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  • Summer Freebies - Holding Page

    Will try and list up some free stuff tomorrow.

    Photos are all done and on Imgur, but I can't be arsed to stop watching 'I Am Bolt' to do a proper freebies post right now!!

    Aiming to get them done tomorrow afternoon if things get a bit slow in the office.
    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    Nice ... look forward to it, although when I'm at work, I can't see anything on imgur ... accompanying titles would be appreciated ...
    "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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      Ok. As promised.

      I think the rules of engagement are pretty well established now, but I'll briefly go over the parameters as I see them.

      Please (and I apparently never seem to stress this enough), please read through the posts as you make your claims, so that you can see what has already been dibbsed and bagsied.

      50 post minimum before you can get involved. It's all about contributing to the forum, no?

      The cost to you will be the price of the postage to wherever you want them sending (I've got plenty of recycled mailers). If you're overseas and are happy to take the hit of shipping for some quite random records, that's on you, but I quite like the cut of your jib. Typical costs to a UK bod will be £3.

      To those who get in touch to ask what the condition of the records are, the condition is thus: Free of Charge / Gratis / Gratuit etc

      If you're getting involved so that you can bulk up your Discogs, I can't stop you, but Baby Jesus won't look kindly on you. Fact.

      With regard to payment, let the dust settle for a couple of days, then I'll get in touch with Paypal details.

      If you've any questions about whether a certain LP has a particular tune or break on it, or "What's it like?", I hear Google, Discogs and YouTube are excellent resources.

      Other than that, fill thy boots and help me make some space on top of my Expedit.

      Starting with some Acid Jazz / Nottz HipHop 12"s found in the cellar at work (true story): (All need a clean)

      Seeing double on some canon fodder:

      Can't think of a heading other than 'random':

      Drum Breaks:

      Hip Hop - all in need of a bit of a clean:

      Keep it Light:

      "It's Exotic!":

      Your common or garden canon fodder:

      Beaucoup de fromage:

      Sort of Jazzy:

      Good Old Auntie:

      More canon fodder:

      And a bit more:

      Sort of Soundtracks:

      Chicken In A Basket:

      Jet Boy stole my baby.


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        Please can I have...
        - Soft And Tender
        - Forerunners - running back
        - Bryony - Last Of The Great Whales
        - Winter Sunshine
        Dave Lee Roth, I Too Am Running With This Devil Of Which You Speak (sic)


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          Can I grab Tony Mottola, Born to Trouble, Sounds Harpy and Songs I have written with a little help from my friends please Ben?
          Mixes, Music:



          Latest Infant Project:


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            Hi Ben,
            Can I grab Trojan Hits, ATCQ and Spy Thrillers please matey?



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              Please can I have
              Arthur Lyman - Taboo
              Chamber Pop Ensemble
              Decimal Points


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                Hi Ben
                Can I ask for
                - Soundtrack!
                - Butch Cassidy
                - Roses
                - Dustin Gee ‎– Plastered With The Pink Elephant

                Thanks very much!
                "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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                  Hi Ben! Would love to have X-Clan, Taboo and Eric Delaney?


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                    Originally posted by Turboellis View Post
                    Dustin Gee ‎– Plastered With The Pink Elephant!
                    I think Dustin's version of Piggies will be making it on to my Swap CD this year - enjoy! The Brucie LP has Lucretia Mac Evil on it which an absolutely stonking freak out.

                    Oh and could I blag the Play School and the BBC Themes please. Ta!

                    The Downstairs Lounge


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                      You are a true gentelman Ben
                      sigpicRock on Penderyn


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                        Thanks Ben! I would very much like

                        Dave Snell plays Hits on a harp
                        Hervé Vilard, Capri C'est Fini
                        And the other Play School thanks!

                        Btw found myself in your haunt Rob's Records the other day which I was really looking forward to, but the whole experience ended up stressing me out—sensory overload.
                        Spirit Duplicator—collectable, charming, affordable... and also socially networked on FB / Twitter / Instagram.


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                          Originally posted by eine View Post

                          Btw found myself in your haunt Rob's Records the other day which I was really looking forward to, but the whole experience ended up stressing me out—sensory overload.
                          Ha, I've had similar experiences. Walk in, walk around (as much as you can), walk out again.


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                            Thanks to all who got involved.

                            The packages are all going in the post today, some with added extras to take advantage of the 2kg pricing and a lot of the leftovers will be carted off to market tomorrow.

                            So, a lot of what's in the pics is no longer available for those reasons (though some will inevitably be retained for next time), therefore consider this particular run of freebies concluded for now.

                            And don't diss Rob's. I'll be heading over later, tetanus shot sorted and full of optimism!!
                            Jet Boy stole my baby.


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                              Ha, not dissing Rob's ! I walked out 'cos I had no idea where to actually start!