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    Good haul Reza I've been after that Omar Khorshid for a while now.
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      Georgia Kelly - Birds of Paradise - lovely PINA (private issue new age) harp/flute business. "Horrendous" according to the wife
      Georges Zamfir & Marcel Cellier - Flûte De Pan Et Orgue - had an abortive charity shop dig yesterday, managed to get to one shop before having to cut out, but it's the only shop in the area that has records under a quid. Some new classical stuff there, including a load of organ records. Don't know much about Marcel Cellier, other than he released the "Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares" LP, this is quite nice panpipe and organ stuff
      Paul Horn - Cycle - went to If Music in Soho for the first time. Very much a "boutique", a bit pricey and mostly jazz. But a lot of effort has gone into the shop (listening posts, some great mid century art, etc). This has a version of Greensleeves on with bagpipes.
      Baden Powell - Poema On Guitar - from the If Music bargain bin. Not a big fan of much Brazilian music, but bought Tristeza last year and liked it
      Pedro Santos - Krishnanda - the Mr Bongo reissue, recommended on here. Not seen any review of it yet mention the word "Exotica", but that was my first thought, it's got animal noises and everything.
      Johnny Lytle - Moonchild - another from the bargain bin, 60s vibes

      Sohail Rana - Khyber Mail - the FK reissue. First heard this in the late 90s or early 2000s when someone uploaded the MP3s to the Exotica list. Never got round to picking up the reissue though
      Celia Cruz - Canta - needs a PVA-ing, and might not be salvageable, so not had a proper listen yet
      Chris Parmenter Orchestra - Sounds Like... - was worried it would be soundalike versions, but no singers were listed. It's all instro easy versions, with the usual strings and those big reverb-y drums. Definitely not one for Babycart's ironing, but "San Francisco" and an uptempo "Eleanor Rigby" are pretty good arrangements.
      Johnny Pearson / Stereo 70 Orchestra - Viva Stereo 70! - hadn't seen this before. It's got a nice cover of Viva Tirado on, and a few other nice mellow moments.
      Anonymous - Bells Ringing In The Dells Of Haunted Hours - lo-fi guitar/vocals/viola thing, limited (150 copies) from 2011
      Bump And Hustle - 50p punt on a bit of Leo Muller action, the version of Spanish Hustle is pretty good, plus there's two alright instrumental originals "Tandoori Hustle" and "Harlem Hustle" (sadly the former has no sitar or any relation to India - I expect the band was probably off for a curry after the session)


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        Barbara Mason - Yes I'm Ready/Keep Him - London (1965)
        Jimmy Chambers/ John Carpenter You Can't Fight It/Julies Dead - Pye (1978)
        Screemer - Interplanetary Twist - Bell (1976)

        Barbarsa Mason on London, two nice sides, I never find things like this .
        Jimmy Chambers. Love this ,both sides taken from assault On Precinct 13, John Carpenter side is just a short interlude.
        Screemer, JSG rouser New York Dolls meets Showaddywaddy. Great!
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          Top find on the Barbara Mason relkeel.

          I love the lilting 'I dont even, Know How, To love you'

          Only just realised its on Arctic.

          Elephant and dwarf they call them, Pepe Kalle and his little
          stage dancing friend Emoro.


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            Originally posted by bongolia View Post
            Johnny Lytle and Paul Horn look serious.


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              This nearly slipped my net but I'm glad I checked out these 2

              Cheesy sleeve + Easy instrumentals on this French twist of Handel's tunes.

              A sweet surprise was this LP released on Tangent in 1972 by a singer I was previously unaware of,
              featuring a mix of songs and poems with sleeve notes by Ted Hughes.

              Another delightful find was this pretty hippy selection of songs/instrumentals about women and the moon.

              A pair of 50 pence sevens, the CD4 record is a Japanese Quadraphonic Test disc

              A brace of School Choir private pressings

              Cheesy listening with a bonus insert

              TV themes overload

              Xian Folk from '71 complete with hymn-sheet

              I picked up this lovely single a while ago and I like the cover so much it's been sitting on the mantelpiece since.

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                Proper vg+ discoveries, hg. I need that burde n brass ate back to couple with my birds n brass.


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                  Originally posted by george View Post
                  Top find on the Barbara Mason relkeel.

                  I love the lilting 'I dont even, Know How, To love you'

                  Only just realised its on Arctic.

                  Yep, on Arctic, their only release to be a national US hit. Also the starting point for Hall and Oates (The Temptones) before decamping for Atlantic.
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                    Is the other birds and brass any good? More of a brown / golden cover if I remember correctly. I left it yesterday...

                    Got this for a pound though. Bit beat up but plays OK


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                      Bit of a round-up.
                      Big ones

                      Little ones

                      George Brigman- Jungle Rot. Rock and/or Roll from Groundhogs loving Brigman. Anopheles licensed reissue. It's got that great minimalist, lack of money, lack of time, lack of equipment, lack of decent recording studio feel, and that not-quite-mixed-properly sound that really suits this kind of thing. Fabulous

                      Yoshio Suzuki- Morning Picture. Very nice semi-ambient type stuff.
                      Marx ,Rootschilt & Tillerman- Wanderings. Some say 'Colder Winds' is the only thing on here. Nonsense. There's a bunch of good tracks on here, as long as you like America (the group not the country) and their ilk. A very Autumnal sort of record with all it's harmonies and acoustic guitars.
                      Don Pullen- Milano Strut. It's got Milano Strut and then some of Don's more skronky workouts, with drummer Don Moye.

                      Bored Cat. Jesus, not more records, enough with the records! Oriental/Tabby style if you like that kind of thing.

                      Music From The Western Isles- Lots of unaccompanied stuff on here, really good, amazing how African a lot of it sounds. There are at least three others in this series
                      Ahmad Jamal- One. From 1978- could have been awful but it's a pretty solid LP. Jazz funky.

                      Karl Berger & Friends- Around. If you like vibes...
                      The Forum-The River Is Wide. The title song is a kitchen sink job, there's probably even a kazoo in there somewhere. Produced and arranged by Les Baxter. A wall of pleasant sound to my ears

                      The Charles Randolph Grean Sounde- Star Trek. Discofied version of Star Trek theme. The fellow can't spell Green, or Sound. How he ever got a group together I'll never know.
                      Clouds- The Carpenter. Actually the B side of their, rather limp, 'Scrapbook' 45. A frantic drums/organ workout telling of a cheating wife/girlfriend who is getting up to no good with the carpenter (I think)

                      Mike Hugg- Stress And Strain- as recommended by St Jude. Sure enough it turned up for just a couple of quid. AORtastic.
                      The Bob Crewe Generation- Winter Warm. Lovely tune. The sort of thing you'd get in a less smutty Carry On film (although who would want one of those)
                      Kissed Air- Kariba. I was always a big Josef K fan ('Chance Meeting' is my favourite single, you have to have one in case people ask). There's more than a touch of JK about this I think.
                      The Millionaires- It Ain't No Achievement. Quality, Quality, KWALITEE.

                      Hodges, James & Smith- What Have You Done For Love- Thumping 'Dr Buzzard' style disco stormer with a delightful melody. Irresistible to the likes of me. Makes me feel all good inside even with this nasty cold I've got.
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                        Originally posted by relkeel View Post
                        Screemer, JSG rouser New York Dolls meets Showaddywaddy. Great!
                        I concur. And a little touch of Ballroom Blitz as well.
                        "This is Modpowerpopsouljunkierock´n´roll so stop post shit like Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Grace Jones , Led Zeppelin and some other boring blues stuff, that kind of music don´t belong in this group, if I´ll ever see shit like that posted in this group again that person will be banned from this group forever!!!!"


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                          Originally posted by cratedigger View Post
                          I concur. And a little touch of Ballroom Blitz as well.

                          co-written by Richard Myhill - he of the worlds first square single fame

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                            Our Oxfam is closing down because it's in a dead part of town and they cant find another site which is pretty hard to believe considering there are loads of empty shops in prime locations to the new development they are building (biggest white elephant ever).

                            Our town is a ghost town of 1970's flat roofed concrete development with a bit of 80's orange brickwork and some of the original black and white buildings they never knocked down alongside this huge development that has a Cinema, an Asda and lots of empty units that are unfilled as of writing.

                            They have been selling off all their stock so picked up all these for virtually nothing. Mostly pleased to find not least because it's a Mono UK OG in Mint condition inside and out but I bloody well love 'The Monkees' and my copy was scratched to buggery. Oh it did have one of those 'drastically reduced to 72p' labels on it which I hairdryerd off. Do any members of a certain age know which shop used to do this as 72 pence seems a weird figure although I paid 99p my highest spend of the day so bit of minor inflation. :

                            Next up some private press duff 'David Blakeley presents - Some Old, Something New'. Its the usual fare 'Me and Mrs Jones' 'She', 'If' and a fave of mine 'Just the way you are' as it used to be the demonstration tune on an old Yamaha portasound I had. I think from some scant research he comes from Irish clubland. His manager bigs him up on the back 'Depth, Warmth and Charm, this boy has it all' etc. To be fair the backing band are pretty on point and it couldn't have been a cheap thing to put together so I'm guessing he was making a decent living. If you type 'David Blakeley something old something new' into google images you'll find the only image I can find on the web of it.

                            Next up I'd kind of lost the will to live by the time I played this. It's signed, smudged and delivered straight into the out pile alongside Dave and the next one. The only saving grace being those slacks and shirt. :

                            Only bought as it was 49p and it was a 'wrecking crew' job but even they couldn't save it. :

                            Finally a doormat find 'Thomas William Hill - Asylum for Eve' Minimalist, neo classical, soundtrack, ambient, dreamy music from a composer from Notts exactly what I like listening to at the moment. Check a track here for any interested. : . :

                            Oh almost forgot, off the market. :

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                              Originally posted by Shere Khan View Post
                              Ahmad Jamal- One. From 1978- could have been awful but it's a pretty solid LP. Jazz funky.

                              Nice find. I like this.

                              I have a couple of Ahmad Jamal albums that can lean towards the MOR but have a some nice moments.


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                                Originally posted by relkeel View Post
                                [B]Jimmy Chambers. Love this ,both sides taken from assault On Precinct 13, John Carpenter side is just a short interlude.
                                Nice find! It's is a bugger to turn up.
                                it's OK to head out for wonderful, but on your way to wonderful, you're gonna have to pass through all right. When you get to all right,
                                take a good look around and get used to it, because that may be as far as you're gonna go.