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    Sure, no problem ... may I have your 1st born in return?

    Originally posted by LDJB View Post
    I'm a huge Beatles fan...send it to me
    "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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      Originally posted by Turboellis View Post
      Sure, no problem ... may I have your 1st born in return?
      address please
      "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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        Here are a few finds from Warsaw last weekend. Only had time to pop in to a couple of shops but came out with some good LP's.

        Emil Dimitrov - Letter To Mama

        Lots of psychedelic rock on here.

        Czerwone Gitary - Rytm Ziemi

        With the excellent Coda, been after a copy for a while glad to see this pop up for about £5.

        Wojciech Karolak - Easy

        Lots of Hammond and Fender Rhodes on this one, yet another record I've been after for a while. This was my most expensive purchase at £15 after a bit of negotiation.

        The Keith Mansfield Orchestra - ST

        Polish pressing of the UK LP with Moanin and Soul Thing.

        Jacek Lech - Bądź Szczęśliwa

        The first track (Miłość Niekochana) is excellent and sampled by DJ Format.

        Novi Singers - Rien Ne Va Plus

        Introduction is the stand out track on this one.

        Alibabki - Zagrajmy W Kości Jeszcze Raz

        All female pop group with some jazzy numbers, Była Sobie Para has a good organ solo in the middle which is worth checking out.

        Zdzisława Sośnicka ‎– Zdzisława Sośnicka

        Haven't had much of a chance to listen to this but there are some nice moments with the Fender Rhodes.

        Alex Band

        Late 70's funk, described to me as EWF in Poland.

        Skaldowie - TY

        Cheap score in an antique shop near to the Chopin museum, only cost a few pounds.

        Brano Hronec Sound - Srdečný Pozdrav

        I've been after this for years and I can't remember why, it's got a interesting cover of Aquarius but I'm sure there's something more.

        Bernard Kawka Featuring Ewa Bem - Metamorphosis

        Former Novi Singers member, this is a much later effort from 1989. The stand out track is Sky's The Limit which sounds like it's very late 70's (with the Fender Rhodes it's sounds like David Bendeth)

        Sarolta Zalatnay - ST

        Singing in English she's backed up by a few good bands including Skorpio, "It Would Be Nice" and "The Freak" are also on Hadd Mondjam El.

        Various - Na Szkle Malowane

        From what I've read it's for a Polish rock musical, lots of interesting stuff, Halina Frąckowiak Wodo, Zimna Wodo is the best track.

        Trubadurzy - Znowu Razem

        Some great bass guitar and drums on here.

        KPM 1225 - Industry & Awards

        Cheap purchase off eBay, an underrated KPM with the track Project Titan 2 by Nick Ingman.


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          Bruton Brian Bennett - Drama Montage 2

          Not as good as the first but not bad.

          Peer International - Hit Man

          Probably say there's about 3 good tracks on this, this came from a complete Peer International catalogue which was given to a record shop in Ramsgate.


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            What happened to the rest of the Peer catalogue? Sold already?


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              Keith Mansfield Orch - w Soul Thing LP
              Hot day: Hot day master mix / Jam off take it off 12" - on Tuff city 1992, looks like a boot
              Creative Source: Pass the feelin' on LP - Funky Luvah is a jam


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                Mark unfortunately so, he's sold a lot of the heavy hitters on eBay. Reggae for real, Scoop! etc


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                  A fairly quiet February with some decent charity shop finds. Particularly pleased to lay hands on the Bumpers compilation and the other two samplers are good too. This is my third copy of Children Talking. I was very happy to pick up a copy of Ram after mislaying mine.

                  Lil Louis's French Kiss seems to crop up in charity shops these days making me feel old so I pretended it was the mid 90s and I was buying it for 12 quid in Eastern Bloc.

                  Boogie Woogie is generally ear poison for me and every New Years eve is slightly ruined by just knowing that Hootenanny is on the television. Still how often do you find interesting 78s in UK charity shops? So I bought this:

                  Are non record finds allowed here? How about these box fresh Koss K/6s? All the foam intact, beautiful in their own way:

                  And a pretty blue case too:

                  And find of the month so far is this - New Wave of British Heavy Metal 7". Likely to move on but nice to find and mint with it

                  edit: the Koss history is worth a look actually - beautifully laid out site

                  edit 2: High Treason are having a second crack at the extremely rare hand made picture sleeve with a new version of Saturday Night Special on their website - 50 only which sounds like the kind of thing people here like to hear:
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                    I sold my scratched copy of the 'Bumpers' comp a few years ago and have wanted it back ever since but I never see it out and about anymore and it always seems to go for 20 quid inc postage on eBay these days.
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                      It's got some lovely stuff on there, John and Beverley Martin and Nick Drake on the same side for one. The same charity shop had the CBS Fill Your Head with Rock sampler and I left it behind purely because my dad's got it - cue 'odd reasons to leave a record behind' thread.


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                        Originally posted by tjh392 View Post
                        Mark unfortunately so, he's sold a lot of the heavy hitters on eBay. Reggae for real, Scoop! etc
                        My local shop Mark. It was a great collection. Too expensive for me though. Loads of Parry Music and Bruton's left plus various random labels. Probably 200 or so i reckon. He also has a nice copy of the first Whatnauts LP at the mo and a shed load of blues and soul 7" just in..


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                          Hot diggidy! Im out of the loop, some bloody good finds. Those 45's HG! Awesome.

                          Some VV fodder....

                          Nancy! Nice top conditions....ooof the version of Fridays Child on this too, banger!

                          Funky funks, always overlooked this one and passed it up whenever I seen it.

                          one quidder on oxfam and I heard rumours about this too....

                          Always need to purchase anything titled "Super Dude". This is good enough to warrant picking up Super Dude II if I ever see it.

                          Another silly cheap find that otherwise is impossible for me to secure in the wild.

                          This was a nice find for the price too

                          Some good ol' rooster

                          This has some very sampley moments on it, plus I never bothered checking Man out and as per my recent discovery of love for most things prog....

                          This is another one I always overlooked/passed up on, its really good like some nice cheese and crackers type funk, like an apricot stilton

                          more sampley proggy frog psych like....and the 3rd album ive bought by traffic, might as well go for the whole lot now

                          This was in the psych section and its pretty battered but it was cheap and its not that great but it will do

                          This is overrated, I don't understand the hype surrounding this, I was pretty disappointed but its nice enough I suppose and it was cheap.

                          Caught by surprise with this one, another one I never expected to see in the wild and it was just stupidly cheap too.


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                            Originally posted by stylesforfree View Post
                            Hot diggidy! Im out of the loop, some bloody good finds. Those 45's HG! Awesome.

                            one quidder on oxfam and I heard rumours about this too....

                            This is overrated, I don't understand the hype surrounding this, I was pretty disappointed but its nice enough I suppose and it was cheap.
                            Fancy is essentially a one break LP. Not a lot else on there, nice break though.

                            And 3rd Avenue Blues Band has a great version of 'It's Your Thing' and 'Mean Greens' is pretty good also. And an excellent cover.


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                              I've never heard that 'Jan Hammer and Jerry Goodman' collaboration at least I don't think I have, what year is it?
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                                Some finds been after this for a while so was happy to find this spanish version of 'The Keating Sound' featuring 'Basil Kirchin' and 'Tubby Hayes' (apparently on woodwind, I assume flute.) no less in EX condition. Sadly not a gatefold:

                                Stunning music though some of the co authored Kirchin arrangements shine through like 'Brave New World' on side 2 and the third track on side 1 sounds like the music that is playing when 'Terry Thomas' is watching black and white porn before he has is blood drained in the 'Dr Phibes' movie. The whole thing is great not your usual big band fare at all and is all over too soon or at least seems so.


                                and a couple of singles one on white vinyl quite recentish only the cdr of one on discogs:



                                Mentioned on another thread I bought the reissue of this which is one of the best things I've heard for a while, why had I not heard or heard about this before? Jazz crossed with Progressive Rock with a huge dollop of soul with superb musicianship, wonderful dynamics and its all kind of un-describable really, that's my best shot:


                                and a sleeveless copy of the mighty Tull's 'Thick as a Brick' quite scratched but will probably clean up and make a nice companion to my badly mastered reissue, was only 99p no idea of pressing neither do I care but the vinyl seems nice and thick not quite as a brick though. EDIT: To my shame I looked it up, read the matrix and its a first press. Now I can be all Steve Hoffman and compare and contrast!
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