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    Og. The old boy that had it at the bootfair had 2 records. That and the Jack Van Poll which i can't find mention of anywhere.


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      Not seen the Jack Van Poll either.

      Dutch? Label? Year?


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        Just found it listed on his biography page.

        1976 Stanyon Records.

        What style is it? Got half a dozen if his LP's but not heard this one.


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          Ill add it to Discogs this week. The label mentions Africa so i reckon it is South African. It's jazz obviously (im not too good in interpreting what style of jazz things are) but it has a Stevie Wonder cover on there for one.


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            The Gaels The Second Generation Lark Records 1979 USA Pressing. Pretty good folk album.


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              was digging in a sallie army store last week and rumbled a stash of crappy yet mint 80s singles I thought might be useful for weddings. who home and tossed them in the general direction of the wedding records.

              was having a quick peek at trademe - our regional ebay type site - and saw a listing for one I'd grabbed, a local picture sleeve release of U2's I Will Follow. I'd even argued with myself over the 50c it had cost me. anyway, I noticed the bidding had ramped up to $370. do wot? it's only chuffing U2, someone must be the taking the piss.

              so I trot over to popsike and find this:

              seems someone has spent over $US800 on one. just bizarre. so am now considering breaking the habit of a lifetime and selling something.


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                Do it Alan
                Everyone tear down your own little wall
                That keeps you from being a part of it all
                Because you've got to be one with the one and all
                You've just got to be close to it all


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                  easy, that's a rubber arm you're bending.


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                    Boot sale quid-or-less stuff:

                    All from the same box. Snagging the Mar-Keys album was the highlight, top notch soul instrumentals - and now I've finally heard the original of "Grab That Thing" - but Martha Reeves solo and Jimmy McGriff also nice to find. Les Humphries - Sounds '73 in the same box is tooled up with versions of Alice Cooper's "Elected" (awesome!), "Children Of The Revolution" and, er, "Popcorn" among other things.

                    Guns Of Navarone has somehow escaped me before now. Opskud Ghitaar is inspid guitar instrumentals, as I feared. The cut and paste job on the Andre Previn cover tickled my fancy. And an "All Platinum" comp...

                    Bill Maynard - Stock Car Racing Is Magic! . It's BMA Ltd (Bill Maynard Advertising) in the driving seat. Apparently Bill was a big fan of stock car racing, and recorded this chant-along record that used to be played at races. Blends together Quo riffage, cheesy lyrics and plenty of air horns to great effect.


                    • These are from the last few months rather just June so sorry for the long post (or for too much obvious stuff). Markets, record shops and charity.

                      Genesis - From Genesis To Revelation (Decca) Unfortunately this is a 2nd press sleeve with a 3rd press record (as I attempted to get a cleaner copy so did a mix and match). Obviously the highlight of Genesis's recording career.

                      The Troggs - From Nowhere (Fontana) To replace my US copy of 20 yrs. Not their most solid LP but still got a few great tracks.

                      Best Of The Troggs (Page One) Not really being a 45 buyer this knocks a few of the good singles off the wants list.

                      Rave - Various Artists (UA) Has a few good tracks but Hopscotch - Look At The Lights Go Up is worth the admission alone.

                      Barbarella OST (Stateside) Wanted the LP forever and happy to get a UK press for a decent price.

                      Delaney & Bonnie - Home (Stax) Can find their bluesy soul rock a bit MOR at times but this is a good soul LP.

                      Emergency - S/T (CBS) Good proggy horn rock from Germany. Decent take on Gimme Some Lovin'.

                      Cilla Black - Sheer-oo (Parlophone) Couldn't resist a stone mint shop fresh copy of this to replace my perfectly acceptable copy. I can actually listen to this LP in full...has some great tracks on it.

                      Randy California - Kapt. Kopter And The Fabulous Twirly Birds (Epic) Well regarded solo LP from Spirit dude. Hendrix guitar moves!

                      Herman's Hermits - Both Sides Of (MGM) Two great tracks so well worth the few pounds it'll cost you.

                      Thin Lizzy - Shades Of A Blue Orphanage (Decca) Already own a 2nd press of this but couldn't leave an OG for a fiver. Maybe I'll actually listen to it now seeing as though I've ignored my previous copy.

                      Blues Anytime Vol 3 - Various Artists (Immediate) Thanks to LDJB for the heads-up on this one. Two instrumentals from Santa Barbera Machine Head are cracking.

                      Bert Jansch - Jack Onion (Transatlantic) Recent Bert thread reminded me I needed to up my Bert game and pick any up I came across...I came across two within a fortnight.

                      Bert Jansch - Rosemary Lane (Transatlantic) I prefer this one but both are wonderful listens and super condition.

                      Tim Buckley - Blue Afternoon (Straight) Just replacing my knackered copy for a minter. Always loved Happy Time.

                      Laura Nyro - Christmas And The Beads Of Sweat (CBS) I always pick her LP's up when I see them but they're really the type of LP I could live without. Still, one more uptempo track that I kinda like.

                      Eddie Harris - Excursions (Atlantic) Heavy going for me for the most part but saved by one funky jazz fusion track (as sampled by Pete Rock).

                      Stan Clarke - Children Of Forever (Polydor) Some nice female vocal jazz fusion tracks.

                      The Leading Figures - Oscillation 67! (Deram) Not as good as the other Leading Figures LP already featured in this thread but decent enough big band for cheap.

                      Tony Mottola's - Guitar Factory (Columbia) One good cover...Tequila and what a great cover it is.

                      Sounds Wild 8 (World Record Co) Typical cash-in LP with US studio band doing hits of the day (1973). All tracks are medleys bar the one good track....a Deodato style take on 2001, which is a really nice version. Great gatefold sleeve as well with more motorbike shots. Oddly no google hits on this LP.

                      The Heavenly Hopes - O Be Ready (Hope) UK Xian LP from 1970. Strange mix of calypso/reggae (almost)/pop (almost) with 2 or 3 lead vocalists (male and female) and one rather wild female vocalist. Only one track I particularly like with raw band sound and drums/organ/guitar terribly take I guess. Again, surprised no google hits.

                      John Barry Revisited (Ember) Sleeve with the usual naked lady has had additional naked ladies added to the back. I should handle the sleeve with gloves I think.

                      Noddy's Magic Holiday (MFP) Lee and Craig found this amusing whilst we were in Just The Sound that I was happy to mint up on this LP. I like this one and I've never found a clean copy. Thanks to Just The Sound for the freebies.

                      Danny Wagner - The Kindred Soul Of (Imperial) I got this and the remaining 3 from the skip boxes at least 2 hours after the skip stalls had been set up. I was surprised the jazz LP was still there and when I talked to a dealer he mentioned a guy early on had pulled a grip of LP's by Chuck Jackson and other stuff. Oh well, I'm happy to pick up the leftovers when they're as good as this. This LP has got some really great northern tunes on and a track that google tells me is big on the scene. The LP has a couple of better tracks to my ears but hey, I no nothing about northern and what makes one track more credible than another.

                      Dodo Greene - My Hour Of Need (Blue Note) Unfortunately not the OG but I would guess late 60's early 70's press. Makes me wonder when guys leave stuff like this how the hell I don't find more records in this part of the world is beyond me. Anyway, not my bag so for trade if anyone is interested.

                      Peter Nero - I've Gotta Be Me (Columbia) Nice cover of Soulful Strut. This was still sealed but I stupidly left shrink on it during the weeked but the LP had got soaked so the sleeve is now warped and crinkled.

                      Peter Nero - Love Is Blue (RCA) Although featuring Windy, Sunny and I Say A Little Prayer too much tinkering on the piano and easy for my ears.
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                      • Originally posted by mr sayers View Post
                        Yep...Paul Beaver plays onto it though, I dug the LP out.
                        He shows up with his electronics on loads of great records apart from Cosmic Sounds: Sound of Feeling - Spleen, Hal Blaines Psychedelic Percussion comes to mind, as does remember seeing his name on some Quincy Jones record.
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                        • From the local shop (Message is a Re)


                          • Originally posted by gogo View Post
                            From the local shop (Message is a Re)
                            Really love and dig that atmospheric Omega LP!
                            DANCE TO THE RADIO


                            • Originally posted by Funky Charly View Post
                              Really love and dig that atmospheric Omega LP!
                              I agree but the earliest are better for me


                              • In the next town over for my dentist appointment, found a few bits and bobs:

                                The Popular Bells Of Stone Mountain - the world+dog's fave tunes played on the world's largest carillon (732 bells, fact fans). Loving this, it is beautifully recorded and quirky. Actually a non-traditional one-off instrument (the 'bells' are brass rods hit with a hammer the size of a grain of rice) which was made by Coca-Cola for the 1964-65 World Fair and relocated to this park in Georgia subsequently. The carillon tower was selected for the 1967 Architectural Award of Excellence by the American Institute of Steel Construction. Informative liner notes. Lara's Theme, Never On Sunday, The Sound Of Music... and many many more, rendered through the medium of bell chimes.

                                Also pleased to have the Wicker-ish sounding Argo Songs For Children , not in the best of nick though. Bill and His Pop Guitar is a bit dull, but it does have a version of Eloise on it. Carmen Cavallaro - With That Latin Beat delivers, against all expectations, with a scorchio version of 'Voodoo Moon'. Caravelli - J'Aime - nice string-orchestra version of 'Shame and Scandal In The Family'. Tijuana Nursery Rhymes I got rid of long ago, but it is rather entertaining, so I picked it up again (sigh).