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    I don't normally bother with singles. Looking on the off chance for something else I found this for $5 over the weekend.

    Not my thing. What do those who like this kind of thing make of it?


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      Some recent pick ups from this week. The Ross Brothers and Bute Singers are both on Emblem and are a bit more gospel based than I'd normally go for but not too bad, the Ross Brothers in particular (despite the cover). The shop I got them from had quite a lot of Emblem releases, sadly no Gospelfolk, Sharons or Concords (one day), I picked up about eight xian LPs but these were the only two that were much cop. One had the single worst song I may ever have heard (well actually, it was possibly just the worst LP I've ever heard, kinda tempted to hang on to it because it is so bad - a local Deroy effort). The others came from an impromptu stop in to Barnardo's in Kilmarnock on the way to the hospital which was fairly productive. Highlights for me are the Double Five which is a school LP from Berwickshire which has a little of the Na Sgoilearan on Thistle (except in English obviously) so that's a keeper and the Bobbi Jean and the Scots Boys is a nice lounge LP (from a Glaswegian restaurant) with Beatles covers and a take on Ipanema but it's a spare so not as high on it as a personal score. Muskrats I picked up as I remember Fuz covering them in one of his country charts so we'll see how it is and Fisherfolk is a bit meh, probably for the outpile.


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        Originally posted by The Divine One View Post
        WHOOOOOOOOOOOP! You can upload photos to VG+, praise be! Well, one of my top 45 wants touched down this week - Patrick Adams perfection, if the word disco makes you shudder, just try to think of it as late-70s northern soul. From 1980...
        Recognised it instantly, page 35 of my fanciful Discogs wantlist!

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          Originally posted by Funktionnaire View Post
          I don't normally bother with singles. Looking on the off chance for something else I found this for $5 over the weekend.

          Not my thing. What do those who like this kind of thing make of it?
          My biggest problem with Australian prog rock is that a lot of it feels like it came out of blues jam bands which makes it feel a bit sluggish. This isn't an exception. Within that category Bakery is probably one of the best however, and that for $5 is worth a little ooof. It's likely to find a home if you ever trade it too, since it's non-album.

          Their other single is superior to my ears, and one I'd forgotten I needed to get my hands on:



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            The good, the bad and the just plain ugly turned up in fields these past seven days

            the good - well pretty great actually, a handful of original French 7" acetates from the 50's, all sitting in a tatty 78's box.
            The rest of the diggers went for the singles (mostly 60's soul but hey, I got there late) and some pretty standard albums,
            but these beauties were lurking amongst the stuff most folks tend to avoid, I do have an eye for these things.
            The woman was doing a house clearance and was pretty stressed out on the stall declaring everything £2 each "NO OFFERS!"
            which put some folks noses out of joint - "what, even the singles?!" but there was no way I was gonna haggle for these.

            Little Richard

            Buddy Holly

            This came with the original sheet music inside the sleeve

            also from the same car boot a 12" of cover versions by The Fall I had not come across before

            the bad - although the version of Star Wars is not the worst I've heard

            well smoking is bad for you

            the ugly - pretty grim double header of holiday camp entertainment and dumb band names too!

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              The French 78s look like they are 45s. Ive had similar before but not elvis.


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                Originally posted by Head Gardener View Post
                A bunch of original 50's French acetates turned up at the car boot on Sunday - everyone else went for the 7"s and LP's but I stuck with the 78's
                as they were cheaper and muddled in the middle of them were these beauties - all in pretty good nick for 60 years old. I gave them to the missus
                to sell, but god knows what they are worth as I could find none similar online.
                Popsike have five on the site. One is a Elvis which sold for £77 in 2015. Search under Regence acetate.
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                  Originally posted by richwax View Post
                  The French 78s look like they are 45s. Ive had similar before but not elvis.
                  ah yes sorry these are 45's but they were in the 78 box! thanks for the heads up Duncan
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                    Click image for larger version

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                    Found these in June tbh, but I am very excited to finally be able to upload a picture on here and this is the first one I found.
                    Heinz Heindel is Private Press library Synth/Electronic Organ stuff. I like it a lot.
                    Floh de Cologne is the best record ever and Code III is Kraut nonsense with some heavy drums thrown in.
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                      Hooray it worked.
                      All the Wolpertingers


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                        Originally posted by Cacapo View Post
                        Hooray it worked.
                        We are back Vincent !!
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                          Thanks again Ash!
                          All the Wolpertingers


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                            Quick round-up while flicking between Wimbledon and Le Tour.

                            I should preface this by pointing out that I’m currently house-sitting for our kid, so I’m without a turntable for a week. Therefore, most of these have yet to be listened to. I know, it's a right imposition and I’m suffering withdrawal. Still, deferred gratification though eh? It means I've a good listening session coming up next weekend.

                            These three were eBay cheapos (well, I thought they were cheap anyway) - all from the same seller to get value from the postage charges. Will gift Orange Juice to my mate, still plugging away on my Laura Nyro collection (such an underrated / undiscussed artist, if anyone hasn’t got involved with Laura yet, treat yourself, seriously) and starting to make inroads on the Tim Buckley LPs, which I’m trying not to pay too much for. Might have to take it on the chin with ‘Starsailor’ though, by the looks of things.

                            The above selection were from Rob’s the Friday before last. It seems he’s acquired or in the process of acquiring a collection which looks like it belonged to someone who was buying a lot of the same stuff as me in the 90s – very Straight No Chaser kinda vibe. I do love a little bit of Latin Jazz and both Zimbo Trio and Tamba 4 are absolute bangers. Had my doubts about Zimbo Trio as it’s a bit earlier date than I usually dare go, but it’s like Vince Guaraldi on holiday in Sau Paulo. Tamba 4 is one I’ve wanted for ages, but never seemed to see at a reasonable price until Rob had a copy. While I’m still not too fussed about buying anything too ‘funk’, you can’t go wrong with peak-Byrd. Apples and oranges, but I’d take this over ‘Places and Spaces’. ‘The Little Rasti’ is just off the chain.

                            On the left, we have a couple of Buckleys off the interweb. ‘Blue Afternoon’ was off a UK Discogs bod who accepted what was in hindsight a very low offer as he’d graded this conservatively. ‘Sefronia’ was off eBay and isn’t in the best of shape, so a PVA session looms. The two on the right were from Rob’s on Thursday. Not had chance to listen to Teena Marie yet, but I don’t think I’ve heard much of her stuff that I haven’t liked. ‘Voices In Latin’ cost me a few quid and the sleeve is a bit knackered (for which reason Rob dropped the price for me), but it’s another off the long-time Wants list.

                            Was having a crap day at work the other day, so decided to nip up to Rough Trade on my dinner break. Call me a big girl’s bra, but I always preferred the later re-mastering of ‘Raw Power’ to Bowie’s coke-addled ear-bleeding (and nose-bleeding) ‘everything in the red’ effort. I know that probably loses me a few punk points, but ‘Penetration’ sounds so much better with the levels down! So, to replace my copy of the original version, I treated myself to the reissue (which now sits alongside the reissues of S/T and Funhouse in a pleasing OCD kinda way). Stopped off at a junk-shop on the way back and was leafing through a small pile of classical and Jaramillo type twaddle and heard the magic words “I’ve just had some vinyl dropped off, do you want a look?”. So, the three in this picture are the best of what was an incredibly random selection of stuff, covering all bases from Howard Jones to reggae 12”s (which I left, obviously!). I also got a couple of Mojo type LPs (Stones, Big Country) to give to mates, but it was quite tickled to pick up X-Clan, as I was with the ATCQ LP I got recently, pure nostalgia and I’ll probably lob it in the next round of freebies, but it’s fun to hear stuff that I used to own way back when.

                            The two on the left here came from a bimble up to Anarchy records on Friday (I got a few pop 12”s too, but I don’t think any of you want to see pictorial evidence that I bought ‘Crush On You’ for 20p). Obviously, haven’t had chance to so much as needle-drop yet, but I’m not expecting a lot. But maybe Kenny Ball’s slightly trad stylings might work quite well on the Disney standards? As for the BBC Roses one, looks like mostly poetry, but with some instrumental tracks too – we shall see. The two on the right came from a slog round some Notts chazzas yesterday, hitting the Oxfam in West Bridgford, before the streets filled up with tubby, balding men dressed like Jeremy Clarkson (folk going to the Test Match). Bit of Mama Corleone action and the ingredients of the Rita Reys one look promising, composed by Legrand, sung by Rita and orchestrated by Van Otterloo. Again, we shall see.

                            Four more from the same chazza yomp yesterday. Wasn’t the most productive ever, but was a good counterpoint to the main mission of the day - buying a present (shoes!) for the young lady. Top two (both found in Arnold) are spares and will duly be punted on as freebies. Hadn’t seen ‘The Orange Album’ for ages, then find a few in quick succession. Come to think of it, haven’t seen a decent copy of ‘Bang On A Drum’ in a long time, would imagine Vultures / Plussers and beatmakers have hoovered them up by now. From the Scout Association charity shop in Sherwood, minty copy of Jeff Beck, which I’ll probably gift to a work colleague and a bit of WMS, which has ‘Spinning Wheel’ and ‘Vehicle’, so you never know.
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                              The Bakery single you mention is much better to my ears. The yellow sleeve should make it easier to spot. I would trade the one I just picked up. Like I said, not my thing. PM me if interested.

                              Different subject entirely. Within the last year or so someone posted a LP find of (IIRC) a Scots (?) vocal trio from the early 70's. A very VG+ look to it. One track esp mentioned which I admired at the time. Can anyone remind me of the name please?


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                                I'm with you Ben on that Byrd. Do you know Les McCann's "Invitation to Openness"? Similar musicians and vibe. Makes a good companion to the Byrd.