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  • deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeep record.

    sleeve and original liner note/ insert are minty fresh, the vinyl was graded at "good", lots of surface marks but play through with pretty miminal/ light noise. v happy to bag this for a fair price.

    also picked up this swinger:

    Another record from 1966 with (yet) another version of Kenny Rankin's "In The Name Of Love", and it's a swinger. might Brillo it this Friday.

    and I went into Haggle and had to leave. gosh, i'd forgotten.


    • Haggle does my head in too nowadays. Something to do with being old & grumpy and him Only good deal I ever got in there was when he had gone out for lunch, and the oriental girl sold me a load of 45s she had no idea about apparently I tend to pass it by if I'm up that way. Sad I know
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      • I don't often post in these finds threads, because, well I don't really find that much noteworthy.

        But a mate's father passed away some time ago and he was some sort of hoarder. His house was full of all kinds of shit. Among them some records. 95% was crap music, but managed to score a few things:

        Neu! is Green Brain. Too bad there's some writing on the sleeve, other than that, Nice condition. (spare)

        Vanilla Fudge - Rock n Roll - Not so bad - Us Press

        Kandahar is some Belgian jazz rock fusion (or something like that) Pretty good and pretty sought after (spare)

        Boudewijn De Groot - Nacht en Ontij: Dutch psychedelia

        The Underground thing is a compilation album with Country joe and the fish and some others.

        Boris Vian - French singer/songwriter who was a big influence on Serge Gainsbourg

        And then, not a record, but still very pleased with this.

        My mate said, well there are also some vintage posters:


        • [QUOTE=DRSMITH;545050]
          Originally posted by LDJB View Post
          Here's a quick round up from me

          Glad you're enjoying the Wes Henderson mate.
          Me too !!
          Banned (DJ Anchovy)


          • Seriously coveting that Floyd UFO poster Mescal There's some cool vinyl there,but the poster does it for me. Amazing find, enjoy it
            Everyone tear down your own little wall
            That keeps you from being a part of it all
            Because you've got to be one with the one and all
            You've just got to be close to it all


            • Frits Katee, Dutch rare groove, great Herbie Hancock cover. Chris McGregor In his Good time, solo piano free jazz.

              Madonna, guilty pleasure, original 2LP. Stockhausen, avantgarde, mostly Electronic.

              Pretty Things, SF Sorrow, Psych classic, UK gatefold sleeve Dutch press. OMD is an oldtime favorite from the 80s.

              Azymuth, Japanese original, rare brazil record I have been after for a while. Another Stockhausen, I don't feel this one yet.

              One for the sleeve the other well known here. Saw it a lot lately on VG+.

              Kurt Edelhagen, Funky Lounge, actually very nice too.

              Found lot's of well known 80s Jazz/Funk all in new condition ... couldn't leave those behind.

              And now I got two ...

              Bintangs, raw Dutch blues. Bennie Maupin, spare jazz funk.

              Muddy Waters Electric Mud, fav, found an USA copy to replace my Dutch press.

              David Bowie is a first press with fanclub booklet.

              Another spare on Maupin, one of the best jazz funk records out there. The Falling Stones is Surinam Funk Soul.

              George Duke is a nice UK copy, fully laminated. Haven't listen to this 3lp set of Godley and Creme.

              Two spare copies, although I'll keep both Wire's USA and UK press.

              Jon Hassell, electronic avantgarde jazz.

              Paris France Transit, great rare Disco album and a beautiful Eartha.

              Spare 50% slow and 50% rhythm, some great funk tracks on this.

              3 French soundtracks with a couple of disco tracks.

              Made a scratch on my Duke copy so had to buy a new one. UK first press Black Sabbath.

              Great Lalo Horror soundtrack, more horror.

              Three classic albums.

              Angel Unchained, great Biker soundtrack with a couple of funky tracks.

              One for the cover, not bad too.

              Got this boxes, mainly rare Italo, some Disco and Hip Hop ... from for to one. Lots of crap too.

              My Statigram account ...




              • Wow that poster is incredible! Brilliant find, it'll look amazing framed. Nice records too.

                Kratgraver coming through with tons of great stuff as per! Handfuls of Hard Candy, gimme a break :|. I hadn't seen Nick Decaro discussed here in my time, one I'm looking out for though.


                • That Randy Sparks soundtrack looks ace. Try Hazy Sunshine (his follow up Lp) That's a nice listen (and cheap too)
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                  • Originally posted by Boi Bach o Bethel View Post
                    That Randy Sparks soundtrack looks ace. Try Hazy Sunshine (his follow up Lp) That's a nice listen (and cheap too)
                    I'll do that. Thanks.

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                    • Originally posted by toby.d View Post
                      Kratgraver coming through with tons of great stuff as per! Handfuls of Hard Candy, gimme a break :|. I hadn't seen Nick Decaro discussed here in my time, one I'm looking out for though.
                      Having a sabbatical at the moment so have tons of time to go daily to thrift stores, shops and flea markets. These records can be found on workdays not in the weekend.
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                      • Some singles and albums from this month's midden probing sessions.

                        A live album from the Cheeky Chappie, Max Miller - Max at the Met:

                        From a roadside stall in Manchester, how could I resist? A recording of a stage show Party Time With Mr Men:

                        A blue coloured RCA International release to go with the plum coloured one I already have Michael Bentine - Square Bashing:

                        The Least Worst of Hello Cheeky in a sleeve I have never seen before, presumably the nudity was too much for the nervouse people running BBC Records at the time:

                        A One-Up re-release for Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren:

                        Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren get together for a single release off the album:

                        Scottish comedians Jack Milroy and Rikki Fulton - Francie and Josie:

                        Well it's better than Cliff I suppose. Roland Rat Superstar presents Kevin the Gerbil singing Summer Holiday:

                        A little bit of Essex humour recorded Live at Kings Club, Canvey Island, Jimmy Jones - U Me Im:

                        Saturday morning dad's favourite Sally James - Isn't It Good / Wake Me When It's Over:

                        Twelve incher from the Comic Strip compere Alexei Sayle - Didn't You Kill My Brother? (Mr Crazy Mix):

                        Their penultimate charting single from the early 80s Barron Knights - Blackboard Jumble:

                        Hairy Goodie and friends getting down and funky to fund the British Olympic squad Superspike Squad with Bill Oddie and John Cleese:

                        The Downstairs Lounge


                        • not much to report from today..found this soul/crossover 45

                          candy & sweets "i want to give you my everything" usa 20th century 1973

                          ------~o00o-----//{ ´°`(_)´°` }\\-----o00o~------


                          • Originally posted by Mescal View Post

                            Ah, I have that Hapsash Floyd poster and the Who one as well.

                            Get 'em framed sharpish, and keep 'em out of the sunlight!!
                            Fleas the size of rats suck on a rat the size of a cat....

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                            • Probably one of my best booter finds this morning... I was having to make to with a Dave Baby Cortez 45 and the Manfred Mann "Michelin Theme" 45 (in the original sleeve) when I found this in a pile of utter chaff...

                              UK original from 1970, laminated sleeve... (this isn't the picture of my copy, I'll have to find the camera first)
                              If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


                              • Sorry for somewhat late contribution. June and May combination. Some are not listened yet. By and large, happy with everything. All the stuff is chiefly soviet but for several Eastern Europeans.

                                Post-punk, new wave, psyche, rock classics.

                                Nautilus Pompilius - Родившийся В Эту Ночь (legendary classics)

                                Nautilus Pompilius - Князь Тишины (as above)

                                Doors, The - Strange Days (2008 European release, sister`s gift for the B-day. love her, love Doors)
                                Sabbath on Melodiya (N.I.B. is killing under any label).
                                Various - Хит-парад Александра Градского (Gradsky`s picks. Kino, Aria, above mentioned Nautilus etc.)
                                Unknown Pleasure and Closer on Zona (now I`m a self-sustained domestic punker...)
                                Pinks on Amiga (they are good, are they? German trivia at the back sleeve is a maze)
                                Various - Естрадна Палитра (Variety Palette) (Balkanton, not for sale/trade thx to Rotation - Ra-Ta-Ta aboard)
                                Sexepil - Love Jealousy Hate ("Why' counts all right)

                                Кино - Группа Крови (Blood Type) (finally shelved cleaned and pending. flawless from A to Z.)
                                Omega - Gammapolis (Side B is strange and appealing)

                                the mains. Breaks, groove and all that funk.

                                Национальный ансамбль песни и танца Мозамбика - Традиционная музыка Мозамбика (scarce [mine is 2000 copies] folk from Mozambique on Melodiya. I like it)
                                Deák Big Band - Örökszép Melódiák (got this one gratis from a mate and knew nothing about it. waiting for a spin. 'big band' hooked my nut.)
                                Фанк-Профиль - В Сторону Солнца (wanted for a long while. now pending. some Russian ska/funk)
                                Александр Градский - Утопия А. Г. (9th LP by Gradksy to the collection. breaks).
                                Карел Готт - Карел Готт (it`s not what you may think guys! A3 has its FUNKY moments)

                                it`s at 2:30. God bless Garanyan.
                                Oleg Kutsenko And His Jazz Group* - Джаз-ансамбль Под Руководством Олега Куценко (breaks, grooves)
                                Argo - Discophonia (well-known here I suppose so)
                                Martin Hoffmann - Orchester International (B-boyish tunes. Check 'Lions from Africa')

                                Caravelli on Melodiya
                                Piotr Figiel - Piotr Figiel Music (some of the plussers has mentioned this one recently. FUNK!)
                                'Ariel' first LP.
                                'Orchestra Parade' featuring Enoch Light. Breaks.

                                groovy patriotic pop.
                                Мелодия - Популярная Мозаика (lots of funky moments with a strong funky 'Let the sunshine in' cover)
                                Ваня Стойкович - Поет Ваня Стойкович (cheap ABC breaks)

                                Various - Диско 10 / Disco 10 (a disco comp on Balkanton)
                                Songs about Simferopol. (Plain but scarce and has songs about my native city so why not)
                                Space Opera on Melodiya

                                First LP by Samotsvety. Pop Breaks.

                                Алексей Кузнецов, Игорь Бриль, Тийт Паулус*, Анатолий Соболев, Борис Кузнецов (2) - Концерт В Олимпийской Деревне / Concert In The Olympic Village (rare brilliant live jazz. never reissued. strongly recommended. 'Caravan' version is killing me)
                                Various - Keep On Playing · Играй Еще (groovy comp including Modo and Eolika)
                                Концертный Ансамбль Электромузыкальных Инструментов ЦТ и ВР* - Счастье Мое - Мелодии Прошлых Лет (light electro vibes. no breaks. qualifies)

                                VA. Last and co.
                                Scarlet Sails psyche rock opera. Really dig it. has everything from breaks to tender lyrics. Heads-up.
                                Various - Rock Für Den Frieden (live recording. Check 'Stern Meißen - El Salvador')
                                Happy NY compilation. Some funky instrumentals.
                                Watanabe on Melodiya. Jazz-funk with more jazz than funk.
                                Captain Vrungel Adventures . One of my favorite soviet cartoons to begin with. 2 Lps. randomly funky.
                                Big Bend SFB* , Conductor Paul Kuhn - Big Bend SFB With Soloists (including Joy Fleming. at least three tracks are worth being regarded. A6 'Gringo Domingo' in particular)
                                some soviet groovy pop.
                                Эстрадный Оркестр Латвийского Телевидения И Радио п/у Иварса Вигнерса* - Музыка Над Морем. Инструментальные Песни

                                Доника Венкова - Доника Венкова (A Balkanton disco diva. The last track on side A has a short B-boy break.)
                                Оркестр П/У Павла Овсянникова - Звездный Вираж (Unexpectedly good space-oriented effort. Side A is a proper stuff and side B are covers).
                                Диско - Диско (hooray. I frew out two from the same box one for myself in a stock sleeve and the other with OG cover for my best friend who I was diggin with that day with.

                                Overlooked when taking snaps. Their second. 9 or so minutes of lounge breaks.

                                + forgot to report I got this one. Million copies were released. But snatch and run.

                                The 7 inch pack. All of them are groovy funk/funky groove soviet VIAs. Gaya, Polad Bul Bul Ogly, Tsvety, Rotaru, Zatsepin OSTs, Via Norok etc. Breaks galore.
                                Standing out are seriously rare IMHO Leo Martin on Melodiya, two Gaya tracks on flexi and that red Ukrainian folk groove comp.

                                What is funny is that 'Ima Vremena' on this soviet 7inch is somewhat weaker than that above and without UH UH at the beginning. Were there two by Martin? His Lp and genuine 45 single both have include the track. Do they differ in that uh-uh vibe?

                                Blimey it took me two hours to make a post. I could have had a pre-football game doze. Dismissed. Willing to share.
                                Happy digging to every one!
                                DANCE TO THE RADIO