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    just played it,not a bad lp,good mix of latin soul reggae,a couple of instros,seems the only one on that label,but has a cat number 02?

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      So I should hold back a bit, but couldn't stay away when I passed a record shop on my way to do some errands. Oh well, it's a nice little break from the jazz focus my recent purchases have had:

      Massacre - Killing Time
      1981 instrumental trio somewhere between postpunk and artrock.

      Biting Tongues - Don't Heal
      Postpunk with sax. Ows a bit to The Fall with much spoken vocals. Very good and a bit under the radar, at least over here.
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        Charity shop double whammy today.

        "Take A Break" is pretty awful, really, but it was on my "I'm going to pull this for 99p one day" hit list. And at least it has the 'Martini' music on there.

        R D Laing - Life Before Death is one of those records I first saw on VG+ and thought I might never see a copy of. Pow! Fantabulously oddball.


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          Lol, Poor Terry although he looks more like a young Terry Nutkins on the cover. His Yamaha organ noodlings on that particular album do grow on you. One of my favourite chill out albums.

          Originally posted by Benicio Del Toffo View Post
          After seeing Terry Riley bigged up round these parts, I picked up a copy to see what the fuss was about. Straight in the 'out' pile, you have let me down considerably!
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            Originally posted by amidar View Post
            One of my favourite chill out albums.
            Likewise. Prime candidate for the "Ten Records ..." thread, too. This was the LP that got me interested in Indian classical music, which led to late night post-Peel Radio 3 and subsequently stuff like Berio and Cage.

            Ben, you should try some of his later stuff like Harp of New Albion. Even the mid 70s LPs like Persian Surgery Dervishes, though I don't think it's all that cheap these days.

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              I'm curious about Terry. Picked up a cheap CD of "Les Yeux Fermes" on a whim a little while back. Good as a backdrop when cooking.

              Which isn't to say that it won't repay serious listening. It is just that is the only time I have played it.

              Saw vinyl "Dervishes" shortly thereafter. Not cheap at all.
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                Two visits to the dollar bins this w/e. Yesterday brought little. Today's haul looks promising, but I have yet to digest.

                "Instrumental hits in dynamic stereo" by [?]

                On the EMS label. $0.50. Ex+/Ex+.

                I have been told that much on this label is local session musos in Adelaide. This is hits of the day. Shaft (natch), Corazon, 2001, Love's Theme, Popcorn. I couldn't bring myself to listen to the rest of it.

                There is a 'no-frills' aspect to it.

                Comes in an eye-catching sleeve. The record is of a conventional shape.

                I am trying to 'sell the sizzle' here in the hope of a trade.
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                  Found some terrible terrible rubbish this month, but this really takes the biscuit and runs with it


                  A genuine "huh? wtf" moment
                  some times play g+ with back noise,some times vg , super psyché juju lpfront sleeve is very nice vg back vg , but the top corne left is eating buy rats, ask for picture


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                    Saeed Jaffrey – “The Art of Love”

                    Ex+/Ex+. $2.00.

                    Several readings from the Kama Sutra. All bar two over backdrops provided by (mainly) Indian instruments.

                    Jaffrey puts my efforts in this direction in their place. My delivery is stilted and mannered. At the time, my use of early 70’s 'easy' seemed an amusing juxtaposition; now it just seems cheesy.

                    Best left to the professionals, this sort of thing.


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                      Today's diggetry

                      .....One Box Record Fair, Tokyo
                      Picture Sleeve 45 pron (with audio)


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                        uhm what is it?
                        All the Wolpertingers


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                          Originally posted by Cacapo View Post

                          uhm what is it?

                          Clube da Esquina
                          Autobahn vas ein Monster: here she is, mit 7 others


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                            Laurindo Almeida and the Danzaneros – “Happy Cha-cha-cha”.

                            Ex+/VG-. $0.50. A local record club pressing of some kind (it doesn't say "WRC").

                            I suppose that at the time (1959?) calling it this was good marketing. However, there is a bit more going on here than the title might suggest. The (scant) sleevenotes tell us that the tracks were composed by Almeida for the film “Cry Tough”. A quick Google suggests that the film was gritty for its time. There are some fun tracks here, but there is no sense of abandon in tracks such as “Absence” and “Suspense Cha-Cha”.

                            I don’t know if this is a keeper, but I expect to give it a serious listen. And I’ll start keeping an eye out for possible companion albums.


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                              Originally posted by Brainbomb View Post
                              Love the Cannonball. Hummin and Walk tall.


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                                Pulled in amongst a box of jazz at the bootfair this morning for less than a quid

                                The jazz was very Stan Getz orientated but all literally unplayed UK originals so rude not to take and there were a few other artists as well

                                and as per any bootfair collection a token steel band LP. Not had a chance to listen to this yet