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  • Yes, great finds—jealous of your Prisoner 45!

    Originally posted by bennyboy View Post
    ... for some reason the pressing sounds amazing.
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    • 2016-09-27 1706 finds vg+

      These from my recent UK trip

      Oumou Sangare - Seya (2009)
      please to find that in the cultural abyss my parents live in ...

      Guem - Percussions Africaines Pour La Transe (2002)
      Looked interesting, didn't disappoint ...

      Kleenex - Hedi's Head (1978)
      Used to have the Swiss 4 track EP but foolishly sold it. This is a nice reminder. From Discogs.

      prag VEC - Bits (1978)
      Another rebuy, reminds me of my teenage years and still sounds good (to me). From Discogs.

      The Damned - Machine Gun Etiquette (1979) white label
      Used to have the LP proper. Really enjoyed listening to it again. Bloke in the shop said: "It's a white label so no-one knows what's on it". I had to wash my trousers, I laughed so much.

      The Serenaders - El Parang
      Know nothing about this. Shall do soon.

      Judy Collins - Wildflowers
      Bought for a friend. Almost kept it. Some nice songs on here.

      Smiths 1st (1984)
      Used to love 'em. Enjoyed hearing it again. Will sell it and buy something more interesting probably.

      I had to leave a few LPs behind, even after stashing some in the Mrs' case ... I guess they won't go off ...
      "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


      • Wish I'd never sold my copy of Meddle (for 2 quid, back in the 90s)

        A couple from local shops:
        White Lightnin' - Fresh Air - Old-timey US fiddle/banjo duo with full band backing. Not bad, there's a country song which is pretty poor, but the rest is alright and pretty varied, even beaty sessionman drums in parts.
        Bob Wills - Here's that Man Again - very late ('68), post-Texas Playboys and possibly his last recording session. A bit odd, with session players and some unexpected moments (e.g. Ghost Riders In the Sky), but a bit uninspired overall. There's some early 60s stuff recorded with Tommy Duncan singing that is pretty good, was hoping it would be more like that.

        A couple from Discogs:
        Certain Lions and Tigers - Soul Condor - wanted one of these for at least 15 if not 20 years. Nice clean copy for 25 quid, very happy, although checking popsike now, and it looks like prices have come down on this a lot, so maybe so not exciting after all. Whole LP is really nice, really solid VV stuff.
        Bing & The Birds - Beat Party With the Classics - never seen this Saga one before, and only noticed recently it checking some old threads for another Saga title. This is fun stuff. Got a soft spot for these groovy classical things after finding Ken Moule's "Tchaikovsky Beat" a few years back, and finding they could be better than old charity shop cheese like "Classics With A Beat".


        • recent vinyl finds and OK like I actually need more, but at least I'm choosy!

          48 years too late and I could never have foreseen picking this LP up until now.
          It has elements of the Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds album but is not half as trippy.

          These 2 soundtrack albums turned up in one of the boxes from the lot with the pink box I picked up a few weeks ago.

          I'm glad I took a pound punt on this at the car boot on Sunday.

          This old record carrier was literally full of Cliff Richard singles, she let me have it for 50p and thankfully she kept the records.

          On another stall I found a couple of singles by local hometown bands, alas that is not David Tibet's Coil.

          2 x charity shop finds in Milton Keynes last week, the JJP 7" has Moog Indigo on the flip

          This single pressed all my buttons, groovy SFX, BBC freebie, just a shame it wasn't a flexi too!
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          • Originally posted by eine View Post
            HOT STAMPER!!!
            Excellent. Off to list it for £500 on ebay.


            • Quick update on a few recent acquisitions from me (while chuckling myself silly at Fat Sam, grand-slammed - he's greedy).

              I conducted a raid at Rob's Records last Friday and emerged, blinking in the sunlight with a bag of goodies. Finding myself becoming increasingly partial to chanson and I've never really listened to Mme Greco, enjoyed this on first listen and I think I'll investigate the genre further. Have always liked a bit of Ramsey Lewis, an artist that used to haunt the £1 boxes, but now I rarely see any of his for less than a tenner. Bottom left is the notorious Nottingham Jazz Orchestra (sleeveless - shame) which, despite living in Notts all my life, I've NEVER seen before. I've seen numerous copies of the Castle Rock LP, several of the Nottingham Folk LP, but never the jazz one...................until last Friday. It's groovy big band jazz, with most titles acting as puns on Nottingham locations - standout tune is 'Trip to Jerusalem'. And amusing to find the exploito psych / prog chaotic mess by The Equinox...............three days before the Equinox.

              Again, all from that raid on Rob's. First time I've owned 'The Faust Tapes'. I knew Green Bullfrog was a mistake as I handed over the pennies, but my curiosity had got the better of me, not really feeling it. Bottom left is Sharon Whitbread & Fred, which seems to be some sort of PP from Devon, it's got a handwritten dedication from a Sharon (let's assume it's the lass herself) on the back. Her voice is an acquired taste as her vibrato is on the Larry the Lamb tip, but the tunes are varied in style and actually really good. Very much leaning towards Fairport / Pentangle at times as the dominant 'genre' is folk rock, with a good dollop of groove chucked in. Probably my find of the week that one. Been after a cheap (or even just affordable) copy of Terry Reid for ages, so was well chuffed to get this for a few quid. It's a close thing between this and 'River' isn't it? Flip a coin.

              First three of these were trades from Joe (Pencilface) - always an education and a chance to push the boundaries (You weren't wrong about the Natural Acoustic Band mate - no worries about the sleeve, although it's clearly once been owned by a bit of a wrong 'un!). Bottom right is Hobo, another long-time want, which I got last weekend off eBay for what I thought was a very good price. Got to say though, I'm glad I didn't pay much more as it's good, but not amazing - a pretty good jazz/funk album really, but nothing that peels your head open.

              By the way, someone (sort of) recently sent me a selection of VG+ Swop CDs on a disco tip, but remained anonymous. Thanks muchly to whoever it was and respect to you for the cloak and dagger style - a man (or woman) after my own heart. It's about the gesture, not the plaudits eh? Couldn't agree more.
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              • Originally posted by Benicio Del Toffo View Post

                First three of these were trades from Joe (Pencilface) - always an education and a chance to push the boundaries (You weren't wrong about the Natural Acoustic Band mate - no worries about the sleeve, although it's clearly once been owned by a bit of a wrong 'un!).

                I don't think I've ever seen one of those Natural Acoustic Band sleeves that doesn't have the laminate lifting at the spine. I wonder if they were experimenting with a new type of laminating process which simply didn't work.
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                • Nice one Ben, everyone should have a copy of the faust tapes in their collection which kind of neatly leads me on to some cheap doormat finds. :

                  Faust - Patchwork I remember when this came out and my mate got hold of a copy on CD it was like Christmas the first murmurings of Faust for years and a collection of tracks put together in the same way as 'Tapes'. I was a bit underwhelmed at the time but its grown on me over the years so leapt on a cheap copy on vinyl. Its a collection of outtakes mostly from the early 70's but going up to the 80's of old and new tracks and random pieces.

                  David Sheppard - Vertical Land Another cheap Village Green acquisition brand new. Influences of Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Phillip Glass all mixed up in a folky Krautrock manner. This guy seems to be a workaholic and his collaborations and everything I've heard especially 'Ellis Island Sound' have been excellent. Very soothing album on the whole. I've been a bit off colour today and its been the perfect soundtrack.

                  Jimmy Smith - Portuguese Soul From an actual shop this 1974 British OG released via Polydor on Verve in the UK. I don't think I've ever heard it but looking into it I think its a concept piece with a big orchestra. Been a bit jazzed out so saving it for the right time. He had a lot of new jazz in pity most of it was either pre-war or just boring, only interesting looking record I could find.

                  I also have a pile of 3 for a pound chuff to sift though made up of mainly what look like novelty private presses and Celtic folk oh and I found a dirt cheap copy of 'Blossom Toes - If only for a Moment' reissue of course which I researched after seeing it in a shop for silly money but couldn't find much on the net. Its on Arkana of course so who knows, I'll never find an original. Funny one of those bands I discovered about 2 years before joining this forum then promptly was aghast at the prices their records fetch. Makes me wonder if I've ever flicked past one but I doubt with that name and their covers I wouldn't have punted on them years ago. Giorgio Gomelsky being involved too makes me wonder why I didn't discover them back in the 90's.

                  FFS, England are a bloody shambles.
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                  • Nice finds all.

                    Ben - if you ever happen upon another 'Castle Rock' please give me a shout
                    "..hole...road...middle thereof"


                    • Another one on the doormat, deadstock from the label but I'm really pleased with it. A folky electronica album with what sound like Zithers, Steel Guitars, melodica and quick look at the cover 'Saw' (I've always wanted to have a go at playing the Saw.).

                      The whole thing is wonderful, right up my street at the moment and contains some beautiful melodic pieces such as this:

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                      • A recent trip to London and a visit to one of my regular haunts, Sounds Original in South Ealing, one of my occasional haunts, Flashback in Essex Road, and a new haunt thanks to recommendations on this board, namely Lucky 7 in Stoke Newington. What a place that was! I've seen some teetering precipitous piles of vinyl in my time but not quite on that epic scale. I was nearly buried under a collapsing tower of discarded discs. All I can say is, you never realise how many records Ray Conniff released until you've just flicked through several hundred of them in search of something to buy in the 3 for £1 boxes of Lucky 7. Chuck in a few charity shop finds as well and I've done quite well in September.

                        Wendy Craig ‎– Children's Hour:

                        Val Merrall's Orchestra & Singers* ‎– Val Merrall's Tribute To Flanagan And Allen:

                        I realised I didn't have a copy of Paddy McGinty's goat, so I soon put that right, Val Doonican ‎– The Very Best Of Val Doonican:

                        Tom Lehrer ‎– Revisited:

                        The Singing Postman ‎– First Delivery:

                        Wilfrid Brambell And Harry H. Corbett ‎– The Wages Of Sin From Steptoe And Son:

                        Telly Savalas ‎– Who Loves Ya Baby:

                        Tom Lehrer ‎– An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer:

                        Found it at last, the Tyneside classic George House, Mike Neville ‎– Larn Yersel' Geordie:

                        Thought I'd leave the price sticker on Paddy Roberts ‎– The World Of Paddy Roberts:

                        Paddy Roberts – Strictly For Grown-Ups:

                        And concluding my recent Paddy Roberts splurge, Paddy Roberts – Funny World:

                        Various ‎– The Hits Of Noel Gay:

                        A collection of comic monologues from Albert Tatlock, Jack Howarth ‎– 'Ow Do:

                        Made their name in the Cambridge Footlights, went to America and never came back, it's Tony Hendra & Nick Ullett ‎– The Art Of Tony Hendra & Nick Ullett:

                        At last! THE GRAIL! Harry H. Corbett ‎– Only Authorised Employees To Break Bottles:

                        Gracie Fields ‎– Our Gracie Sings Comedy Songs:

                        Fred Wedlock ‎– Out Of Wedlock:

                        Someone has left a lot of regional folk records in my local Oxfam, the Suffolk and Sussex ones can stay there for now, but I was having this, Various ‎– Ey Up Mi Duck! - A Celebration Of Derbyshire:

                        Edward Woodward ‎– This Man Alone:

                        Still going by all accounts, Various ‎– Duggie Chapman's Music Hall:

                        A bit of yer actual West End glam, Danny La Rue With Geoff Love And The The Musicmakers ‎– Danny La Rue's Sing-Along Party:

                        Peter Cook And Dudley Moore ‎– Peter Cook And Dudley Moore:

                        From Lucky 7, and as they were only 3 for £1, I think I'm allowed to own both the 1968 original and the 70s reissue, Clinton Ford ‎– Let Me Sing A Jolson Song (reissue):

                        Clinton Ford ‎– Let Me Sing A Jolson Song:

                        Released two years before Bette Midler had the hit, Cannon & Ball ‎– Wind Beneath My Wings:

                        Still need to buy all the Bonzos on vinyl to replace my CDs, from the basement of Flashback, Bonzo Dog Band ‎– Gorilla:

                        And speaking of which, this is a new release, a full Radio One session from a band Viv Stanshall formed in 1970 before the Bonzos reformed, biG GRunt - In Session:

                        Andy Stewart ‎– I Love To Wear The Kilt:

                        Vinyl dog bothering from Barbara Woodhouse ‎– Training Dogs Her Way:

                        Bob Newhart ‎– The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back!:

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                        • Marvellous Agnes. The Jack Howarth looks ripe with merriment. And congrats on finding your grail. What next?
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                          • There's always something else on the list. Today's casual desire is tomorrow's hopeless obsession.
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                            • Originally posted by Agnes_Guano View Post
                              There's always something else on the list. Today's casual desire is tomorrow's hopeless obsession.
                              Interesting version of Paddy McGinty's Goat on here, agnes.



                              • The big question is, how is Harry's serious folk singing record and is it going to make your swap CD?

                                Originally posted by Agnes_Guano View Post
                                There's always something else on the list. Today's casual desire is tomorrow's hopeless obsession.
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