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Utrecht November 2015 - the finds

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  • Utrecht November 2015 - the finds

    Some text and reviews to follow later but here’s the pics. The last half a dozen were actually local finds before I went..

    "..hole...road...middle thereof"

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    I can't edit the post so here are a few highlights picked out.

    Gene Vincent - Bird Doggin' ep. Now I swithered about getting this as I have a lovely UK copy of the 45 on London. The French ep has 2 other great tracks from the LP on Challenge and it's a snip compared to the aforementioned 45 or even the US I ended up buying it. It is excellent.

    Clothilde - marvellous swinging mademoiselle / Freakbeat action - a top drawer ep - it commands a price but I got a great deal on it.

    The Psychose ep was off the same seller - funky and fuzzy - it's the same chaps that did 'La Drogue'

    Lillian Atterer - this was a Mr Sayers recommendation and it's great.

    Steve Ellis - great 45 off the 'Loot' OST. It's been on Le Beat Bespoke so of course it's overpriced and tough to find now. I saw 2 copies over the weekend and this one was half the price of the other. Think 'Mohawks with a vocalist' and you'd be there.

    L'ours et la Poupee - its the State of Mickey and Tommy side you want here. Excellent freaky beat. This is a pricey ep usually but this one was a steal as the sleeve is a bit scruffy.

    Sylvie Vartan has a couple of soul covers on it - nice for 3 eur

    Dutronc - that's me 'covering up' my old copy - again a 3 eur boxer

    Another Sylvie and a bunch of Eddy's - all from the same cheap box and all have something worthwhile on them including covers of 'Rescue Me' and 'Hard to Handle'.

    Ford Theatre - great cheap ep of tracks off the LP

    Samantha Jones - easy spare - lovely sleeve and label

    Equals- spare stompy freakbeater for Steven

    Jen-yves Breton - amazing private press freakbeat fuzz monster which I bought before the fair and arranged to pick up. I got it for a great price and it was made even better when I bought some of his other wares.

    Noel Deschamps - another EP featuring covers of things. In this case it's the aforementioned 'Bird Doggin' - ace

    Pussy Cat - see above - the Small Faces (and others) tune 'Sha La La La Lee' gets the swinging Ye Ye treatment

    The Walkers - this is both strange and amazing, supposedly a ballroom cha cha cha tune but what you actually get is a surfy, fuzz laden instro beast - get a copy!!

    Underbeat - doom fuzzy US garage psych

    The Oxfords - fuzzy US pop psych thing - I actually managed to crack this styrene 45 on the same day I bought it - thank flip it's a cheapie.

    Dave Davies - UKing up on this amazing 'Kinks in all but name' B side - astoundingly cheap too.

    Marvin and Tammi - a shameful gap in the collection filled - thanks to Mr Divine.

    Arizona Swamp Company - a track from the Rubble comps - gotta catch 'em all. Heavy and fuzzy - bit dirgy-ier than the Yardbirds.

    Smith EP - this has the Smith track everyone wants on a handy 45!

    the Loved Ones- great garage EP

    Svensk - another Rubble track ticked off the list in a nice pic sleeve too.

    Miki's Music Machine - Myself and Fuz often discuss 'ultimate versions' of certain songs and this Beatles tune is one them. I think this might be the backing track to Don Fardon's version. It's a great instro version whatever the provenance.

    The Falcons - great boneheaded cover of 'that' song

    Les Definis - grungy and fuzzy Italian rock

    Canesten - strange advert 45 - I looked it up as I associate Canesten with one product in particular but this is a weird funky ad for their athletes foot cream - uses a Bosworth library track!

    The Beatnicks - good two sider with the Artwoods cover on the B being my fave.

    John Dankworth - lovely little OST ep for Modesty Blaise - thanks Cees

    Timebox - I'm a big fan of Timebox and their blue eyed soul psych approach - this one has the pop sike side and the soulier side.

    The Stellas - another great two sider - Mr Sayers fave 'Woolly Bully' is pretty good but the 'Fortune Teller' version is up there with Tony Jackson\s effort for me!

    Manfred Mann Chapter III - nifty Portuguese ep with 'One Way Glass' on it. Fuz got one too!

    Mike Wallace - Paul had a clutch of these spare so i traded for to 'cover up' on my copy

    Dr West's Medicine Band - a tip off from Paul - insane popsike with all manner of guitar trickery and FX going on

    John Smith - I like a Beatles cover as you all know but the main event here is the flip - moody and fuzzy

    Wolfgang Dauner - I got rid of my copy of the Oimels LP recently so I was happy to pick up the 45 wich has the best two tracks (possibly)

    Equipe 84 - great cheapie - Ladro (or Lardo is you like Craig) is the track

    Inn Yard Performance - a big Sarge spin and a trade off Cees - thank you sir

    The Untamed - not likely to find or afford the UK press on Planet anytime soon so this nice euro pic sleeve will do just fine. Ace fiery RnB!

    The Wylde Heard - another slab of primitive garage

    The Monks - great two sider. Amazingly abrasive for the time. Smashing

    East of Eden - another gap filled in the collection. Cheap too.

    Stone - it's taken 3 Utrechts to find a copy. I thought I'd blown it again when Paul secured one on Friday but a bit of perseverance and I nabbed one. A brac of Beatles covers on one side and a fuzz stomper on the flip.

    Caravan - one of those 'oooh nice on a 45' moments.

    Giant Crab - Fuzz, phasing etc.

    Billy Nichols - a cheap copy of the only 45 off the LP which I'll never own an original of. Love it when you hear Marriots shouty backing vocals near the end.

    Cellophane Mop - groovy bubblegum dancer

    Electric Frankenstein - proggy top side and electro bee

    Eddy, Los Sirex, Nino and sylvie - all punts - only two paid off. Nino and Los Sirex missing the mark for once despite great credentials.

    Mahna mackay - great version of a VV classic. I gave away my last copy to Fuz as he liked it so much. I'm glad to replace it.

    Pegasus - ace funky rock with breakz
    Jess Junior - a Fuz find. Blew us all away. Luckily he had 2 copies and I found a spare Tennessee Ernie Ford - sixteen tons '65 earlier. A trade was done!

    The Virgin Sleep - nice customised label too!

    13th Floor Elevators - 2nd single. Ace as you know. Incidentally I saw 3 copies of the French ep over the weekend - prices ranged from 1500 to 3000 euros. That's quite a price difference.

    The Gonks - great, if daft, beat.

    The Deviants. - rough but cheap and amazing

    The Nite People - their psychiest side I think

    Boum boum- one I didn't have. It's poor

    Amazing Turkish instro groover

    The Soul Agents - sleeve issues obviously but a great raw RnB two sider.

    Adjeef the Poet - a 45 I never thought I'd be coming home with. It's on the rough side but plays amazingly well. Quite simply one of the best Dutch 45s there is. Big drums, fuzz and the odd electronic. Thank you to Mr Sayers for pointing the stall out to me.

    Electric Hair - a spare - I found a few of these and passed them on - the ‘sunshine’ is a great funky and bleep version.

    Claude - the one with ‘I fought the law’ on it - this was me sleeving up!

    The Equals - got given this - one of the few ‘songs that the Clash covered’ 45s I was missing and a gap in my Equals 45 collection.

    Rocking Ghosts - myslef and Treeboy spent a while on a Danish stall listening through a bunch of amazing looking 45s. The owner told us that he’d had a box of rare 45s stolen the previous day - full of mod psych beat etc - he reckoned about 6,000 euros worth! Paul was playing through some stuff when the B of this one started up - appropriately spooky and slowish and then the backwards guitars kick in - amazing..I was jealous Paul had copped that one…seconds later I find another copy for 7 eur - hurrah. We did buy a bunch of other stuff with the guy and despite our feeling sorry for his loss we haggled a discount

    Melvis and his gentlemen - they don't sound like gents to me! Another one off the Danish stall and another one where as Paul was spinning his copy I found another. Great 100rpm versions.

    Shakespears- more uptempo rocking but with added treat sax sounds. Ace.

    T Bone Walker - a gift from the mighty Treeboy. Great 'blues goes mohawks' 45.

    ...Zapata - funky rock instro workout with big drums
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      Originally posted by LDJB View Post
      The Walkers - this is both strange and amazing, supposedly a ballroom cha cha cha tune but what you actually get is a surfy, fuzz laden instro beast - get a copy!!
      I've got another of their 45s ("After The Sun") which is comically bad - the howlingly out of tune guitar makes the solo in "Canyons Of Your Mind" seem almost Hendrix-esque by comparison.

      Top finds BTW. I'll track down an affordable Clothilde one day...
      Drastically reduced to 72p


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        Amazing spread there - great work!

        Inn Yard Performance - a big Sarge spin and a trade off Cees - thank you sir


        I have a spare of this up for trade of anyone needs?
        Muchos mixes <<<<



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          Vincent Gémignani - Modern Pop Percussion (Concert Hall) - LP - bit of library action

          Michael Ranta – Yuen Shan (Metaphon) - LP - fantastic record from a top label

          Guem Et Zaka Percussion – Percussions (Le Chant Du Monde) - LP - easy on the ears

          The Apostles – Black Is Beautiful (EMI) - LP - a few floor numbers on here

          The Wings - Kissing You So Hard (Capitol Records) - LP - a few more floor numbers on here

          Amadou Balake – Taximen (Sacodis) – LP - quite mellow with at least two rug cutters

          Super Mama Djombo – Super Mama Djombo (New Dawn) - LP - reissue

          Mixed Grill – Cry For Peace And Love (Funky Planet) - LP - possibly unoffical but a peach of an LP

          Black Merda – Black Merda (Funky Planet) - LP - again possibly unoffical but a top LP

          SJOB Movement – A Move In The Right Direction (Academy LPs) - LP - second copy for home listening. Always try and bag a second Academy/Voodoo LP for not club plays

          Akwassa – In The Groove (Funky Planet) - LP - again possibly unoffical but about 800 cheaper than an OG

          Various - I am Drum (Woah Dad!) - LP - Looks unoffical, but appears to be genuine - fantastic collection of raw Afro-funk with at least one Popcorn number as the opener- Hats of the bloke who saw me buy the Apostles and recommend this after I put it back - phew..!

          Fanga – Noble Tree / Crache La Douleur (Cosmic Groove) - 12" - required for the long version of Crache La Douleu

          Various Artists - Kwaito EP: The Roots of South African House (1990-1994) (Egoli) - 12" - South African grooves

          Paul Ngozi / Ngozi Family - Sugar Daddy / My only Friend (Chris Eddition) - 7" - Lee and Craig tip off - sounds a bit rough, but playable (proper scan to follow) - not comped - know one track from a mix

          Hi-Fives – Belina Mon Amour / Ba Kibushi Batano Na Kenya (Pathé) - 7" - mild funker on one side

          Geraldo Pino - Shake Hands / Power To The People (Suzumi Records) - 7" - well know groover

          Family Teach – Party Time / Party Version (Ober) - 7" - Reggae/Calypso number for a change of pace

          5 Revolutions - Too Many Girlfriends (Zambia Music Parlour) - 7" - raw groove

          Dani – Scopitone (Ducretet Thomson) - 7" - long time one bagged on the Friday...

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            As I said in another thread if my camera hadn't died I'd have had many more pictures...

            But I did manage to capture the trade of the weekend... the Gregg's pasties for Austrian tea!

            Some general farting around in the hotel room...

            The fair IS amazing and I can't understand why anyone into records in any way wouldn't get alot out of the event, although the price of travelling from outside of Europe and taking anything more than what you can stuff into luggage does make it more expensive...

            Apart from all the vinyl, there's at least three other aircraft hanger sized rooms full of interesting curios and antiques, exhobitions and crazy characters walking around... For example and for no apparent reason there was a whole line of these...

            and I managed one picture of a stall before the batteries died...

            So after returning home and a battery charge here come the finds... I wasn't going to go to Utrecht this year but about 10 days before I was offered the chance of free accomodation for the weekend so it became irresistable... So glad I did.

            But it meant I arrived unprepared, with no wants lists physical or mental. I approached the whole thing as a way of spending some time with good mates old and new, and spending a bit of cash on records... Serendipity has always played a large role in my digging anyway.

            I have to say Friday was a bit fraught and I wound up not getting very much, but on Saturday I hit my stride and found a table whose bargin bins had seemingly been left untouched and I couldn't help myself - as well as scoring a few goodies cheap, I bought a load of albums I already had but were just so cheap and great I couldn't leave them behind... they were soon rehoused at the traditional falafal and fart-a-thon record listening session that night though.

            Sunday was a more chilled affair, cashing in a few tips picked up from the lads the night before, and landing a couple of white whales.

            Thanks to Lee, Ian, Boney, Treeboy and Cees whence a few of these came...


            Any questions just shout...
            In ((( VISUAL ))) Stereo

            Eclectic Mud


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              Superb set of records Lee. I expect to see Electric Frankenstein as the 1st track on your next 'Mud playlist.
              Don't really know where to start with my lot. Probably won't be for a few days as I've got things happening in the evenings, this has had a few plays since I got back. Among the first batch of records I picked up. A Sayers tip. Five Euros FFS.....remind me again, why do we go? Derrr!.

              Your haul popped up while I was composing this Fuz. Once again, a great set of records. Nice set in the room btw

              Sod it just a bit before I hit the sack.

              Day one haul, a few more highlights.

              Everyone tear down your own little wall
              That keeps you from being a part of it all
              Because you've got to be one with the one and all
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                Hi-Fives – Belina Mon Amour / Ba Kibushi Batano Na Kenya (Pathé) - 7" - mild funker on one side
                Great record by Congolese expats. Drums remind me a bit of the Orch. Sinza - Ils Sont Nees 45.
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                  Wow, I see two copies of the Mike Wallace & The Caretakers 45. Found that one earlier this year, and the B-side is where the action is.
                  Was it a cheapie?
                  "This is Modpowerpopsouljunkierock´n´roll so stop post shit like Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Grace Jones , Led Zeppelin and some other boring blues stuff, that kind of music don´t belong in this group, if I´ll ever see shit like that posted in this group again that person will be banned from this group forever!!!!"


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                    Originally posted by cratedigger View Post
                    Wow, I see two copies of the Mike Wallace & The Caretakers 45. Found that one earlier this year, and the B-side is where the action is.
                    Was it a cheapie?
                    It sure was / i've no idea really - as it was a gift... Take a bow Mr. Treeboy, and once again thanks for your generosity!
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                      Great stuff chaps!

                      Fuz - amazing set of records - those which I knew are ace and those which I don't also sounded ace.

                      Treeboy - as above with the addendum that I'm still jealous of that JC year!

                      John - an interesting pile - shame you had to dash off before we heard them all although you did turn all heads with that afro wah wah stormer!

                      Andrew / Craig / Nige / everyone - get 'em posted up for the lads.

                      @Treeboy - I notice a certain 45 lurking just on the right hand side of the 'bed shot' funnily enough I didn't include it in my finds either

                      A top secret Mr Divine spin!

                      I think it's officially raer now though

                      ...I'm keeping on updating my 'reviews' when I get a minute by the way
                      "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                        Stupid i-pad, just spent ten minutes typing up my finds and the browser has wiped it as I moved between windows. Grrr...
                        Club stuff:




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                          Originally posted by LDJB View Post
                          that afro wah wah stormer!
                          The gigs kicked off early this year- after the falafel action it was straight to the wrist band exchange with about 10mins to spare before Magma came on stage - last minute change of gig - spotted Magma were on the same time as Destroyer (same venue different room)...

                          The Paul Ngozi & Ngozi Family 45 - there is little information on-line about the record, but it looks to be the 45 after this one

                          Recommend for a similar sound is the Ngozi Family ‎– Day Of Judgement LP on Now-Again Records. As is this 45 also on Now-Again "I'm Not Made Of Iron" - regular Afrodisa spin and cheap as chips...

                          Originally posted by LDJB View Post

                          I think it's officially raer now though
                          I forgot to say thanks to Herr Divine for the Eurythmics 12" - well deranged vocal action with odd electronics - have to shoe horn this in the next OST mix...

                          @Plainstone - worth adding a clip - Hi-Fives "Belina mon amour" - wasn't too cheap, but super clean copy...

                          Also the Geraldo Pino "‎Power To The People" - the comp pictured in the clip below is worth picking up as its a solid end-to-end groover - even the reissue is a 50 Euro record - been out of print for a while

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                            John, I'll echo what Lee said above, too bad we couldn't hear more of your finds at the hotel. The one we did was a killer. I really like the one in the clip above too. This stuff is a completely new avenue for me, and I'm quite keen to explore it a bit further. Have you done any mixes of that kind of thing? If so, I'd be up for giving it a listen. Has there been an African fuzz stormer thread before? I couldn't contribute, but I'd be all ears
                            Lee, you've blown the cover on the Utrecht Hotel Room Exchange by exposing that Eurythmics 45. Now the whole world & his dog will be all over it
                            Everyone tear down your own little wall
                            That keeps you from being a part of it all
                            Because you've got to be one with the one and all
                            You've just got to be close to it all


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                              Originally posted by MPFlapp View Post
                              @Plainstone - worth adding a clip - Hi-Fives "Belina mon amour" - wasn't too cheap, but super clean copy...
                              Wasn't from the Octopus stall, was it? Their selection was one of the highlights of my trip a couple of years back.

                              One of the guys selling at our fair this Saturday was in Kenya recently and was taken to a shop that had apparently been closed up for years and still had stock in the back. I managed to pry a few 45s from his sale/trade bag before he headed down to Osaka. All super clean.

                              @Treeboy Herr Flapp is probably too modest to blow his own trumpet, but if you check the mixes section I think you should find a good few of his Afrodelicatessen affairs

                              Formerly, lecturer at the University of Rome, with two commas and a full stop in the normal way.