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    Originally posted by eclipsechaser View Post
    nice. I'm sure I;ve got that somewhere on a mix. Did you get the cover which it shows on the youtube clip?

    Sure did. There an original price sticker on it. but its a minty copy for sure. I know nothing of house . Is this a big deal record?
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      7" car boot finds this morning, nothing special, however I did spend SIXTY QUID (the most I've ever spent on an item at a car boot)
      but it was Elvis Presley - Rock 'N' Roll No 2 HMV in beautiful condition - saw a guy pick up a stunning collection of signed Punk 7"
      and set-lists, fan letters, etc, I was right next to him as he discovered them inside the album sleeves, signed Saints, 999, Only Ones etc

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        Originally posted by Boi Bach o Bethel View Post
        Sure did. There an original price sticker on it. but its a minty copy for sure. I know nothing of house . Is this a big deal record?
        Its a sought after 12" for sure!


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          Had a sense I should cycle by the farmer market near Mum's house. Glad I did...

          Cogwheel: Sightsound LP - private art/kraut rock
          Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier: Messe pour le Temps present LP
          A-ha: Take on me 12" - RAER Long version


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            Originally posted by stupidnation View Post
            Its a sought after 12" for sure!

            trades welcome. its no use to me. I'd rather it went to a good home
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              Jimmy Lyons " Other Afternoons" actuel 9, lovely laminated G/F OG. Listening now, magic, only a fiver too.

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                Haven't posted here for a while. Great to be back:

                From yesterday
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                  most of the boot fairs were rained off,excecpt my local one:0) seemed to attract record collectors from afar :0( manage to find this liitle one...

                  timebox-beggin/a woman thats waiting uk deram nice ex+ copy

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                    Hi guys, here are a few of my lately finds:

                    1. Free Fare ‎– Purple Heart / Put Myself Together
                    2. Staff & Management ‎– The Secrets Of A Woman / Fresh Dirt
                    3. Bobby Adams ‎– Mr. Preacher Man / Heart Attack (promo) - 3 great funk 45s (all in great shape VG+-NM), the second one (fresh dirt) was posted around here some time ago so I grabbed it of discogs.

                    4. Lonnie Liston Smith And The Cosmic Echoes ‎– Expansions - the UK press, looong time on my WL, such a great LP:

                    5. Claude Nougaro ‎– Plume D'Ange - released on Barclay - spoken word on great orchestrations by Jean Claude Vannier, side B also features some nice orchestrations;

                    6.Touré Kunda ‎– Amadou Tilo - african folk music I guess, not really my taste;

                    7. Pirlimpimpim OST - MPB - couldn't leave it there, brazilian OST, happy-hippie cover, actually it's a children's movie, not bad, it gets quite enjoyable after listening to too much of free/abstract jazz

                    The last but not least is the Guidelines EP released by Seba on Purified Audio Records, I've been searching for this for a long time, it's a NM-M copy bought from discogs. I've started diggin' for a time now for these type of atmos./intelligent d'n'b releases that marked me as a child during the 90's and early 00's. I said I wanted to find everything I was listening as a child and get them into my collection in a 'at least' NM condition - tough job to do. I found out that some of these are quite hard to find. Maybe it's not the best place to brag about this but I know people here are really passionate about music in general.

                    Here is one track of Guidelines ep actually a dnb tracked composed from 4/4 thru 3/4 (as a waltz) back to 4/4 as a typical dnb beat, genius in it's way.


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                      ^ Love that 'Fresh dirt' single, I just picked one up lately...Played it out last night, sounds great nice and loud!

                      Nice finds BTW.
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                        Little round-up from me. I should preface this by advising everyone who's had a bank loan / credit card with PPI attached to heed the advice that's out there re: pursuing it because it is worthwhile and banks are paying out to avoid protracted action. Don't be taken in by these firms offering to do it for you, as they'll take 30% + VAT, the forms provided by your bank are a piece of piss to do yourself. I say all this as I recently had a windfall from my bank (TSB), almost without any qualm, which is why I've been able to buy a few niggling wants without feeling a huge amount of guilt (hence this 'finds' post being of a slightly higher quality than usual). Seriously, if you think you're owed summat, crack on with it because there's a good chance you'll get some money.

                        Sermon over.

                        Anyway, to start off, I'd like to show you possibly the best packaged record I've ever had. I got the second (?) Triangle album off (nice and cheap) and the seller was lovely and made a right effort for me, providing the vinyl in what can only be described as The Tardis:


                        Anyway, here is said album in the usual format:

                        The top two were from the local Oxfam Books and Music place (where I've historically found far more books than music), the John James one has already been rehomed as it was just instrumentals and too pedestrian for me. Harris Chalkitis (kind of yacht grooves!) was off GEMM and when it arrived, I recognised the seller's name as the dealer chap who I think has started 'helping' at the Books and Music place in Spalding. Small and interconnected world we live in.

                        The Cake was on my Wants list for ages and I'd held out for a decently priced copy. This one appeared on eBay and I was sole bidder, I checked whether the seller had owt else and also got the Twink album off him (more of which in a mo). The Head West was off Discogs and the (Swedish) seller had it written up with words to the effect of "basically knackered, make me an offer", which I did (7 euros IIRC) as I reckoned that Vogue vinyl can withstand a decent kicking and still sound fine. I was right, not a lot wrong with it, so I regard that as a great bargain. The Kubrick book was picked up for a quid in a chazza as I like to read old film theory stuff through a smug prism of time, seeing how the films have been reappraised, rehabilitated, reviled etc and how the schools of thought themselves have fallen out of fashion. Plus it's got some good pictures.

                        Anyway, the Twink album. Think I may have been sold a pup?

                        Ah well. Some great, if very, very 'refreshed' music in the grooves.

                        Top two were off a local eBay seller and, again, as I'd won the Deirdre Wilson for a very reasonable price, I took summat else (for dead cheap) off the chap and I've happy memories of Jayme Marques' 'Hooked On Green' from my jazz-funk Uni days in the mid-90s. The Deirdre Wilson is a lot more solid than I expected and should be considered alongside the psych-soul of Rotary Connection et al. Dead pleased with that one. Bottom two were picked up in charity shops near my opticians while I was waiting for my new specs to be ready (it's so nice to be able to see properly again, but my reflection looked younger before). They're in the freebies pile for later on.

                        Top two here came off the market yesterday and I was able to use a bit of trades credit which meant El Topo was free and Colosseum was discounted, so that worked out nicely. The bottom two were from Rob's on Friday. After seeing the mighty Sabbath last Friday, I still had my 'riffs' head on and decided that I needed to take this copy of 'Appetite...' home with me. This is the version with the 'banned' sleeve, which means it's creeping up in price, but Rob only charged me a bog standard price. Incidentally, third time running I've been in Rob's and a box of records has fallen on someone. Get in there while you still can cos it will only take one personal injury and the City Council will move in, sad but true.

                        Like Lee, I've been running through charity shops, covered in glue. Unlike Lee, I didn't use a quality, industrial strength solvent, just daubed myself with Pritt-stick, so only got very mediocre finds! Most of these will be available for dibs later.

                        Ditto. But the Simple Minds was one I didn't already have, so that's staying chez moi.

                        Risked Sie's wrath by sniffing around Alfreton the other day. Not summat I'd recommend as it was a cross between Phoenix Nights and The Warriors - bandit country. Got the top two from the Oxfam there, strange to see the odd East European LP randomly turning up in chazzas - bloody Poles, coming over here, doing jobs we can't be arsed to do, contributing to local economies, reviving disadvantaged communities, leaving decent vinyl in the charity shops...............................actually, this SBB is a wee bit too wigged out and wibbly for me, but there's a killer bit on the Side B 20min suite where it goes all 'Replicas' with dark synth and beats. Not a keeper, but nice to find these things out in the wilds. Got the Spiteri LP from the antiques shop in Alfreton, which, to be fair, has a decent amount of vinyl and not too pricey. Velvets was an eBay cheapie.

                        Right, this is where the windfall came in handy. Been suffering seller's remorse over my Eddy Grant LP for years. I think I've had two copies of the UK (Torpedo) release over the years and I'm pretty sure they both cost £4. So I'd been lulled into a false sense of the LP's availability and cost. So, when I had this spare money, I did some searching and got this sealed (well, it was sealed until Friday night) copy off a Canadian fella on Discogs. Probably the cheapest copy anywhere on the net, so I was actually quite chuffed. Great to be able to play 'Nobody's Got Time' again. Martha Velez was off of the net too, that B-Side The Seaside chap who gets a lot of good press on this site, so no qualms about buying from him and it's a great LP, before she got corrupted by reggae. Spare of Spectrum, which will be going in my trades later on.

                        Right, time to get some snap, walk the dog and then get some trades and freebies listed before the footy.
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                          Nice stuff Ben.

                          I actually nearly bought the Twink and The Cake lp from a local dealer. He told me he'd just got them in but didn't have them on the stall. He suggested the Twink was a US OG and The Cake was the black and white sleeved lp. I made a decent offer for the two and he brought them down the following weekend. I informed him the Twink wasn't an OG US and obviously a later boot. The Cake lp wasn't the one I was after. He said he'd be selling them online via a friend who occasionally sells for him.

                          At least you didn't have to pay the amount I offered to him for the Twink before I actually saw it in the flesh. This guy has been dealing in records for 30+ years and i've bought off him for 20 years but he'll tell you anything to make a sale. He knew all too well that it wasn't an OG.
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                            Fairly lean pickings in Lisbon, so here's a few from there, a few from the doormat, and a few that came courtesy of my Australian visitors, and a couple from Flashback.
                            Roxy-s/t on Elektra. Seen this around for ages so took a punt as it was cheap. Have to say I really like it after a couple of listens
                            Brazillian Nuggets, Back From The Jungle 2- From the Groovie Records people, comp of Brazillian garage + psych. All new to me and some good steers.
                            Soul Fever-va. 16 King sized rhythm & blues hits. Pretty good German comp, does what it says on the label really
                            Gal Costa-India. Favourite track is Relance
                            Clark Hutchinson- A=MH2 & Retribution. Deram, German double from early 70s
                            Nederpop- Dutch 2lp comp. Some good stuff, good to have Groep 1850- Mother No Head on vinyl, also Margi by Rob Hoeke among others
                            Caetano & Chico-Juntos e ao vivo. Got to give it a few more listens. Live set, annoying crowd noises, cheap so worth a go.
                            Soft Machine, Portugese only record club issue of Softs.Orlador label.
                            Picked up the Rolling Stones Big Hits... as it was an og London copy, really clean, and the sound is really nice and loud on those old pressings. No brainer for me.


                            Crazy psych 45. Are we allowed to mention hallucinations?

                            Good version of Carpet Man with lush harmonies

                            Pprtugese ep with Turn To Straw

                            http://<a href="http://s1362.photobu...&#91;/IMG]</a>
                            Portugese issue. Really good. Nice Fuzzz dancer.

                            Eddy & co get a bit heavier with a bit more fuzz

                            Portugese copy of the cheap as chips fuzz blaster.

                            Fantastic box set of oz 60s 45s. Full of killers

                            http://<a href="http://s1362.photobu...&#91;/IMG]</a>
                            Superb lp. Buy on sight.

                            New lp from the French guys. Different to the first. Definitely got their best Syd Barrett trousers on for this one.

                            RSD Diana Dors for a couple of quid
                            Third Bardo, old Sundazed reissue with one of the key garage/psych tracks on it

                            Willie Mitchell is an Italian copy.
                            Youngbloods and Kaleidoscope are staples I'm sure
                            Homer Banks is a corker
                            Sumpin' Else is more great fuzzy garage action
                            Hidden away on the back ofEverything I own is this great Ken Boothe tune
                            Everyone tear down your own little wall
                            That keeps you from being a part of it all
                            Because you've got to be one with the one and all
                            You've just got to be close to it all


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                              Nice haul Paul mate...Liking the 'Hallucinations', new one on me.

                              *EDIT* at least I thought it was new to me, till I went to add it to my wants on Discogs, and it's already added, d'oh!
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                                Originally posted by mr sayers View Post
                                ^ Love that 'Fresh dirt' single, I just picked one up lately...Played it out last night, sounds great nice and loud!

                                Nice finds BTW.
                                Indeed that Fresh Dirt is a good track, where did you have the luck to play it? I am missing a lot of stuff unfortunately but if you have a link or something available give me a hint, thanks!