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  • July Odds and Sods

    Thought I'd list a few bits that might eventually migrate to the 'Take Down The Market' pile.

    Not looking for anything amazing and am quite happy to consider all sorts of randomness. Similarly, no need to restrict yourselves to 1:1 offers, if you've got summat nice that merits several of my items, feel free to suggest that (and the same can work in reverse if need be).

    LPs and 12"s only, as usual.

    Give me a shout if there's anything you fancy. Next market visit isn't until 5th, so the clock's not ticking too loud there. However, I will be doing a freebies thing in the next week or so, so owt that's not had so much as a nibble might end up in there.

    Some comps:

    Some reissues and a random BBC spoken word effort: (the one in generic sleeve is Bruno Spoerri 'Hommage au Fromage')

    Last chance for Norma! The Standard library has some decent East Euro funkiness:

    Some VV / VG+ classics:

    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    Norma has left the building!

    Loot is now 'oot'. Spoken for and all that.
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    Jet Boy stole my baby.