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  • cratedigger
    started a topic March finds

    March finds

    In reality February related, but March is here anyway, so let's get a new thread going

    Spent a weekend house/dogsitting at my wife's sister's house in the hinterlands of south Sweden. I had the idea to do a CSC, but it failed on account of:
    - lack of charity shops. Most are for the sole charity of the proprietor.
    - lack of fry-up food. My wife's sister is petite and barely eats anything but yoghurt and musli so we arrived to an almost empty fridge.
    - me being to eager to dig to actually take photos of shops interiors or exteriors
    I'll try to do a proper CSC later in the spring/summer.

    So, no lavish breakfast, just coffee and some bread with cheese.

    First stop was the outlet shop of a Tradera dealer in Billesholm. He puts a lot of items up with low starting price (1£) and compensates with having a ridiculously high shipping rate (3£ for a 45 which generally is 1.20£ in stamps.)
    This means a lot of the cheaper items never sell, and they end up in his outlet shop, or actually the back room of a workshop open on Sundays. 45s are 45p and LP are £1.80 so there are nice finds to be made, no super bargains as they would be picked up on Tradera.
    I bought 12 45s, so you do the math, here are a few of the better ones:

    Lollipops - Sussy Moore is a curious Danish rip-off. The title hints at Tim Hardin, then you find the Lundgreen brothers simply lifted the verse from Lady Came From Baltimore, have a listen...
    Jools-Auger-Trinity on Marmalade can't be passed up
    Chris Hodge - We're on our way/Supersoul Pretty sure I saw he had this for auction and thinking about putting in a start bid, but didn't bother on account of his shipping rate
    Soft Cell - Down in the subway
    Creatures - Right now

    Next stop was Åstorps Varuförmedling. Not a charity, just a junk accumulation from estates and similar manned by a strange and not that friendly man. The place was smelly and just a mess. Best part was the records room was just inside the door meaning I didn't have to go further into this place. I looked at some promising records that were simply trashed, but in the end I just came up with a single 45, not in the best condition as it was in a pile of sleeveless records.
    But that's proper digging for you. Records were 90p, regardless of 7"/LP.

    Troublemakers - A Layabout's lament/Sally. Great band from my hometown Malmö, and you rarely see their records. With a picture sleeve and in better condition this would be a big ticket item, still chuffed to get it in playable condition after wash. A-side is a bit silly wrong-end-of-Kinks-music-hall, you know what I mean, but it has a strange fuzz/chaos break in the middle that just sounds out of place. B-side Sally is the winner here...

    After checking out what should have been a proper charity in Åstorp, but which did not exist anymore we pressed on to Kvidinge. Proper countryside charity here, supporting the local football club Kvidinge IF, in a barn by the church, noone but us under the age of 70. Just a single box of LPs here. I picked up two old jazz records as they looked to be in OK condition but they actually played worse than they looked. I suspect they will return to a charity crate.

    Now, just a short drive back to Klippan where my wife's sister lives. I had managed to scout a charity shop I hadn't been to on previous visits, Klippans Stadsmission. I had low expectations, as Klippan has a musical heritage, with a lot of bands active in the late 70s/80s, like Kriminella Gitarrer. I was positve the place would be digged to pieces. But I was pleasantly surprised after a while, records were 15 kr (£1.35).

    A minty Bo Hansson - Ur Trollkarlens Hatt! This is my favorite of his records. I already have a copy, but this is an upgrade.
    The Nits - Urk. Triple live, with a band I've probably heard three songs by before? I've given it a listen but it fails to excite me, so it will probably go to the outpile.
    Muddy Waters - After the rain. I tend to be bored by blues records, but this one was actually pretty good, and not all about 12 bars.
    Impressions - Preacher man. No Curtis, but he produced and there are some good grooves here
    Joni Mitchell - Hissing of summer lawns
    The Band - Masters of rock, decent comp I picked up for a friend who's building a small but good collection

    After this feast, we returned to the dogs and consumed the seasonal Swedish bake, the Semla with coffee. Proper fika!
    It's a sweet bun, with a marcipan filling, some cream and powder sugar on top. Supposedly only eaten on the Tuesday before Lent starts, but they start selling them after Xmas now.

  • Headless mermaid
    And some more 7"s:

    William DeVaughn - Be thankful for what you got - later uptempo version
    Rhythm heritage - Theme from SWAT - Euro picture sleeve
    Shirley & teh shirelles - Never (gonna) give you up
    Isley bros - It's your thing
    Bemibek - s/t - 4 track EP
    Lulu - Sings To sir with love - 4 track EP incl. Love loves to love, love
    Claudette soares - 4 track EP incl. Shirley sexy
    Cornelis vreeswijk & östen warnerbring - Två käcka gossar - drunken funky folk
    Povl dissing - Der er ikke noget som damer - shouty souly funk
    Chris farlowe - Moanin' - most mindblowing dioscovery lately
    Mænd i blåt - Pigen og cyklen - Danish 80s pop funk
    Freddy King - Funky

    Played this out last weekend, always try to let my oddball discoveries live

    Played this out too - good lord!
    And this too
    And this

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  • Headless mermaid

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  • Headless mermaid
    Haven't posted finds in a while, so here are the latest. Buys, trades and gifts.
    Sorry, no actual pics, got really tired of Photobucket.

    Daimi - Fænomenet - Danish Jazz/Pop Vocal covers of Fever and Moanin'
    Sly Stone - Small talk - Incl. Loose Booty
    Nat Russell - That's Nat - Danish Vocal Jazz/Folk, one good Sahib Shabib arranged track
    Galt MacDermot's First Natural Hair Band - Incl. Ripped Open By Metal Explosions, sampled by Artifacts of course, found sitting quietly and prived fairly in a normal record shop - so strange...
    Al Hirt - Soul In The Horn - W Harlem Hendoo, sampled by De la of course and a great track, birthday present from my brother
    The Heads Of The Family - Play And Sing - On Alshire, Madvillian 'American's Most Blunted' sample and the Beck like track 'Troubled People'
    One Way - Who's Foolin' Who? - Incl. Cutie Pie, I like some Boogie and Modern Soul sometimes
    Positive Force - We Got The Funk 7" - More Boogie, like it cause it's sampled by Alliance on Get on down
    Treacherous Three - Yes We Can Can 12" - Sugarhill classic, vocoder, and Kool Moe Dee should be heralded on the level of Grandmaster Melle Mel
    Pudgee (The Fat Bastard) - Money Don't Make the World Stop 12" - 90's rap, too bad his album incl. Think Big never came out
    Stax - Memphis Gold Vol 2 - Hig-Hug Her, Soul Finger etc, actually enjoy having a bunch of classsics together for doing chores etc.
    The Spotnicks - Back In The Race - Incl. Soulful Strut
    Normann Conners - You Are My Starship - Incl. The Creator Has A Masterplan, sampled for DAS Efx and also a nice slicker version
    Natural Four - S/T - 3 nice tracks
    Kool Moe Dee - Go See The Doctor 12" - classic!
    Shinehead - Unity - US copy
    Mic Geronimo - Unstoppable 12", promo, Pete Rock prod
    The Stylistics - S/T - Incl. People Make The World Go Round
    The World's Famous Supreme Team - Hey D.J. 12"
    Staple Singers - Be What You Are - incl. Come Go With Me
    Xhigge - S/T - 90's rap, I believe promo only album
    Rodney Dangerfield - No Respect
    De små synger - Danish children's record from 1970 incl. the racist 'I niggerland' (!)
    Class Action - Weekend 12"
    The Temptations - All Directions - Incl. Papa Was A Rolling Stone
    Bobby Womack - Home is Where The Heart Is

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  • Agnes_Guano
    Stan Freberg ‎– The Best Of The Stan Freberg Shows:

    Blame bongolia for this! Recorded in school halls around the country and with scary kangaroo mutants on the cover, the rhetorically titled Rolf Harris ‎– Rolf On Saturday O.K?:

    A promo ep from Bear Brand stockings, Various ‎– Popster Pack:

    Does your organ sound like a mammoth? Mammoth Sound Of The 97-Key Mortier Organ:

    As discussed last month, I have finally got around to buying this early roly poly classic, Mighty Atom & Roy ‎– By Request:

    Again, thanks to bongolia Marx Bros ‎– The Original Voice Tracks From Their Greatest Movies:

    Some funky classics on here, Chaquito Plays The Themes From TV Thrillers:

    Sheffield actor and comedian Bobby Knutt ‎– Hello Fettlers:

    Scottish comedy singer songwriter Bill Hill – Bill Hill's Police Record:

    Barry Cryer ‎– Angelina:

    Alan Randall ‎– Rich Man's Daughter:

    A trio from Essex comedian Jimmy Jones – "Would I Lie To You....":

    Jimmy Jones – Stranded:

    Jimmy Jones – The Nicest Songs......:

    And finally some sheet music, just because I think it looks so damn fine. This is definitely going on the wall. The Barron Knights ‎– Here Come The Bees:

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  • Funky Charly

    Three is a magic number, at the veary least, so far! Got myself a ticket to the underground of delights, which, I suppose, is what a sensation of all-pervading audio euphoria should be. Them thangs:

    Mi Generación - Electric And Acoustic Sound, Orlador, the year 1974. Truly, one of the fuzziest psych funk rockers to have ever come out of Spain. ¡Viva la República!

    Bokaj Retsiem - Psychedelic Underground, Fass, the year 1969. Many a word has been spread about the Bokaj thing, and the VG+ is not an exception. Was hooked on 'So Bad' in a split second, since it`s been growing bigger and more urgent on me. Killer Kraut!

    Ark - Voyages on Fanny Records, the 1994 re. Among so many great US xian psych records I`ve been putting myself on doing some midnight blog surfing, Ark is an outspoken standout to me. To each his own, so if Noah had been supposed to take a record and a record player aboard, this would have been my holy tip, for one.


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  • Grim Lounge Cowboy

    The Italian popish stuff is:

    Equipe 84 - "io ho in mente te"

    Luigi Tenco - "Se stasera sono qui" (Morriconi + Reverberi input)

    Iva Zanicohi - "Iva Zanicohi" and "Fra Noi"

    Sleeves all look great. Vinyl is blighted to varying degrees. Will all be a part of a 'store credit' gambit. Holler if you are interested.

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  • reza
    world record club or not great find on the greek variations , if its not a keeper letme know

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  • Grim Lounge Cowboy
    Out and about today I had two opportunities to look at vinyl.

    With the first I picked up 12 Italian LPs. Mainly Alpine choral stuff. A couple of popish looking things too. $3.50. I may yet post these.

    Later I found these, each for $2.

    The Johnny Hodges should entertain for a while. I doubt that I will keep it. But who knows?

    The other two are local world record club releases. We have, I believe, had a thread on the constraints that led to the use of different sleeve art here.



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  • amidar
    Seem to be turning up a few Westwood records of late alongside some clubland PP's but they've all been turd as I expect this will be. It was either this or a country comp on 'Emerald Gem' which I maybe should have bought but I've been burnt too many times by EG now, anyway the free signed pic and flyer swung it.

    Not listened yet but I have a sneaking suspicion it might be C+W. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you 'Keith Manifold' named after the famous 'Inlet' hailing from Matlock and 'I'm Casting my Lasso' :


    Still not listened to Mr Manifold but forgot I picked up a really battered copy of 'Steve Miller Band - Sailor' who is one of those people I've written off what with hearing 'Abracadabra', 'The Joker', 'Fly Like an Eagle' etc so I didn't really know he went back to the late 60's just knew him as blues orientated AOR and mentally filed him as avoid. It was a freebie and had a cool cover so thought I'd give it a go. As said it's battered but it cleaned up a bit and I'm quite enjoying it especially this track despite it's long intro. I guess the album and probably it's predecessor are quite well known but not to me. :

    Last edited by amidar; 31-03-2017, 11:42 PM.

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  • SirSlim
    Originally posted by Turboellis View Post
    A couple of interesting finds ...

    Wanda Jackson - Greatest. Hadn't really heard her but it's certainly rockin'
    Only know this version of "fujiyama mama" which is great, how does Wanda's version stack up?

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  • Turboellis
    Sorry about the sizes!

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  • Turboellis
    A couple of interesting finds ...

    Wanda Jackson - Greatest. Hadn't really heard her but it's certainly rockin'

    Burton Greene Ensemble - Aquariana (BYG Records, BYG Records - BYG-8, BY-358-15) LP, Album 1970 ... one listen so far ... not sure if it'll get another

    Alan Silva And His Celestrial Communication Orchestra* - Luna Surface (BYG Records - BYG-11) LP, Album 1970 ... this one sounds like a load of people in a room banging away, completely oblivious to the anyone else ...

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  • stylesforfree
    Originally posted by vinylarchive View Post
    I'll have to look for this Fields 45 the flip side track is a short version compared to the Lp,nice find.
    The day I find the LP is the day I can die happy.

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  • eclipsechaser
    Originally posted by stylesforfree View Post

    Nice ez library, birds and bees is the joint on this, sweet smooth instrumental guitar soul jazz at its finest. The whole moto-cross side is spot on.

    Weird and wonderful from selected sound, bleep blip bloop. Idk....

    I have his other LP with cristo redentor on which I absolutely adore so when I saw this I thought what the hell. Nice bluesy mellow psych with a hint of funk.

    Just awesome blues, awesome drummer and in such lovely condition too.

    I swore my mate had one of the cosmic echo LPs and when I showed him this I was baffled when I got no response, I asked him "which Lonnie Smith lp do you have?" and he was like "who is lonnie smith?" Maybe I dreamt that he had anyway I gave him this copy and he loves it.

    This is really shit but I like it. Cheesey links and stings, I was hoping for cosmic electro and floaty ambience but no, all I got was stinking cheese.

    This is the 4th time ive seen this while out in the wild, and each time I see it it's absolutely battered and worn to hell, as was this copy, but it plays pretty well considering and it was only a fiver. Are they still in jail?

    Playin' in the yard....BURNER! Not a massive fan of Rollins but this is a nice LP

    This has a funky version of something but i forget what otherwise its forgettable.

    I wish I was around in the 60's, I would have went to find Lyn and asked her to marry me and have my babies. This LP is nice to lie down to.

    Here's a bunch of 45's, proper funky deep groovers and a couple of soulful joints.

    And possibly my best find this year so far

    A storming psych-blues masterpiece. I fuggen love this track.

    Awesome :-)

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