I'm still pushing this term, I'll copyright it soon). I think they're all in the mix for the Freebies selection tomorrow, so be sure to keep an eye out in the 'Let's Get Stuck...' section tomorrow.

                              Found the two Loussier LPs (spares) in Oxfam Music and Books shop the other day, nice to see these as I've not seen either in ages and the only previous time I've found 'Sous La Mer' was also in a chazza. Both surprisingly groove / breaks laden (illdramabreaksraresickloopsfordazeyo) and don't suffer too badly for their relatively late recording dates (1979 / 1981). 'Attention' is a kind of ecology rock opera type thing from France. Familiar session musicians and composers (including Mirouze) and it has its moments, particularly one latin-tinged groover, but is ultimately a bit too 'Godspell' for me, so it's up for trade. The Blackwell 'Boogie' LP (co-produced by Larry Page) came from a chazza on Saturday and is pretty much spot-on for me in that 'wonky disco' vein. Maybe a bit too heavy on the Moog at times and surprisingly short on breakdowns, but is a definite keeper.

                              That's your lot. Much like the football season, I'm glad it's over. And, also like the football season, pretty unsatisfactory, but it could have been so much worse (thank fuck for citeh).

                              Van Gaal in.
                              Jet Boy stole my baby.


                              • that Moira Kerr is cool - been looking for one for a while ... seems tough to turn up south of the Border !! and yes - Terry Reid - amazing ...
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