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  • Rookie Ricardos is my favourite shop in that area of SF. Did you stay firmly in the boxes "out on the floor" or did you get to venture into the cupboard sized room on the LHS of the shop?
    Man, I need to go back to SF. Still some big trees to check out.
    Lemonade Charade is a goodie
    Everyone tear down your own little wall
    That keeps you from being a part of it all
    Because you've got to be one with the one and all
    You've just got to be close to it all


    • couple o recent bits from booters..

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      • An August compendium of charity shop and car boot fare (not many visits this month).

        Jim Rafferty – Don’t Talk Back. Gerry’s brother. Reminds me of Emmit Rhodes at times. Worthwhile in places.

        George Benson – Weekend In LA. Always been a fan. I’m not usually a fan of live albums but usually safe with jazz and nothing worng with this one. Nice Sunday morning listening.

        City Boy – Young Men Gone West, The Day The Earth Caught Fire. I remember, and bought, 5705 back in the day but had no idea they had released so many albums. Played West and to me it sounds like a cross between 10cc and early Queen, with just a dash of Steely Dan in places. Generally enjoyable.

        Janis Ian – Aftertones. Must stop buying Janis Ian albums. Her more fragile numbers (think At Seventeen) are OK but all in all dull.

        Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band – Stranger In Town. It was in excellent nick so must have been why I bought it.

        Porter Band – Helicopters, Mobilization. I was hoping for Polish punk post/punk. Reading up on Porter Band it seems Helicopters was hailed as Poland’s first real New Wave album. All I hear is an amalgam of Dire Straits and Thin Lizzy (except for the last track which could be described as New Wave, it sounds vaguely like Talking Heads). By 1982 they had obviously been listening to The Stranglers, especially Jean Jacques Burnel. Although not what I had hoped for pretty solid albums actually.

        Lyle Lovett – Pontiac. Always have Lyle pigeon holed as Country but he so much more than that. Filed and can keep Joshua Judges Ruth company.

        Lesley Rae Dowling. Again enough on here to keep my interest without resorting to needle dropping. Elton John’s ivory tickling was obviously an influence.

        Lee Fardon – Stories Of Adventure. Not to my taste but seems I might make a few pounds on flippage

        Four Tops – Catfish. Strung Out For Your Love is the track which I already have on a slightly crackly 45. Side 1 is OK but things tail off on side 2 after Strung Out.

        Bohannon’s Best – Have many of these on 45 so not sure why I bought this. Saves digging out the 45s I suppose.

        Salena Jones – Where Peaceful Waters Flow. Seen Salena mentioned around here before. This one is generally all very bland although I do like Excuse Me and to a lesser extent Imagine Me Without You and Nature Boy - her take on this sounds sort of half-hearted but it still attracts.

        Johnny Pineapple & His Orch. – Hawaiian Party. Someone who goes to the lengths of naming himself Johnny Pineapple deserves to have his records bought. I might even play it one day.

        Treasure Chest – 88 Spicy Tales Told by Captain Kidd. Quick fire lame stand up “jokes” and, believe me , they are not spicy. Yes, I know I only bought it for the cover anyway and even that is water damaged (or at least I presume it’s water!).

        Dorita y Pepe. South American ditties with guitar. Nothing grabbing me.

        Nice Enough To Eat. Knackered cover and bad heat damage renders the first two tracks unplayable but Nick Drake and King Crimson tracks and the rest seem ok. The coincidence of reading an old post on here about this album only 24 hours before I found this was probably the reason for shelling out 25p for it.

        Paul Desmond Plays Simon & Garfunkel. I was not sure S&G getting the Paul Desmond treatment would work. Herbie Hancock makes some appearances. It’s a bit hit and miss but worth it for Scarborough Fair.

        Gillan, Box Of Frogs, Dr. Feelgood Singles, Ziggy, Aladdin. To be moved on, although Dr. Feelgood may hang around. The Bowies are nowhere near 1st presses but must be some profit on 30p each.

        CD motherlode. One particular car boot I frequent seems to offer up CD motherlodes of interesting stuff with some regularity. I could easily have bought more but as I was feeling pleased with myself for just having had something of a purge of my CDs tried to restrain myself from too much restocking. 50p a pop. Some really good stuff in here – Midlake, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Nina Nastasia in particular which had all found their way onto my Amazon wish list when they were first released.


        Leo Sayer – Just A Boy, Thunder In My Heart, 2xLP Compilation. One of the blogs I follow featured Moonlighting recently. The blog author confessed his love of that record and other early Leo stuff. It was good to hear Moonlighting again, it is a good record. I also liked early Leo and I think I actually saw him live in 1974 (as a support I think?). I was thinking how few Leo Sayer records (especially singles) I had come across in the wild which is odd considering how many records he sold in the 70s. Of course a couple of days later I find all 3 of these albums in a charity and shop – and buy them all!! Furthermore I have played Just A Boy and enjoyed all of it and enjoyed Side 1 of Thunder too (which includes Easy To Love which passed me on release – probably already in Leo denial by then). (Haven’t played the comp yet). Since then I have seen Leo Sayer albums everywhere. Leo’s deep uncoolness must have conditioned my brain to completely ignore his records to the extent I flipped past them without seeing them. Now I have acknowledged my latent Leo love they have once more become visible. I’m on the lookout for Silverbird now (although I’m sure I haven’t seen that at a chazza or a car boot).
        (I’ll get me coat).

        I’ve noticed a penchant for 70s pop/rock lately. My mum passed away last month and I wonder whether this has triggered a nostalgia trip back to my teenage roots.


        • That Dr Feelgood singles comp takes me back to my youth, borrowed it off my mates dad on tape and was loathe to give it back. Its pretty solid until you get towards the end, even at 14-15 years of age I knew 'See you later Alligator' was at odds with something like 'Roxette'.
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          • Originally posted by candiman View Post
            Nice Enough To Eat. Knackered cover and bad heat damage renders the first two tracks unplayable but Nick Drake and King Crimson tracks and the rest seem ok. The coincidence of reading an old post on here about this album only 24 hours before I found this was probably the reason for shelling out 25p for it.
            Blimey - you wait ages and then two turn up at once - I posted it in my finds upthread - but my photo didn't come out. Thought the one I found was ropey enough but yours sounds even worse - although apparently 'Twentieth Century Schizoid Man' is indestructable!

            Originally posted by candiman View Post
            Paul Desmond Plays Simon & Garfunkel.
   where have I seen that before?....

            ...a terrible record actually and one I've just added to the 'charity shop' pile this afternoon - I shall be reporting on progress in the 'taxonomy' thread later!

            Originally posted by candiman View Post
            Leo Sayer – Just A Boy, Thunder In My Heart, 2xLP Compilation.
            I’ve noticed a penchant for 70s pop/rock lately. My mum passed away last month and I wonder whether this has triggered a nostalgia trip back to my teenage roots.
            This reminded me of a moment in 1991 - I was working as a temp sub-editor on 'Q' magazine, and the assistant editor John Aizlewood was playing through the review CDs that had come in that week on the office stereo. A Leo Sayer compilation had just come out and on it went. The low level office hubbub subsided and there was an awkward silence....people took quick sideways glances , as if to see how others were responding. The editor Paul Du Noyer rose from his seat and walked towards the stereo, quiet, but with a thoughtful expression on his face.....the tense silence became unbearable and against my better judgement, I found myself suddenly blurting; "He was gonna be the future of rock'n'roll y'know!"

            Mr Du Noyer fixed me with a surprised look. I was expecting to get my coat, but it seemed the humble temp sub-ed had broken the ice - and soon the office was alight with tales of how early Leo Sayer had actually been quite good and how a few had even hung on to their copies of 'Silverbird' and 'Another Year' and even gave them a spin every so often...and so it was official - it was OK to like Leo Sayer!

            Is that the Pickwick double comp? -horrible sleeve but pretty much all the early Leo you could reasonably want....

            Sorry to hear about your mum, Candiman - it's tough news to deal with and if a bit of 70's nostalgia is all it's invoked then you're doing alright I reckon... it takes a bit of time to sort it out in your head but it all works out eventually....
            you can hear colours when they rhyme...


            • Seeing as it's raining its arse off in Notts this lovely Bank Holiday, I've been confined to quarters. Which has at least given me enough time to have a vinyl sort-out. Finds, Trades and Freebies (coming soon) all progressed.

              So, quick round up for all you lovely people. Same sources as ever, a moderate amount of eBay (trying to stick to my new rule of one 'Wants'-related splurge per month, usually around pay-day), regular visits to Rob's Record Mart, the odd trade on the board and some good trading down the market.

              These lot were off the internet (think it was a combo of Discogs and eBay). Very, very reasonably priced Palais Anthology from, long-time want and I think I've been outbid at much higher prices than I got this one for, so I'm well chuffed with this (incs the heavily sampled Hal-Lucy-'n-o'-One Step'). Another long-time want was the Roy Phillips LP, but now I've heard it in full, I'm not convinced. Let's hope it's a grower as it's not much of a show-er! The two Lesiman LPs are from the same series as the recent Morricone / The Group reissue and are equally stunning, just phenomenal music from start to finish. Is it largely the same players as The Group? Sounds very similar. Can't recommend these highly enough anyway. Really solid listen, loads of variety, hardly any need to skip a track (and you get the albums on CD thrown in). Get on them if you haven't already.

              Top two of these were chazza finds. The Fred Waring (I'd prefer Eddie Waring, but he's guilty by association now) LP is exactly the kind of nonsense that VG+ cherishes. Easy listening with groovy psych flourishes, the usual covers ('Kites Are Fun', 'Ode to Billy Joe' etc) definite keeper. I'm quite open about knowing precisely nowt about Bolly and basically don't touch it if it's more than a quid. This one's quite 'traditional', will be available to a good home as soon as I get round to doing the next batch of freebies. The Friedich Gulda jazz LP was from a random wander into Rob's, turns out that it's not my kind of thing, so if anyone wants to trade me summat for it, feel free to shout up. The Studio G was a trade with Col. Thanks Sir, you're a gent.

              I had a sizeable amount of credit to use up down the market and I also took that load of CDs down there to punt on. Don't know about you lot, but I don't like having credit hanging about for long, I'd rather use it up ASAP and then move on to the next trading session. So, I made a right effort to burn this latest lot up. Had only ever had knackered copies of 'Candy' before, so nabbed this minty one. Had forgotten just how good it is - so many great tracks. Proper underrated methinks. The Coxsone LP is OBVIOUSLY not for me. I just grabbed it to trade on here as it's in incredibly good condition, again, feel free to shout up if you want to take it off me. Astrud Gilberto meets CTi is a lovely session. It's great to think that she was recording this as I was being born (Feb 1971). Stand-out track for me is 'Brazilian Tapestry', but there's plenty of loveliness on here. Pretty sure this used to be my copy of 'Mission: Impossible' anyway, but who cares? I decided I needed it back in the fold. Could do with getting 'More Mission: Impossible' and 'There's a Lot of Lalo...' too. Raising one's Schifrin game is never a bad thing.

              Some cheapies from a batch of Easy Listening LPs at Good Vibrations in Nottingham. Had Los Dourados on my Wants list for ages, but it was one that I wanted to find for a quid in the wild, rather than drop a tenner on eBay, so job done! Think I'll keep two of the others, with only the 'Latin Ole!' one being a touch too parpmongous for me.

              Top two of these were off the market. Original Tropicana is a spare. The Jim Horn LP is great, some ace swampy funkiness on here, can't understand why I've never seen this before?! Bottom two were from Anarchy at the weekend. Think they'll both end up in the freebies pile, but I had to satisfy my curiosity.

              These were also from Good Vibrations. The English Congregation 'Jesahel' is just a tad too overwrought. The version of 'Love Song' is tempting me to hang on to it for the moment. Spare Jack Parnell to put in the freebies selection in case someone wants a nice bit of canon fodder. And I just can't resist the nostalgia kick of vintage Paisley Park releases, even though Linn drum overdose is a genuine danger.

              These all came from a Friday evening, post-work visit to Rob's. Don Nix is much more country-fied than I was expecting, not my kind of thing at all. Billy Stewart is another that's been on my Wants for ages, after someone recommended it on here yonks back. Again, I wasn't up for spending much on it, so finding it Rob's was great. Groovy tunes, trademark Chess / Cadet production and a thumping breakbeat - summat for everyone. I'm guessing The Fireballs is well known round here? Snotty R'nB, psych touches, with a great version of GOMLW (with a breakbeat). Can't go wrong really.

              These were from the same visit to Rob's. It was one of those 'paydirt' sessions, where I'd got some spare cash and made a real effort to go through more racks than usual. Never gonna pass up Kraftwerk 12"s, perish the thought. Appaloosa is strange, but really good. Baroque psych, with Al Kooper all over it. And a VV / VG+ classic in 'Beat Party', which is one you don't see much these days. In great condition and, even though it wasn't 50p, it was still a bargain. Happy days.

              Summer's over. Get the knitwear out. Buy more records.
              Jet Boy stole my baby.


              • I picked up that Jim Horn lp at a boot earlier in the year. Funky Swamp is about right and its in the mixer for a place on my end of year swap.
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                • hey man, I mostly stuck to the that left hand side, not so much bending for my busted knees and back. all got a bit manic trying trying to sift thru as many as could as quickly as I could - three for $5 plus a discount at the end was a damn fine deal for mine. just one more day would have seen me thru, then the dad-in-law busted four ribs and damaged a kidney and all bets were off. did I mention the craft beer for $12 a sixer? didn't make any sense against a kebab for $15 so I stuck to drinking.


                  • Not comedy, but a signed Val Doonican for a quid, yeah I'll have that! Val Doonican - Making Tracks:

                    Plus a good one for the (word) pun thread right there!

                    Everything else:



                    • My lunchtime treat today at the charity shop near work that keeps on delivering. They have started to price up some records to £4(Beatles comps) or even £8(battered Never mind the bollocks) but gems like this goes under the radar and gets the usual 80p price tag.
                      "This is Modpowerpopsouljunkierock´n´roll so stop post shit like Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Grace Jones , Led Zeppelin and some other boring blues stuff, that kind of music don´t belong in this group, if I´ll ever see shit like that posted in this group again that person will be banned from this group forever!!!!"