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  • @HG That sweet smoke lp is one of my faves. Nice find.
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    • I have been keeping all my chazza/bootie finds seperate his year. I got given at the end of the bootie last year one of those 70s LP record cabinets with a glass door so i have been keeping them in that. It started to get pretty full so i decided to sort it out a bit. Last week i had the Gnosti and pritt stick (split seams) out, always put off cleaning, but its a great feeling once you have done it. I am mainly looking for music i like that is new to me rather than things i can flip for loot. These are the bits that floated to the front of the pile.

      Chazzas/Bootie LPs 12" A pound or less.

      Droitwich High School Blues Band "What is there to say" lp Private press
      Wasn,t holding out much hope for this but was pleasantly surprised. 4 decent ish tracks, one funky big band ish, folk, a cover of Zappa misspelt as Sone of mr green genes, and my favourite is a pop/psych track with intro drum break and lyrics which sound like them kids been doing acid or mushrooms. The folk track is here if you like that type of folk, check out the other ones put up by that person. More examples of school/private press folk which will appear to some peeps round here. It sold for quite a bit once

      Peter Beck "Pilgrim" Signed private press
      Another school project private press lp. Gets classed as pop,psych,prog. I need to re check this. Gets mentioned on here before under a worthy school bands thread.

      Sharon People "That i may dwell among them" Xian psych track.

      Richard Wolfe Childrens Chorus "Big hits for little people" Never seen this before, kids dancing on the cover. 2 decent covers "Somebody to love" and "Groovin"

      Bo Thorpe and generation 2 "Swinging with bo" 1982 but with a decent cover of "I feel the earth move under my feet"

      Hal Blaine "Deuces, Ts, roadsters and drums" Car noises and drums! Whats not to like?

      White Noise III "Re-entry"
      T Rex "Electric Warrior" Fly. Og inner portrait sleeve. No sticker/poster. This cleaned up fairly nicely.
      Boris Gardener "Reggae Happening" No cover. Slowly pulled from inner sleeve... yep battered
      Barrington Levy "Come" White label 12"
      Rescued from a pile of soggy wet lps, this was in the middle dry. Such a great track
      Curtis Live! Dbl lp. uk copy. Was pleased with this for a quid. Cover and vinyl in excellent condition. I love it when people look after their records. Great lp all of the musicians are so tight, love that drummer.
      Dave Blakeley. Private press uk. Cover of Superstition with break.
      Gap Band "Outstanding" 12"
      Sam Sklair "Pop goes the gumboot" Nice cover of grazing in the grass, and a cool cover of Al Wilson The Snake.
      Zap "More bounce to the ounce" Clean 12"
      Jefferson Airplane "Bless its pointed little head" 2nd issue
      Velvet Underground "White light/White heat" 2nd issue
      Des Lindberg and Dawn Silver "Unicorns, spiders and things" This appears to be south african folf songs of childrens songs. Things like this
      Chi-lites Greatest Hits uk Brunswick. A cheaper way to get "Are you my woman"
      The Flock debut lp.
      Parade of pops. The one with that great version of "Aint no sunshine" You dont see this very much now.
      Bob Marley "Kaya"


      • Originally posted by Agnes_Guano View Post
        I think 'very funny' is stretching it a bit. 'Reasonably' would be my adverb of choice. There's a bit too much singing on side two and most of the jokes are fairly run off the mill and lightly sprinkled with some mid 1970s casual racism. The highlight of the record however is the debut of the Fokker joke, a full ten years before Stan Boardman stole it word for word when he appeared on the Des O'Connor show. It may well have been around since the war like much of Charlie's material but it's the earliest I've heard it.
        Somewhere within your records is a partial map of the late twentieth century British joke.
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        • Originally posted by eine View Post
          Somewhere within your records is a partial map of the late twentieth century British joke.
          Now there's a psychogeographical project I need to work on. Straight on past Jim Davidson, turn left at the Goons and take a sharp right at Monty Python. You have reached your final punchline.
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          • Good work on the Sharon People Taze......... Its a rare beast.... and a rare example of Trombone Xian stuff
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            • Originally posted by candiman View Post
              Just getting in under the wire as April closes. These from the last couple of weeks (and I promise not to bore you with the Bruce Springsteen motherlode I picked up yesterday at the car boot. All in mint condition and heading for a well known auction site as soon as I can be arsed to list them).

              Atomic Rooster - In Hearing Of. Only really knew their hit single Devil's Answer. This is a great album with an equally great cover. Tight prog if there is such a thing.

              Free - Heartbreaker. An upgrade. Memories of my youth.

              Joni Mitchell - Hejira. Filling up my Joni collection (those words were used by someone else here earlier this month I think). Early-Mid 70s was her best period I think.

              Kool & The Gang - Wild And Peaceful. A big fan of early Kool & The Gang but this was missing from the collection. All the non hits on this are strong and lean towards their jazz roots. 50p and I'm happy.
              Joni Mitchell - Hejira.

              I am not a great Joni Mitchell fan but I absolutely love this album.
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              • Originally posted by Boi Bach o Bethel View Post
                Good work on the Sharon People Taze......... Its a rare beast.... and a rare example of Trombone Xian stuff
                Cheers BBOB. New sub genre alert- Trombone Xian stuff!
                It was a flukey find, I had no idea what it was. It was in one of my regular chazza spots in the classical section. The guy here uses Discogs as a price guide and then marks it about half discogs price or a bit less. He must of missed this one as it was a quid. Im not really feeling it. The best track is prob here at 12mins 23 seconds.


                • Struggling to find any cheap decent 45s so far this year. Now cleaned and some rehoused in new sleeves, these would probably be my favourite chazza/bootie finds.

                  Ruby Andrew - Can you get away (3) Nice slow funky/soul track

                  Virtues- Meditation of the soul (3) . Quirky sitar instrumental.

                  Joe Chopper- Soul pusher (3) Cover of the Gaturs- Cold bear

                  Chuck Bernard- Hobo flats. (3) Liking the beat on this.

                  Kai Warner- Funky Harem 50p Never seen this before.

                  Rhinoceros- Apricot brandy 20p. New one on me.

                  Crazy Elephant- Dark part of my mind 20p. Love this!

                  Smith- Baby its you 20p Seen this get mentioned on here before.

                  Elvis - Rubberneckin (1)
                  Vicky D- This beat is mine 50p
                  Big Youth- Hit the road jack (1)
                  Matumbi-Rock 50p
                  Larry Mcdonald and Denzil Laing- Name of the game (1)
                  Matador and Fay- Sex grand national 50p
                  Dawn Penn- You dont love me 50p
                  Carrie Lucas- Dance with you 50p. Freebie for mate
                  Matterhorn Project- Moo (1) Swiss synth pop with cows mooing!
                  Cabaret Time with Rusty Goffe. 50p Famous dwarf actor.
                  George Van Dusen- its party time again