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  • Looks in lovely condition as well with the booklet and all. I take it there is no sleeve?

    Love finding things like that, I think a lot of us do.
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    • Main Ingredient - Euphrates river, cant go wrong for £2, probably upgrade to a better copy at some point down the road though.

      The April orchestra isn't really my cuppa, gonna be going into the trades probably.

      Outrageous OST is pretty good, some nice disco funk and sampley bits, made a couple of beats using this one already.

      Been after studies in drama for god knows how long, killer strings on this and some awesome car chase jazz on it too.

      Three dog night is meh, some ok tracks. Just sounds like a Blood Sweat & Tears rip off to me.

      Another Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson LP, not as good as bridges, also going into the trades section.

      Renaissance - Ashes Are Burning LP has some lovely music, folk/prog/psychey niceness and there's also an Alchemist sample on it, NZ press too.

      And one of the VV staples, a Quadraphonic pressing of The Mystic Moods - Awakening which is also going into the trades probably.


      • Originally posted by candiman View Post
        Decided to take a trip to a local charity shop on Friday in an attempt to cheer myself up after that result. Lo and behold it had some new stock. I ended up with quite a stack. Nothing to write home about on the musical front, and there are a fair few comedy records in this bundle – spookily from an era before we entered the Common Market and presumably when, a Brexiter will tell you, we were still Great. (enough of that but I had to laugh at finding Fool Britannia).
        I don't think Fool Britannia has dated that well. Anthony Newley was trying to get down with the kids and their crazy satire boom, and just narrowly missed the mark. Sellers is good with his impressions but doesn't really save it. Some of the sketches do need a bit of research to even work out what they are on about sometimes.
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        • Originally posted by amidar View Post
          Looks in lovely condition as well with the booklet and all. I take it there is no sleeve?

          Love finding things like that, I think a lot of us do.
          Just a plain sleeve, with the name written on, probably only did a few copies. Picked it up as it looked interesting, didn't make the connection to this until later.


          • A brace of random lunchtime pulls.

            Firstly, one of those, what's this doing in here moments. I already have the EP that is taken from this LP which happily includes the Seeds cover but the rest of the EP is pretty good too so I have my fingers crossed that Wanderlea manages to keep the standard up across the whole LP.

            Also came across this Sandy which I've never seen before (and I thought I'd seen them all). He has a stab at the 'Blues Theme' amongst other potentially groovy titles. Fingers crossed again!

            "..hole...road...middle thereof"


            • Various 7" singles I have picked up in charity shops and the odd indoor car boot
              when it has been raining, which unfortunately has been quite often round here

              Released to promote the 1982 World Cup and it is as rubbish you know the team were/are,
              as anyone knows, you don't win football hits sung by kids.

              In the same box were these 3 x Oxford United FC singles, each one released to celebrate a move up a division.




              Other odds and ends which I think I must have paid 50p each for, otherwise no-one else would.

              Concorde vs. Spitfires

              This has a good previously unreleased track called Jimi Hendrix's Strat on the flip

              One of Gene Vincent's last singles, released a few years after he died.

              Classic theme to the original TV show

              I thought this might be good but I didn't like it as much as her tune Pillow Talk it just isn't all that sexy really.

              Odd BBC records I don't already have are always of interest (to me)

              I do have a copy of this record by 80's TV fitness queen Diana Moran aka The Green Goddess but now I have a signed one,
              albiet dedicated to someone called Debbie

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              • Alongside finding the James Last 'Silver Machine' album in the YMCA and the classical finds I posted I waded through what seemed like thousands of records on two sets of shelving units only to find the following. A Couple of S2S by good old Wout, not uncommon and probably destined for the bad STS box in the garage but happy to find them Mint for 99p a pop:

                A cash in albeit official Hendrix comp from 1983 in Excellent condition:

                I'm never going to buy a Dave Pope album again,3 this year I think even this one from 1974 is horrid:

                I should have bought the signed Joe Loss album I saw but I'd lost all heart by then and it didn't look a good vintage.
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                • Having a bit of a break from obsessing over chazza crates but will hoover up the odd new release or long time wants over the internet. Here's a few from discogs, ebay etc over the last few weeks. :

                  Hoovering up Matt Berry cos well he's pretty good. I really like his Tubular Bellsesque 'Music for Insomniacs' (Rinsed it a bit probably influeneced this I did tonight: ( . Got 'Kill the Wolf' from Acid Jazz on ebay made an offer of a tenner accepted and it promptly went back up, so if you want a copy cheap and brand new...

                  Discogs seller with good taste selling of his collection buy 2 get 1 free, why not, Doug Carn is the 90's reissue in fact they all are, reissues that is. :

                  Had the easy rider ost when I was 14 and used to laugh my guts up at the 'Electric Prunes' track, dunno why I'm sure I'll kind of like it now.
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                  • Loving the appreciation for Matt Berry! Here are my as usual very random gatherings.

                    Fred Emney ‎– If I Should Cry Over You:

                    Donald and Daisy Duck - Bug-A-Boo:

                    Pinky & Perky With Sid Hadden & His Orchestra ‎– Consider Yourself / I Wanna Be Like You:

                    Goofy - You Can Always Be Number 1:

                    Ian Wallace With Donald Swann ‎– The Wallace Collection:

                    Ian Wallace With Donald Swann ‎– Wallace's Private Zoo:

                    The Singing Sheep ‎– Baa-Baa Black Sheep:

                    Various footbally things, The Scottish World Cup Squad ‎– We Have A Dream:

                    Ben Gunn- Viva Scotland!:

                    Manchester United - Glory, Glory, Man United:

                    Liverpool FC ‎– Liverpool (We're Never Gonna Stop):

                    And a brand new one from my own dear West Ham, Cockney Rejects ‎– Goodbye Upton Park:

                    Signed and on claret vinyl!

                    From Geordieland thanks to the kind mr sayers, on his debut Rolling Stones collaboration, Jimmy Tarbuck - Someday:

                    Alan Randall ‎– Great Comedy War Songs:

                    Alan Randall - Chinese Takeaway Blues:

                    Derek Jameson - Do They Mean Us?:

                    Joe & Vicki Brown ‎– All Things Bright And Beautiful:

                    Hot Gossip ‎– Space Invaders:

                    Freddie Starr ‎– Spirit Of Elvis:

                    Robbie Coltrane ‎– New Orleans:

                    Star Turn On 45 Pints ‎– Pump Up The Bitter:

                    Paul Daniels - Magic Show:

                    The Smurfs ‎– The Joking Smurf:

                    And a few soapy bits, Jason Donovan - Any Dream Will Do:

                    Kylie Minogue ‎– Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi:

                    Bill Tarmey ‎– One Voice:

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                    • I would have thought that the Singing Sheep would be in Wallace's Private Zoo.