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  • the only find of today from medway chazzas..

    phil seamen meets eddie gomez-"s/t"-uk saga 1968
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    • Originally posted by smashingcheesegromit View Post
      the only find of today from medway chazzas..

      phil seamen meets eddie gomez-"s/t"-uk saga 1968
      Cool find
      My copy came from an Oxfam in Surbiton
      Without doubt one of the great car crash lp covers of all time
      Phil looks an absolute disaster - Eddie is squeezed into the corner and pianist Tony Lee looks like a retired major
      What do you think the rejected shots looked like?
      "Record collecting is no mere hobby, no innocuous leisurely diversion. It is a feverish passion bordering on dementia, driving those under the influence to irrational, compulsive, fanatical extremes."

      Night of the Living Vinyl


      • Got up really early today so I could be at a bootsale as they started unloading the cars and I must say it really paid off. Lots of sellers had records and the asking prices were 50p up to £3.

        Antoine - International Stars: Antoine

        Mixed bag - some good folksy freakbeaty or groovy tracks but also quite a lot of more silly songs. It's a compilation and I think I have most of the good tracks elsewhere.

        V/A - Vertigo Annual 1970
        Proggy compilation with sticker and sticker tear.

        Leif Strands Kammarkör - En skiva med...
        Upgrade copy of this jazz mass type thing where chamber choir meets many from the Swedish 70s jazz elite. Highly recommended stuff - there's 4 records in the series, all with similar looking sleeves.

        Kornet - S/T
        Swedish fusion jazz that I didn't get along with in the past. Thought I'd give their 1975 debut another go now but I still don't like it that much. There's a groove and some funk but too much electric guitar solos and tedious fusion-synths going on.

        Motherload - When I Die
        Soulpop of some kind that has its ups and downs.

        The Big Band Soul - Soul Extravaganza
        Upgrade copy of this great soul exploito thing.

        Lotti Golden - S/T
        Soulrock of some sort - I think I like her debut better but this has some really good songs on it as well.

        Dennis Stoner - S/T
        Good folk/folkrock with some groovy tracks.

        Fanny - Charity Ball
        Female rock-group - has some funky and nice bits but on the whole doesn't do that much for me.

        Werup-Sjöströmgruppen - Makten och härligheten
        Swedish poet makes music and plays sax. Most of it's mellow and folksy with an arty touch, a few tracks are a bit funky and jazzy. I have a hard time knowing what to make of it after a first listen.

        Kenny Håkansson - Beno's Ben
        Swedish legendary psych/prog guitarist of Baby Grandmothers/Mecki Mark Men/Kebnekaise fame in 1981 tried to fuse prog with a bit of the new postpunk sound on this record. It's curious and interesting, but I can't really say what I think of it yet. It will require some more listenings.

        Semi-rare record where Nordic folk songs get jazz and prog treatment. VEry good stuff and a bit under the radar for some reason.

        Samira Tewfiq - Bedouin Romance volume 3
        To my ears a pretty typical 60s MidEast folk record. Pretty nice but doesn't stand out.

        Stan Borys - Szukam Przyjaciela ‎

        Polish singer with a couple of really good funky tracks and some jazzy moves.
        "Only one thought left, that makes me come alive,
        and that is you and me side by side, on the licorice ride"


        • ^ Nice finds, looks like the hard work has paid...I'm a big fan of that Dennis Stoner.
          "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


          • Just back from the booter, picked up a President comp from the mid 70's that I'd not seen before plus second edition copies of Led Zeppelin 2 and 3. Oh, and a mint copy of the Easy Rider OST for Wuggsy, he's been after a decent copy of ages. All a quid each. Sorted.
            If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


            • Originally posted by smashingcheesegromit View Post
              the only find of today from medway chazzas.. phil seamen meets eddie gomez-"s/t"-uk saga 1968
              Wow, that's some find - well done sir.
              If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


              • Went for what is colloquially (well, in my house) known as a 'bimble' round the charity shops of Mansfield and Ashfield on Friday. Haven't tossed 50p pieces around with such recklessness since I used to go to football in the 80s!

                Not a great haul, but I enjoyed myself and I did manage to grab a couple of things that I've been after for ages.

                Got my 80s on here, good and proper. Believe it or not, those Scritti 12"s and the TFF 12" have been on my Wants list for ages. I just didn't want to get them off eBay as I had faith that I'd eventually get them in the wild. But 'eventually' seemed to become ever more elastic.........................until Friday. I love these early/mid 80s 12"s where the pop act belied an ear for the dancefloor, that 'White Boy Funk' feel. I also love coke-fuelled bombast or ZTT / Trevor Horn productions for much the same reason. The Mathilde Santing I picked up as I recognised her from my days of reading NME back when it was good. It's not a keeper, nor is it offensive (well, the synths are pretty jarring actually), just a bit tame for me. Free to a good home.

                More 'exotica'. These were all from Cancer Research in Sutton, which has suddenly had an in-flux of vinyl (including two record boxes full under the racks). Think I'll hang on to the Les Sans Nom for a little while, as I detected some potential among the cabaret stylings. But the others can be added to my latest freebies, just give me a shout.

                The Chequers came from Sie Fly and I shall reciprocate ASAP. Paul Kent came from a proper shop (more of which shortly) but, sadly, I think I'll be moving it on as I didn't find it had much direction, bit too 'jack of all trades and master of none'. Donovan and Al Hirt came from aforementioned Cancer Research shop. Donovan is a Belgian comp - pretty sure that Donovan founded Belgium (I'll check it on Wikipedia) and the Al Hirt is one of those that has some tasty grooves, but never quite lets itself go enough - sufficient on there to hang on to it for a second listen.

                The two Xian LPs by the lovely Mildred Rainey were also from Cancer Research. The first one, where she's smiling ostensibly innocently, is pretty dreadful (to my ears anyway), the second one, where she's got that look of the lass you said 'Hello' to as you passed in the corridor at work, only to find her outside your house that night, claiming you promised to marry her, is actually pretty good as the backing musicians give the warbled hymns a sort of Latin Jazz swing. If you see it for cheap, grab it. The well-known Bugs Bunny LP can also be a freebie, as can Lionel Morton's LP (potential Kiddie Folk action?). Had to chuckle at Lionel as he's more Lion-O. Have you ever seen a man more leonine on an album cover? He looks like he's mid-metamorphosis!

                Anyway, while in Sutton, I popped in to see if Mark has made any progress on sorting / filing the umpteen thousands of records he had in when I last visited some months ago. He has..........................after a fashion. When I arrived, a chap was there, filling his van as Mark has decided to sell (to dealers) 'pot luck' bags records or pallets. You take whatever's on the pallet or in the dumpster. Works quite well for fellas who plan to offload them via a market stall or booter. I put it to Mark that he might have let some rare and valuable stuff go that way, but he's of the opinion that "what the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve for" - a healthy and admirable approach. I'd get the willies myself.

                I had a couple of hours rummaging through myself. Mark's in the process of using these dealers to clear a bit of space so that the many thousands more can be brought from 'upstairs' / 'round the back' etc and on to the shop floor. Remember I mentioned last time that he'd acquire liquidated stock from a chart return shop in Chesterfield? You can tell a lot of the stuff came from a chart shop, there's lots of dance stuff, UK releases of various rap albums and 12"s, plenty of metal and indie etc. Then there's the stuff brought in from Oxfam warehouses etc. So there's oodles of chud to wade through, but I'm sure there are jewels in there. Huge amount of Classical, but I think several specialists have twigged and are regular visitors. The pricing is fair, there's a £5 section and a £3 section (7"s are cheaper, but I never look at them) and the more you buy, the cheaper it will get. I think Mark lists some stuff on Amazon (new one on me) and has done Ok that way, shifting the Oasis LPs he ended up with. Definitely worth popping in to spend several hours digging, even if you end up record blind and overwhelmed like me, you'll even get to play with Kaiser, the lovely big Mastiff!!

                This is the view you get as you step through the door:

                This is same area, but from Mark's desk: (See the far end, where it's partitioned? There's stacks behind there waiting to be brought through. Getting a bit damp that end though.)

                At the back of Mark's desk:

                Back through the door where the stuff being sold by volume is stored / going from:

                And, under almost all the racks / tables:

                PM me if you need further details. It's open Friday / Saturday as a rule, but you can arrange a special visit on other days.
                Jet Boy stole my baby.


                • From varying sources...


                  Fargo - I See it now (RCA)
                  Pleasant US 60's LP, guess it wouldn't leave an impression on most on the board...(Cheers Fuz).

                  Johnny Pearson His Corale and Orchestra - Come to Bethlehem (Avant Garde)
                  One great track, which was comped by Johnny Trunk several years ago...(Cheers Lee)

                  John Lee Hooker - Free Beer and Chicken (ABC)
                  Couple of nice funky tracks...(Cheers Lee)


                  This first batch were from the market yesterday -

                  Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Big Time Operator/Zoot's Serman (Columbia)
                  Great mod/R'N'B double sider.

                  The Dennisons - Walking the dog (Decca)
                  Gritty Rufus Thomas cover.

                  The Wailers - Road Runner (London)
                  Great R'N'B frat track.

                  The Kingsmen - Little Latin Lupe Lu/Davids Mood
                  Great instro B side.

                  Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames - Shop around (Columbia)
                  Great version.

                  Thin Lizzy - The Rocker (Decca)
                  A LDJB spin!

                  The Euro picture sleeve single were from a fellow vulture -

                  Jean-Piere Huser - Le Skieur/Le Journal Blanc (Festival)
                  Great French double sider. (Cheers James)

                  King set - Jezebel (Disc AZ)
                  Glad to finally nab a copy of this in the real world as I'd never managed to pull a cheap one at Utrecht.

                  Brigitte Fontaine - Ca va faire et areski (BYG)
                  See above (Cheers James)

                  Lulu - The boat that I row (Columbia)
                  Freebie off Lee, cheers man.

                  Dusty Springfield - All I see is you (Phillips)
                  See Above...

                  Gary Byrd - Soul Travelin' (RCA)
                  Classic (Cheers Lee)

                  The Searchers - Popcorn double feature (Kapp)
                  'Fading Yellow' moves. (Cheers Lee)

                  The Shadows - Bombay Duck (Columbia)
                  Pretty sure I already own this, could be coming your way Nige mate!
                  "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


                  • a few singles from todays boot..some indie,punk.lo-fi and a dusty one.

                    prob put for trades for the next week..

                    dusty springfield-spooky uk og

                    bunny grunt-johnny angel
                    jack geek-jack of geeks ep
                    teen anthems-i hate oasis
                    lil bunnies-pink vinyl
                    the great brain-ray
                    god is my co-pilot/gag-split ep
                    god is my pilot-sharon quite fancies ep
                    the charles napiers-surf rider

                    ------~o00o-----//{ ´°`(_)´°` }\\-----o00o~------


                    • These are from the last couple of weeks from charities, record fairs, boot sales, actual shops and a few from online sources.

                      These were all from one online seller. I bought one LP from him and then he kept sending me sound clips from other LP's and the more I took the cheaper they got! Some cool jazz, German Xian funk and some funky East Euro beat bits!

                      The Night Club 67 was from the same seller as above. The Jorge Ben and the Super Diamond of Dakar LPs were both from SmashingCheeseGrommit (thanks mate!)

                      The other 4 were from either a Saturday morning jaunt to Spitafields or a local fair. Was very pleased to get the Johnny Griffin which is great.

                      The first two were from Spitafields. The other three were from today from shops and market stalls around East London. The Clydene Jackson had been on my wants list for ever.

                      Got lucky today at this mornings boot fair. This is the first one I've been to this year, might stop now whilst I'm ahead.
                      A couple of these are spares, most I've not had a chance to listen to. I've got high hopes though!


                      • ^
                        So... did you also run into a Polish immigrant? I only got a Stan Borys yesterday because the rest of his records weren't very interesting, but I'm very happy with that.
                        "Only one thought left, that makes me come alive,
                        and that is you and me side by side, on the licorice ride"


                        • I did run into a Polish lady and her husband. She was amazed that I was interested in her old Polish records. I was amazed that the classic rock dealers, who were all at the fair hours before me didn't buy them on the strength of their covers alone. She did say she had more, with hindsight I probably should have tried to get her number and then gone to visit her.


                          • Yeah - you should have.

                            The Stan Borys I nearly lost - an elder man and his wife were going through the 2 crates before me, he turned around and said to me "lots of Polish stuff here if that interests you", he flicked past most of them quickly but stopped and picked up the Stan Borys to inspect it further, then put it back, sighed and went and paid for whatever he and his wife did find.

                            The Breakout is a great find - I only have that uglier later pressing... (I think - or did I replace it at one time and forgot about it?)
                            "Only one thought left, that makes me come alive,
                            and that is you and me side by side, on the licorice ride"


                            • Minor haul from Luton today, and one on line belter.

                              This was the online 45
                              Yellow Payges from '69. Awesome guitar sound, good and fast too

                              Some of the Luton pickings.

                              Great 1964 2 sider. Decca in the UK. UK frat/beat thumping instro sillyness. Love it. Check those barnets

                              More craziness, from the US.
                              2nd 45 by the Count Five. Classic garage.

                              Sunshine/ jangle from The Shady Days released in 67. The two tracks on this 45 were previously released in 66 by The Revelles. Obviously Shady Days was a more fashionable name in 67. Byrdsy sounds.

                              Classic 67 Chicago psych. Won't set your dancefloor on fire, but a good listen.


                              JDS killer 64 b side, upgrade.
                              Paul Jones's best tune, well known I'm sure.
                              Nashville Teens 65 un-pc song about his mother in law! Very good though.
                              Caravan If I could....../ Hello hello Fantastic Canterbury 2 sider.

                              From the 2nd lp.1970. Heavy groover. The 45 is shorter than the lp version in the clip.

                              Lovely 45. Probably comped on a Fading Yellow style lp, but I could be wrong. 1968, Sutherland Brothers before Quiver.

                              Found this on the local market
                              Notable for the inclusion of this stomper...among others.
                              Everyone tear down your own little wall
                              That keeps you from being a part of it all
                              Because you've got to be one with the one and all
                              You've just got to be close to it all


                              • Originally posted by smashingcheesegromit View Post
                                I recall that Lil' Bunnies EP making a bit of a stir when it came out in the mid-90s:

                                Dave Lee Roth, I Too Am Running With This Devil Of Which You Speak (sic)