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  • August Finds 2015

    Bought some of these today so into August we go:


    John Martyn - Sunday's Child US release with 70's video nasty font of this his penultimate good album before he did that bitter breakup record alongside Phil Collins and it all went down hill.

    Quincy Jones - Go West, Man! Jasmine reissue of his second album from 1957 with a few Jimmy Giuffre composed toons which perked my interest. Typical Big Band stuff but pretty cool.

    Antonio Jobim - A Certain Jobim Minty first stereo press.

    Tal Farlow - The Return of/1969 Fiddly guitar jazz, he can certainly play.

    Jethro Tull - Songs from the Wood Some great riffs on this release.

    Elmore James - The Resurrection of... French comp.

    Some charity chuff:


    The Jay Norman Quintet - Somebody Loves Me Thought the presence of vibes might give this an exotic feel but its pretty standard Muzak fare. That cat looks mightily pissed off.

    John Williams - Guitar Recital Never come across this double before.

    Shirley Bassey - Bassey Spectacular Mint double lp and for 50p I thought why not although probably too early in her career to hold anything of interest although I'm happy to be wrong.

    Johnny Pearson - Touch Me in the Morning Pretty slushy all round really but saved by his version of 'St Louis Blues' which is bearable and a laid back version of '2001' which I'm sure is well known but new to me. Oh and production is lush, very impressive.

    Chris Waxman - Organized I believe Mr Waxman is really Klaus Wunderlich in disguise which is probably why I haven't listened yet.
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