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    The monkey one!!! I like the monkey one!!!
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      There's a nice version of the Strange One theme on 45...


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        Well, here it is. And I might have been too quick to dismiss it. It is annoying in a way that suggests that it might have earworm potential.


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          Whaaat? November already? I haven't posted any finds since May, but luckily for me (and you) I haven't had all that much time for digging due to a very busy summer at work and a minor (though majorly inconvenient) health issue which earlier this week I underwent surgery for (I'll spare you the excruciating details) - and finds have been a bit thin anyway. Anyhow, I'll attempt to group the finds into digestible chunks and filter out spares, upgrades and utter chud where possible.

          Bright, shiny and fresh from the postie...

          Spider King - 'Shot To Pieces' - My sometime drinking buddy 'Spider' Mike King is something of a local legend, having been scampering around the Manchester music scene since the 60s and can list meeting Hendrix on numerous occasions, forming a band with Martin Hannett, opening for AC/DC and playing guitar for both Nico and Tony Christie amongst his many adventures. I was glad to hear that Andy Votel was compiling this collection of the Spider's various solo works that cover roughly the period of pub rock to post punk and the album provides a good overview of the musical twists and turns that surviving a music scene in ferment demanded from artists of the time, from the angsty, arty, Bowiesque 'Animals' to the lighter jokey 'Back On The Pills' - a satisfying listening experience that reminds us that Manchester had plenty to offer even before it decided it was going to rule the world - please buy one and then who knows, he might even get a round in....

          Dorian Pimpernel/Forever Pavot/Julien Gasc - 'Moonshine EP Vol 1' - Nominally three artists, but working closely in collaboration here to give a certain wholeness to this 6 track enterprise, a wholeness that will certainly appeal to those suffering Stereolab withdrawal symptoms. Gasc who, if memory serves, played keys with the last functioning version of the 'Lab seems to have left his employers with a full reel of microfilmed secret formulas, but to his credit has developed them well with these choice collaborators. Both Gasc and Pimpernel's voices add new timbres in both French and English to these now well established (maybe even a bit safe?) dreamy and expansive musical backgrounds, but the execution is perfect throughout, Gasc and Pimpernel's 'La Fin De La Guerre' being something of a blissful standout.

          Delia Derbyshire/Elsa Stansfield - 'Circle Of Light'
          - Recalling the frenzy induced by getting in my (phew...successful) order for Mr Trunk's 'Bedazzled' re-ish, I was in such a fevered hurry to buy this that I just cut to the end of the e-mail to place my order - and accidentally ordered the black-vinyl version...still, no real regrets as on the one listen I've given this so far it didn't really grab me...perhaps I was playing it at too low a volume, but there just didn't seem to be a whole lot happening to my ears...maybe I need to see the film for it to make sense? Enjoyed the hooting owls though....needs a revisit methinks....

          Forever Calypso - 'Bungalows'/'Shrimp & Oyster' - Emile 'Forever Pavot' Sornin has been keeping himself busy this summer it seems and this 45, a collaboration with French band Calypso was another worthwhile outing, the A side a delicate hazy psyche tinged confection and the flip a sunny excursion au bord de la mer with more than a nod in the direction of the Strawberry Alarm Clock...

          Cavern Of Anti-Matter - 'I'm The Unknown' - In which early Detroit techno, 808 State and Edwina Biglet & The Miglets are supercollided together in what at first sounds a bit of a sprawling mess, but which with repeated listenings starts to unravel it's secrets until the cheesy yet heroic squidgy synths that take it home become almost addictive. Certainly better than those 'Void Versions' album track remixes that left me personally underwhelmed. 'Forest Of Drums' adds a sixteenths based percussive workout for lovers of that sort of thing while 'Traces' builds a krautish sonic cathedral for you to marvel at. I may have been a bit late on this one but luckily found one on Discogs with virtually no mark up. Happy days.

          Jean Claude Vannier - 'L'enfant au royaume des mouche'/'Les garde volent au secours du roi' (alternative versions) - I'll admit while I do enjoy it occasionally, I'm not so au fait with my own copy of 'L'enfant assassin des mouches' that I can readily tell you the differences between these versions and those on the album, although I can definitely say that as an increasingly long-sighted DJ, being on a 45 greatly increases their chances of being played out. Gleaned from some recently rediscovered tapes, they're another fine contribution to the Vannier discography from Finders Keepers.

          Back with more of the black stuff soon...
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            Nothing too exciting from the chazzas this morning. This below average hammond record which at least uses a full band may yet yield something although the tracklisting is your usual dirge, although it had 'Wichita Lineman' on it so I had to part with 50p. Strangely for MFP not on discogs. :

            The John E.Hammond Sound - Turned on Hammond

            Captain Beaky and his Band Music by Jim Parker with various nonsensical poems by Jeremy Lloyd spoken over the top:

            Pantano Salsbury - Hit The Switch Had a feeling this was Xian and was proved right but it looked interesting. :

            Few new records:

            Matt Berry - The Small Hours Quite possibly his best release so far for me:

            Todd Rundgren and Others - Runddans Electronica very ambient collaboration.

            Goat - Requiem First Goat album and have to say I'm really enjoying it.

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              Record fair in Luton yesterday, wasn't brilliant, but managed to get a few nice bits and bobs. Combined with the doormat dross.

              Mike Corbett & Jay Hirsch with Hugh McCracken. Lovely lp featuring ex Mr Floods Party members. Already got the US copy on Atco, this is the UK Atlantic copy. Just got to decide which one to keep now.
              Sinners - Sinnerismes.1967 French Canadian psych on Jupiter. Very cheap, playable (just) copy.Wouldn't spend the money it commands for a "nice" copy. Their next lp Vox Populi is the one to get, but that's even pricier, unless you are lucky.
              Spencer Davis Group - 1st lp. Good mid '60s r'n'b lp. Seller knocked everything down to half price, so I thought it would be rude to leave it for a fiver.
              Booker T & the MGs - The Booker T Set. Good set of covers which you know are going to be well played, including The horse, Love child,Light my fire, It's your thing...
              Sandy Nelson - Superdrums. Drums, organ and fuzz. Opens with a great version of The Supremes Love is like an itching in my heart, which sets the bar pretty high, and I have to say, the majority of the lp maintains it. Other tunes include Kicks, Gloria, Hey Joe Cool Jerk......partytime

              Glass Managerie - End of the line / Troubled Mind. This caused a minor ripple of interest over on G45. Pretty much under the radar garage 45. End of the line is the interesting side. If you are interested, head over and check out the soundclip I posted over there.
              Regis Mull - I saw your face / It's never too late. Credit where due, an Emperor Tomato Ketchup spin, and what a beauty. Lazy, 12 string jangle leads into a raga style guitar figure, held aloft on a cloud of fem vox. Really liking this a lot
              Nite People - PM / Season of the rain. Strong pop/psych 45, tasty Hammond & grungey rhythm gtr.
              Jerry Raye with Fenwyck - Mindrocker / State of mind. Great psych 45. Strong on the sunshiney vocals, but with a strange, pulsing sound throughout. Should of been a monster hit if there was any justice in the world. I got the yellow vinyl version, which looks like a lemon Spangle.
              Moonrakers - 7th Star / Not hiding anymore. Top 45. Is that Mellotron running through the song? Unusual for US bands of the time I think.
              Downliners Sect - All night worker / He was a square. Fuzzed up UK r'n'b. Join the dots to Dr Feelgood and onto the Medway garage bands.
              Aesops fables -I'm gonna make you love me / They go out and get it. Orchestrated pounder.
              Mushroom - Where I belong / Crying for you. Monster, relentless, heavy b side. Dutch, 70-71ish. Loud or not at all.

              Lili's Children - Uncle Njo / Trip eyes. Leaping into the top drawergoes this private press Dutch 45 from '78. Sounds more like '71! Superb 2 sider. From what I can make out, it was a (mostly) family band from Breda. I'd be interested if anyone knows more about them. They did 2 45s. This has to be the best surely?
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                Great finds Paul. More for the list as per.

                There's a 45 of that Sandy Nelson 'Love is like an itching..', I play it out occasionally:


                I love that Fenwyck tune. You probably already know that the American Breed do a version, it's on the flip of 'Bend Me Shake Me' so very easy to get but sadly not as good as the Fenwyck.

                Not heard that Les Sinners. I have this one which has some proper snotty garage stompers on it.
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                  That's the 1st Sinners lp you have there Lee. Apparently the one I picked up is the least good of the 3 The 3rd being the best. There;s a cover of Penny Lane on the 2nd btw. Nothing to write home about though. I need to check out the 1st & 3rd properly by the sound of things.
                  I did spot the Sandy 45, only after I got the lp (will keep an eye out for one). There was another off the lp, Hey Joe/ Come on let's go, both tracks on the lp. I really like the sound on the lp,, very crisp and precise. Obviously surrounded by the great and good of the session world.
                  I have the American Breed 45, and I like that too.
                  Everyone tear down your own little wall
                  That keeps you from being a part of it all
                  Because you've got to be one with the one and all
                  You've just got to be close to it all


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                    Another tardy and disorganised update from yours truly. Bet you thought I'd gone into embarrassed hiding as United floundered and the vermin climbed to their usual false position. But, no, just been busy and unable to manage myself effectively. Not sure how many more of these I'll manage this year as Christmas presents are already making an unwelcome dent in my vinyl budget - roll on 2017!

                    Then again, I'd settle for "Roll on Wednesday" and someone waking me up to tell me that it's Ok, Clinton got in.

                    Anyway, I believe I'm here to discuss records (by the way, I also foraged about 2kg of sloes, bumper numbers, but very small fruit, same with blackberries) - the usual sources and, I think, some evidence that putting in the legwork still pays off, you've just got to commit to it.

                    The same cousin who for whom I was trying to source The Skids’ back catalogue is now after Thin Lizzy (I suspect AC/DC will be next). Anyone who wishes to help with gap-filling you’re more than welcome to do some trading with me as and when I’ve got some nice spares to offer. The above selection mostly came from trading off some chuff down the market.

                    Also from trading some chuff down the market – bit of Feelgoods action (still waiting to find ‘….Jetty’ in the wild, rather than caving in and getting a reissue or summat), well-known prog/jazz/rock confection of Solid Gold Cadillac, I’ve had this before and couldn’t get on with it, let’s see how I get on now that I’m older and slightly more Catholic in my tastes. Rather pleased to find the Marti Caine LP in the ‘Easy Listening Vocalists’ box. Not sure why this is apparently such a difficult one to find, maybe Lord T can explain whether there was a really small pressing run, or maybe they all got buried in the foundations of Pebble Mill or summat. Interestingly, I found this the weekend after I did my last freebies onslaught. I’m not saying these things necessarily generate Vinyl Karma (nor should you do such things with the intention of generating karma), but I can’t say as I could rule it out either!!

                    Had an afternoon off work recently and used the time wisely to do a bit of digging. Hit Anarchy Records in town first, and grabbed a selection of relative cheapies. Some very cool West Coast jazz, breaks, funky prog and disco on Upp, not sure what the story re: The Original Soundtrack is? Pre-Dan stuff released to cash in on their success? Initial needle-dropping suggests that it’s not bad anyway, one or two decent tracks on first listen and another earlu AC/DC 12” (‘Rock’n’Roll Damnation’) for my mate in Hove.

                    Also from Anarchy, cheapo Sounds Orchestral which is probably destined for the freebies pile. A spare of Turley Richards, which will probably also be a nice freebie for someone. And an oddity in terms of a private press school thing (Why inflict Chaucer on ‘the kids’? It’s a bloody nightmare when you’re an adult!) which, when Googled, seems to show one other instance of ownership via RateYourMusic and said owner is a regular contributor to this very forum (naturally). It’s a strange one and I’m not sure it’s one I’d keep, but I think I’ll easily rehome it on the forum.

                    On another day off from work, I decided to have a few hours hitting the charity shops of Nottingham’s satellite towns / suburbs. Picked up quite a few 12”s, and I accept that Wham and Level 42 are cheesy classics, but you know that I still love a bit of 80s stuff. Dead chuffed to get Soundgarden from Oxfam in town, grunge stuff is increasingly hard to turn up and ‘Outshined’ is just such a tune (it’s another one that’s Hove-ward bound). No intention at all of keeping the Roxanne compilation, but I was happy to give Cancer Research a quid for the burst of nostalgia before adding this to the freebies pile.

                    More 12”s from the chazzas. Couple of classics from my late 80s / early 90s clubbing days up top and a pair of reggae 12”s that I, obviously, wouldn’t be keeping, but I see it as my duty to rescue them from languishing in a chazza (in Long Eaton none less) and rehome round these parts with someone who might appreciate them.

                    From the same afternoon of yomping round the chazzas. Random Technics Audio check thing, one track is called ‘Drums’ so I thought it might have a break that someone would want / be able to use, but it seems to be mostly a jazz solo – meh. Don Reeve was the only thing I could find in the charity shops of Arnold. Not seen it before and it’s actually pretty good. Louis Bellson has some nifty funked up jazz……………………..and a bit of an edge-warp. And………………..drum roll………………nearly wet myself when I saw Roy Williams Trinity in Oxfam in Nottingham’s posh suburb of West Bridgford. How random?! Not complaining mind, although I did feverishly search the rest of the racks in case the ‘other’ RWT release was also there. Couldn’t be at all disappointed that it wasn’t as ‘Touch of Class’ is pretty much the business, with ‘We’ll Never Run Out of Rock’n’Roll’ as a genuinely great track (sounds way earlier than 1978) and the version of ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ being a beat-heads dream. With that and Marti Caine, I reckon I may well have cashed in all my spawny get tokens for the remainder of 2016.

                    Of course, I’ve still been hitting Rob’s Records every Friday after work (it’s now something of a ritual to reward myself for ploughing through another week). Beat Party thing is pure VV/VG+ fodder………………and will end up as a freebie as it’s just a bit too parpmongous. Is this Georgie Fame’s most VG+ friendly LP? Certainly got that ‘covering all bases’ mix of jazz / funk / prog / easy with Keith Mansfield all over it, although it does sound ever-so-slightly like George is a tad lacking in enthusiasm here. Very much in a Terry Reid kinda place lately and haven’t seen this MFP around for years (remember one being in the racks of Arcade Records for aeons), ‘Silver White Light’ is amazing. And Etta James is that funky Chess / Cadet vibe with ‘All The Way Down’ being an obvious stand-out (comp’ed in the early 90s, on ‘Respect’ - one of the releases that hugely influenced my tastes and my digging).

                    More from Rob’s. Christopher Neil is fantastic and pure VG+ fantasy stuff as it’s lovely psych/folk/prog stuff with the cream of library/session musicians all over it, one of my favourite finds of the year (file it next to stuff like Colin Blunstone ‘One Year’ / ‘Ennismore’). Rob had a few carrier bags full of Brutons. Mostly a bit too ‘late’ for me, but I took these three to give a try and am still ‘mulling’, but there seemed to be some decent John Carpenter-esque electronica, some funky disco etc (still wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up trading them off though – my patience with library stuff is not great!).

                    Final selection from Rob’s. Small label folk from John Golding, which doesn’t really hit the spot for me – not at all sure about his voice. A WMS classic from Sounds Bob Rogers (‘Meadowbank’ is the track). Another small label folk release from Illman Riley, but this is much more like it and the track ‘Osprey’ is lovely. And, so chuffed to find Blossom Dearie in the wild. Had to pay decent money for it, but I had to bite the bullet as I’ve never, ever seen it in the wild, not even at any of the fairs I’ve been to. Put it this way, Rob was happy and I was happy and it was nowhere near eBay / Discogs prices, however, sod’s law says I see it in a chazza next week. Great LP though and so much more than a snippet-length drum break.
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                      Originally posted by Head Gardener View Post
                      I must suffer from some strange ailment that forbids me to leave such albums as these in 50p bins,
                      maybe i just need to give them a good home?

                      Bernard Manning, Grimms and Rita Fairclough! Quite some haul. Bernard Manning actually tells some good clean jokes on that album.
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                        Blimey Ben you find some crazy records. That 'Don Reeve Sound' album, best cover pic I've seen all year!

                        I have a John Golding record 'Discarded Verse' I think, probably on the same label comically labelled all over as a much requested reissue from memory. I seem to remember it has one track on it I kind of liked think I was the same about his voice.
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                          Nicely done Ben... Very jealous of the Roy Williams... and some others look really interesting as well!
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                            What Fuz said! I'm not a PP expert but I've been keeping an eye out for that one for some time. Amazing work sir.
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                              Originally posted by someblokecalledfuz View Post
                              Nicely done Ben... Very jealous of the Roy Williams... and some others look really interesting as well!
                              GO BEN!
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                                Finally found a copy of Bones Galore. So at least there's some good news today.